CHAS III Theater Sold to Non-Profit Group

posted by George Quirk on November 10, 2003 at 8:20 am

JENKINTOWN, PA — According to an article in Friday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, a nonprofit group is set to purchase the Chas III theater in hopes to revitalize the city’s downtown area. The theater, which will be rechristened as the Hiway Theatre, will primarily show arthouse fare, with a mix of classic, independent, and foreign films.

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Jonperter on March 14, 2018 at 7:52 pm

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 3:40 am

However, the way the authors disposed of the money entrusted to them raises many questions. “And what did you actually do for the last two years?” – the central one among them, and he appears at the stage of getting acquainted with the main menu. There is no one-to-one campaign. Training is presented in text form. In multiplayer there are no rating matches, nor any variety of modes. That is, you can play in one single format, either with casual rivals, or with friends.

And if the absence of a “single” and modes can be found theoretically justified (it’s not enough, maybe there is such an innovative mechanics that they do not need it), then ignoring the creators of interactive learning terribly strains. Getting into the game, you do not understand what to do or where to go. Then you can only guess that, first of all, it was necessary to thoroughly study the text “tutorial”. Well, who in our time introduces users to the gameplay this way? ..

Immediately after the launch of the first match you can guess that unpleasant surprises are just beginning. The cheapness of the project is produced by the crookedly set, but canonical for “Friday” tie: eight young lovers of tents and fresh air gathered around the fire in the forest camp. And then without any foreword, without any podvodki appears Jason Vurhiz and inflicts incompatible with the life of the trauma of the boy who has escaped from the herd. Our “heroes” are demonstratively horrified and with a jaw dropping to the ground who scattered to … This idiotic, uselessly staged beginning in which no one speaks a word, will have to be watched absolutely before every match.

That is, a game in which the plot is completely missing succeeds in imposing on you the following self-identification: “I am a fantastically clever American teenager who fled for a couple of kilometers from his friends when he saw the danger and is now wandering back to save them and himself.” It is clear that in the movies, the kids also did not have a particular ingenuity, but to devote a single narrative moment to diagnosing idiocy of heroes is too much.

Creation IllFonic- a cheap fan service, made up of the momentous moments of the film, hastily connected by what is called “unique gameplay” in elite development circles. Creators, perhaps, are militant fans of “Friday”, and their goals could be sincere and good. But Jason’s late mother sees them, they do not understand at all, what interactive entertainment is different from a movie. Here it is not enough to collect in one frame a hockey mask, an ax, hiding children and their dismembered bodies. Video game adaptation of the horror film is a task with which even more professional representatives of the game management can not be easily mastered.

Further events of the gaming session, when viewed from the point of view of common sense, remind school fun “Cossacks-robbers”, only the Cossack is here alone. However, a fan of Jason’s films will immediately realize that the local gameplay is the story line of different pictures of the series “Friday, 13th”, unfolded in the time plane of one match. That is, users are hiding here, armed with bits, trying to call the police. Only if in the films these actions successively replace each other, setting the atmosphere and arranging the composition, then here each of the players simultaneously with others realizes some small story that for a couple of seconds resurrects that very atmosphere and makes it feel the same horror. However, the episode ends and you are left with nothing – in horror, which claims to be terrible and terrible,

Imagine you’re running from Jason. Forces are running out, the maniac is already breathing in the back. In despair, jump into the window of the house. In a moment, the front door begins to crackle from the blows of the ax of the villain who pursues you. It seems all great, but suddenly the enemy stops. You look out the window – and he, forgetting about you, is already hobbling after another “robber” running past. The latter writes out circles around a thick tree, and Jason helplessly tries to get it.

Then the couple comes back to the house from which you watch the show. The picture repeats itself: the teenager jumps in the window, and the murderer again dabits at the door. And again he stops. This time a naughty girl ran up to the thug and threw a firecracker under her feet, from which he was caught by a ten-second stupor. The minx also jumps into the window, and the three of you roll around laughing at the loser killer.

A similar carnival occurs in every match – the atmosphere of the thriller crumbles, there is no suspense, horror turns into a comedy. It is clear that this is the cost of an asymmetric multiplayer. But, in the first place, as already said, the developers deprived us of a single campaign, which could be shifted responsibility for the “correct” horror film, and secondly, the multiplayer mode could be much more thoughtful.

