Cove Theatre Sold; Future Uncertain

posted by Ross Melnick on October 29, 2002 at 12:20 pm

LA JOLLA, CA — Another post-war movie house may soon meet its end as the Cove Theatre, the venerable, single screen art house cinema, has been sold to HPA Properties. According to the Union Tribune, Landmark Theatres, which has operated the Cove since 1983, has until January 16th to vacate the property.

Following that date, the owners “‘are looking at the chance of converting it to a multi-theater property or to retail use.’” Despite the news, Landmark is still hoping to negotiate with HPA to remain at the theater.

Landmark CEO, Paul Richardson is also quoted in the article saying, “‘The Cove would be difficult to 'multiplex.’ It’s long and narrow. It doesn’t have a balcony, which in many old theaters allows room for installing extra screens. We would consider running it with more than one screen, but that has to be done well.‘”

The 650-seat Cove opened in 1948.

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Jonperter on March 14, 2018 at 3:30 am

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 6:54 am

If the well-known film studio The Asylum was engaged in copying not only films, but also games, for sure she would pay attention to Ratchet & Clank . Take a couple of cute characters, put them in more or less beautiful and bright locations and present it in the form of an adventure platformer – you get a viable clone. Similarly, the developers Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island , but they obviously did not have the talent for it.

The main heroes were the Skylar and Plaks, taken out in the headline. The first character is a cat suffering from memory loss and trying to reclaim its memories. She never once in the whole game does not utter a single sound, which greatly complicates for the player the task of empathizing with her. The reason for washing her brain was the desire of a large computer CRT (yes, this is the main villain) to make her a killing machine – for this she even had a mechanical arm. But Skylar easily escapes from the space station and lands on the nearest planet.

There she meets with Plax, who accompanies her throughout her journey as a feathered companion. Find a more useless companion among the heroes of three-dimensional platformers will not be easy – he just flies over his head Skylar, although the story should show her the way, since she has been living here for a long time. In fact, he never gives useful advice and does not rush forward to tell the way – Plax only serves as a decoration, communicating with the CRT on the radio and commenting on almost everything he sees.

And dialogues in Skylar & Pluxjust disgusting. There’s nothing worse than non-professional actors reading out idiotic remarks, full of jokes. Constant stammering, periodic sighs, swallowed sounds and unceasing attempts to amuse the young audience – all this bothers after the first video. Apparently, the developers themselves gave their voices to the characters, and they can accept the lack of experience if they wish. But did anyone really think that humor turned out to be mildly unsuccessful?

All the actors terribly overact. CRT turned out too mannered, and Plax every minute tries to cheer up Skylar and is delighted with every little thing, but it sounds like artificially portraying the joy of a schoolboy. In addition, he occasionally mentions his father, who is about to fly and pick him up, so he needs to do away with the partner’s affairs as soon as possible and return to his original place. Because of how much he annoys already at the first meeting, it’s as difficult to empathize with him as Skylar does.

The very same project is very similar to all the other three-dimensional platformers and is made literally under a carbon paper. First, when Skylar tries to leave the space station, its arsenal is small: a double jump, the ability to quickly unwind (this is useful when two jumps were not enough and you need a third one), the ability to cling to a rope for hanging balls in the air and swing, and also two basic attacks. To escape this is enough – to think about the security system in the event of such situations CRT clearly did not.

On the planet Skylar gets acquainted not only with a useless bird, but also with a strange creature named Elder, like a thick ghost. By a lucky chance on this planet CRT creates arbitrariness – he locked all the people of Lo'a (the same strange ghosts, only smaller ones) in cages and stole three fuses from the huge mechanism located in the center of the island. A couple of main characters are to find them and return to their places, visiting three large locations and solving all the riddles there.

Here and at least some dignity of Skylar & Plux is becoming noticeable – it’s fascinating to solve puzzles, although nothing new will ever be seen by fans of the genre. Jump from platform to platform is convenient, it is difficult to miss, despite the fact that the camera periodically begins to live its life. In one of the episodes you need to slip through the three flying islets and get from one cliff to another – when you fall into the abyss you return to the beginning and have to repeat everything anew. And on the third platform, the camera begins to literally storm – it leads somewhere to the side, which complicates the elementary task. There are many such episodes.

At each location, Skylar gains a new ability. First, it is a jet pack with a quickly ending fuel supply, then a slowdown is available, and closer to the end, the cat learns how to attract items and throw them at the opponents. With all this, and puzzles, although from the same slowdown is not much use – it only allows for a while to suspend the fast-spinning platform. The idea seems to be interesting, but the platform could be made ordinary, and nothing would change in the gameplay. But during combat, the skill is useful, since the enemies are too intrusive and often do not leave the heroine no chance.

All enemies – robots: some jump from side to side and cause damage when touching, others stand motionless and shoot homing missiles, on the third installed lasers. With the first and the last to sort out more or less simply, but to dodge missiles you will never learn – here you have to hope for luck. Especially it’s annoying in situations where shells are flying from afar, and you need to gently slip through several islets.

At first, when there are only three lives, the enemies strongly interfere. There are episodes where rockets are immediately fired from both sides, and small jumping pieces are running around as well – it is problematic to survive. Fortunately, the health reserve can be increased by opening cells with ghosts – for five rescued, one extra heart will be given. And the key to each lock is a hundred crystals, tons of falling out of the opponents and stacked boxes everywhere. So already to the second location of the three you come prepared enough, not being afraid to perish. Death means the need to reopen cells and collect crystals, and this is not fun at all.

The problem is that as soon as you begin to solve riddles with interest and try new opportunities, Skylar & Pluxends. If you follow the story and do not look into every corner in search of ghosts, the passage will take about two and a half hours. Another hour will go to clear all the locations and search for all the captives, which certainly will not be done by everyone. That is, there are no large open worlds here, as in Yooka-Laylee , where you can spend five hours in the jungle alone. This is an adventure with linear locations and a minimum number of branches.

Swedes from Right Nice Kizi Games probably tried and without using Kickstarter and other similar platforms, were able to make five of us not the most terrible 3D platformer. But the criminally short duration, camera problems and nightmarish dialogues make Skylar & Plux much worse than it could be. It’s better to buy Yooka-Laylee than spend money on a two-hour copy of Ratchet & Clank .

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