Rialto Theater Endangered?

posted by Moii on August 5, 2004 at 5:49 am

PASADENA, CA — The Rialto Theater in South Pasadena California is in danger now to some degree. It has been listed in the “Framework for Downtown Development” in the City of South Pasadena. Its future use may change.

On page 11 #7 of their special report from the Community Redevelopment Commission (CRC) Feb 18 2004, they state:

“The Rialto Theater is a key building in terms of its historic design and function and its potential to be an anchor and catalyst for future activity. The building is thought by some to be an opportunity for a public facility, incorporating the theater and using it as community space. Some feel that the CRA will need to reestablish eminent domain in order to facilitate the more appropriate reuse of certain properties. In any case, the exterior and the marquee should be renovated and refurbished. Others feel strongly that it should be completely refurbished and remain a theater, whether one screen or reconfigured to several small screens. Customers desire a better sound system, more comfortable seats, and more diverse and more extensive programming”

The Community Redevelopment Commission will now be meeting to discuss their redevelopment vision. If you are interested in preserving it as a theater you need to let the City Council and Community Redevelopment Commission know how you feel. Tell them what you’d like done with the theater. Do you want to maintain the use of the property as an historically intact theater (inside and out) remaining a single screen functioning theater? Or do you want it to become a public facility, incorporating the theater and using it as community space? Or do you want to see it reconfigured to several small screens? Currently it shows independent films. Mayor Ten was in favor of seeing more mainstream films shown there. Please let your opinion be known.

We must assure that the Council persons and Community Redevelopment Commission understand that there is support for the continued existence of this unique theater.

Please send email comments to:
The City Council persons and Community Redevelopment Commission. You can do this by e-mailing Sally Kilby – City Clerk, at -pasadena.ca.us or you may write to the City Council, c/o
Sally Kilby, at City Hall, 1414 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030.

Or phone their message center:
(626) 403-7218
(voicemail for the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Council members)

Or attend a meeting:
Community Redevelopment Commission
City Council Chambers
1424 Mission Street
South Pasadena CA 91030
7:00 p.m. meetings
2nd Wednesday of each month

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 4:02 am

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What does the film? The fact that the story of Willy-Nilly Knight , developed by the studio Double Dice Games , also offers a non-trivial, modern look at the famous British legend. He was twisted around a young man who was completely far from becoming King Arthur, but then he got into an amazing story, pulled out the legendary Escalibur’s sword, met a girl named Guinevere, became part of a great legend and began to change under the influence of a magical weapon.

And just like in Guy Ritchie’s films(Guy Ritchie), there is a lot of irony here. True, humor is uncomplicated, domestic, and sometimes even comparable to what we are used to seeing in translations of the Goblin and the notorious “Russian quests”. In the course of his adventures, our “knight involuntarily” will meet Pendalfa Gray, Minsk, who lost his little friend Bu, the Joker who asks to kill fat Fatman, will visit the location called “Resident Evil”, help repair the moonshine and take orders for the murder of the first Spectrum- a man from his former mistress.

However, it is not surprising – the game was done by two programmers, and according to the plot the main character is also a young programmer who somehow moved to this fabulous country, repeating the fate of the protagonist of an old and very popular RPG called Nox . Hence the specific humor.

However, it does not cross the boundaries of the reasonable, is not strongly imposed and as a whole serves only as an addition to the main story. And in it, apart from the irony, there was a place for betrayal, and a treacherous dragon, and a love triangle – our hero is forced to choose between Guinevere and the four hundred-year-old but very well-preserved elf.

The company was also made up of a colorful dwarf hired in a tavern, and together they travel through swamps, dungeons of outcasts, dead cities and dragon mountains, fight with numerous enemies – orcs, goblins, demonic wolves and aggressive nymphs – periodically kill the thick “bosses”, save lost children, defend villages and generally live full of adventure and feats of life.

Our heroes travel in real time, but they are fighting in a step-by-step mode. Unlike the Japanese RPG, for one of which someone can take Willy-Nilly Knight , the fights are not transferred to a separate arena, but unfold in the same place at the same time. For some, this fact has become a sufficient reason to compare Willy-Nilly Knight with Divinity: Original Sin , but this, of course, is a compliment unnecessary – at Double Dice Friv 4 Games www.friv4online.comeverything is much easier. There are no combinations of spontaneous effects, when you can first throw a barrel of oil at the enemy, and then set fire to something with a fireball, no team combo, no shelter: just each hero in his turn attacks, uses skills or magic scrolls and drinks potions.

There is also no open world, and the role system is extremely simple: the heroes belong to one of the four classes (knight, warrior, magician, ranger), learn new abilities unique to each specialization, and buy in stores equipment that can only be worn by a representative of a certain class when a sufficient level is reached. Plus, just as simple “kraft” scrolls and potions – make yourself some extravagant helmet from the pan and stools, as in the same Divinity: Original Sin , there will not work.

On the other hand, it is clear that the game, made by two Russian developers, does not pretend to any special laurels. There are not many fashionable “chips” in it, and the plot, jokes, combat and role systems seem rustic. But in Willy-Nilly Knight you can feel the spirit of this adventure and warm, cozy, as they say in such cases, lamp atmosphere, which in many respects is created by a colorful picture and a general ironic-good-natured mood. Here you get a sincere pleasure from how your yesterday’s programmer progresses, becomes stronger, defeats the “bosses” that seem too strong, performs feats, flirts with the girls and, finally, buys that precious knight’s sword.

Impressions are only smeared with glitches and bugs, most often happening during battles. But this thing is fixable: the authors released a fully working version with a full storyline, but they promise to support and develop the game in every possible way, fix mistakes, add interaction with the environment during fights and a local cooperative. You look, then the comparison with Divinity: Original Sin and will not seem quite too far-fetched.

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