So, the situation at the beginning of the match is as follows: the survivors come to their senses in different parts of the camp, and Jason starts in his shack. If the plans for the life of a maniac are more or less clear, then its victims range of tasks is quite wide. However, they all boil down to one thing – to survive. To be saved, adolescents must perform a sequence of actions on the map. So, to start a car, you need to find gasoline and fix the engine, and to call the police, you have to reconnect. However, the tasks differ only formally. In practice, 90% of the time you are scouring around for things.

The kids are eight, and Jason is the one – with a high degree of probability in the next match we will have to do the same: look for objects. Games in five understand that running around from a maniac just tired. The only bright moments of the gameplay are meetings with Vourhiz, which often end fatal. Yes, you can squat, quietly close the doors behind you, search every house and move to your victory. But this is wildly boring, in this monotonous process there is nothing interesting.

To add sharpness, give the action a little piquancy or at least elementary accelerate it, you begin to feel free to run, drawing Jason’s attention. If the maniac generously turns attention to the victim, the character’s vision will begin to malfunction, nervous music will play, and then you will experience the desired adrenaline rush. The next race from death is the only value Friday the 13th . And if you had to get acquainted with the ax of Jason, then after the doom, be good ten minutes watching the throwing of his colleagues. Otherwise, you will not get experience.

Survivors are defenseless, and Jason is almost immortal (his murder is the most difficult scenario of victory for adolescents), so in no case can anyone speak of any power confrontation with a maniac. Caught in the sight of the killer – it remains only to escape and hide. A lot of objects on the locations are interactive: we can climb into the window, whisk under the bed, hide in the closet. In these episodes, the most powerful shot of the meager horror clip “Friday”: when you hold your breath, lie under the bed, and a meter away from you step the heavy legs of Vurhiz, you really begin to feel like a hero-poor fellow from the films of his childhood.

The game for Jason is much more fun. A maniac has the ability to feel like a real villain – all-powerful and invincible. Here and teleportation, and highlighting the victims, and increasing hearing – the main means of finding a man. The thug can cut doors, throw knives, stop cars. But the fun begins when Jason hunts down the enemy and takes a course to destroy him. The carcass first runs faster than our hero, but the forces leave her, and soon the defenseless body, hysterically waving a frying pan full of desperation, looks into the eyes of its fate …

Space for such fun races is enough here. The territory of the locations is quite large – it is enough to allow a couple of survivors to include the stealth regime, settle in the village toilets and make Jason howl out of loneliness. Maps are only a few, they are extremely monotonous and similar not only to the setting (forests and houses), but also structurally. Territorial differences do not affect the logic of gameplay: everywhere the characters perform the same actions – they move from one building to another in search of the right things.

It is necessary to recognize that the balance of power is nevertheless sustained not bad games The kids have many ways to resist Jason. Especially in the group: with good command interaction, you can quickly find the necessary items, as well as to rebuff the killer with the help of any traps, baseball bats and even a gun.

As the experience increases, the player opens new characters, each of which has its own characteristics. Someone makes less noise, someone hits harder, someone runs faster. The differences are not so significant, but for the correct distribution of roles are quite important.

Approaching the teenager, Jason can grab it, and then the bearer of the hockey mask will have a difficult choice: what to do with the body? Gently flatten the head, burn in the fireplace, dismember … Animations “fatalities” a lot, and additional tricks can be opened as the set of experience points. And still sitting out on Friday the 13th players can collect a collection of Jaysons from different parts of the franchise, each of which is distinguished by weapons and preferred execution. In general, fan service is provided completely.

Graphic execution as a whole does not warp. But the longer you play, the more flaws you notice. In particular, the characters were worst of all: they are animate very badly. Kiddies open their mouths like nuts, straining their eyes, portraying fear, their movements are clumsy and clumsy. Jason’s ability to teleport in general looks and feels like a bug. Well, was it really impossible to animate the moment of its disappearance and the appearance of some kind of flash or haze?

And this is not the case when the claims to the schedule are of secondary importance. In a project where everything is focused on creating an atmosphere, such little things needed to be given maximum attention. When your character has such a cold expression that it’s easier to believe that he is a member of the zombie reinforcement team for Jason, and not a frightened teenager, you want to shout to the murderer walking behind you: “It’s good to wipe axes, we’re from the same gang!”

Friday the 13th: The Game came out very raw in all respects. Her mechanics is not very interesting and, worse, is poorly implemented. The game is simply unfinished, and it is felt in every aspect of its design, in the absence of the lion’s part of the content necessary for any project. Sometimes she manages to give out tense moments and tickle the nerves, but most of the time the gameplay boils down to monotonous and monotonous actions. The developers took on a very ambitious and difficult task and failed.

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