Curtain Falls On San Francisco’s Coronet Theatre

posted by FoxFan on March 10, 2005 at 6:24 am

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — I just found out today (as I work in the film and advertising business) the following memo has been sent:

Please be advised the final day of operation for the UA Coronet 1 will be Thursday, March 17.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Barbara Ellis
Regal Entertainment Group
Advertising Coordinator

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carolgrau on March 11, 2005 at 9:22 am

Barbara, I have a question, I have been a projectionist for 49 years, I now live in Nashville Tennessee, and would love to work part time for your Company. How do I go about this? I have done installations, have rebuilt every projector ever made, and would like to be treated like a human being, I just quit Carmike, the place no one gets treated right.
Thank You
Dave Grau (Mungo)

EJD1984 on March 14, 2005 at 5:02 am

I thought the Coronet had closed on Feb. 10th?

Has there been any progress/news on trying to save the theater?

Manwithnoname on March 14, 2005 at 7:03 am

It won’t be long before the UA name completely disappears from the landscape it seems.

UAGirl on March 15, 2005 at 7:15 pm

Given my history with United Artist and then Regal I would love to know how the Edwards Theatres are holding out. Jeffrey would you happen to have any insight on this question? R.E.G tends to treat UA and Edwards like two illegitimate child on opposite sides of the house. There is never any communication between the two.


Even though I loathed the merger of UA,Regal and Edwards the truth is that UA could not financially maintain many of the theatres that was ignored during the Merrill Lynch dynasty of United Artists Theatres. The stockholders milked and milked until the cow was jerky then put it out to pasture die. Most monies created by the theatre chain went to the ML stock holders and rarely to keeping up the theatres.

Once Regal bought out Edward’s and UA’s debts they touched up most theatres and gave them a far shot. A large number of the theatres didn’t even make the first round because they were in poor shape. Since Spring 2002 REG has given an almost costly attempt to keep these classic theatres going but ..sigh..the damage was inoperable.
Sadly enough this means that many of the UA theatres have gone dark.

It wasn’t a matter of Regal v/s UA, although at many times it felt like it. It come down to the fact it took UA 80 years and many theatres later to go into bankruptcy court whereas it only took Regal 15 years and a handful of theatres to do so.

ANTKNEE on March 18, 2005 at 9:36 am

Well the 17th has come and gone and not a word. Nothing on the local news and amazingly, nothing on this board. Anyone know anything?

TheTraveler on March 18, 2005 at 1:51 pm

Hello Friends and theatre lovers. Let it be known that I was the last civilian to walk through the exit doors of The City’s Greatest Theatre. We still have the Castro For Elegance and Style, but the love and loyalty of so many locals for the Coronet is unparalled.

Read it and weep. The Coronet is gone. Long live the Mighty Coronet.

JimC on March 19, 2005 at 10:22 am

I was planning on attending the last show at the Coronet, but got called at the last minute to do a projection gig downtown. Ironically while riding the bus there, I bumped into the Coronet’s projectionst, who is a friend of mine, as he was on his way to his last night at work. He’s worked there for over 20 years, so naturally was pretty bummed out. (We’d had lunch earlier in the week and he was not looking forward to Thursday!)

Later that night I passed the CORONET on the way home. It was less than 2 hours after the last show- – and already all the doors and windows were covered up and there wasn’t a light on anywyere in the place. I passed by there again around 5am this morning (Saturday) and a pack of homeless people had already set up living quarters under the marquee in front of the doorway. What a sorry ending for such a great theatre.

carolgrau on March 19, 2005 at 10:40 am

Very sad indeed, as well as any Thratre anywhere in the Country.
When they tore down the Warner in Pittsburgh, Pa. you would have thought I lost a very dear family member. I loved going to work there. I could not go near fifth ave. for a long time after that, was just to hard to bear.
Dave Grau (Mungo)

rollerrowb on March 20, 2005 at 11:59 pm

I was there at the final movie of it’s career. Let me tell you, it was an eerie silence that proceeded the end of the movie. What was awesome is that the projectionist let people go through the projection room, and he really seemed to care about the place. That was cool.

The lobby was being stripped as we exited out, and only one news station was there KRON 4 beofre the final showing. Though I only went there twice, it was a unique experience I will not soon forget.

As some others have said before me, “Long Live the Coronet!”

JimC on March 21, 2005 at 6:46 am

Did you happen to notice the original 1949 theatre intercom telephone on the far wall of the booth? Last night somebody surprised me with it as a birthday gift as I was working at a projection booth elsewhere in The City. I have a colletion of old telephones and I also have 35mm projection at my house so I’m going to hang this artifact from the Coronet in “a place of honor” right near my 35 projector. The Coronet’s projection booth will be totally stripped by next week. I’m negotiating for a few more items.

Obewon on May 11, 2005 at 5:10 pm

Ironic tragedy!
I saw the first Star Wars movie on it’s opening day at the Coronet Theater. The jump to hyperspace was unheard of at that time (a little Mary/Jane helped) and the experience was one I will never forget. Now at 56 years of age, I have been looking forward to seeing the Last Star Wars adventure and thought I would see if it was showing at the Coronet.
I had taken the day off on the first movie and the theater was pretty much empty considering the space.
I have also taken the day off for this the last Star Wars also.
Some things just are not the same. To bad. Sometimes, moving forward, isn’t quite what you might expect.
Bummer! !

Brigdysart on May 21, 2005 at 10:44 pm

So, the Coronet is gone too! I long ago “abandoned” UA, SF, but I have bittersweet memories of all three. Going to the Coronet was a date! (and so was the Alexandria for that matter). Thanks to Cinema Treasures—our memories are preserved, even if the “fat Lady sang” at the Coronet! Tears!

Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 4:22 am

When a thin creature in a yellow hood, not exceeding the height of the leg of the chair, runs through a dark corridor; when with two hands it raises the door key like a weight; when fighting with a lady in the mask of the theater of kabuki, associations are rushing through my head. Limbo , Inside . “Alice in the Wonderland”. “Spirited Away”. Tales of childhood and forgotten fears of night darkness.

You are not scared, but, rather, scary. As if the horror stories that kids were telling each other for the night turned out to be a reality and the “black-and-black house” actually existed. Little Nightmares turns you into a child, briefly returns the psychology, with which you dealt with books and scientific knowledge.

But from the experience you can not get rid of – you still remain an adult, you reflect. You do not see the danger in the dark rooms. And this double look effect, in which you are both a child and an adult, sets Little Nightmares a completely unique atmosphere.

Tarsier Studios really managed to combine the incompatible: cruelty, naturalism and rudeness are placed in a fairy context, in which any monster should be an enchanted prince. In the cartoon, where a predatory coyote, no matter how dexterous it may be, can not catch up with the road runner. The cook in the kitchen is ugly and scary, but you are sure that, swinging his sword on the girl, there will immediately be something comical: he will either slip or sneeze. Here you do not believe in violence, there should be no place for serious fear and horror. And the more you are deceived by the fairy-tale mask of this world, the stronger will be the sense of controversy whenever it is dropped.

When the sixth (main character) gets into the clutches of monsters, the frames of the alleged murder turn out to be cut out. And maybe there was no fatal outcome, and the girl managed to get out and run away? After falling from a height or electric shock, she returns to the “checkpoint” and stands up, as if someone carefully took her body back. Or she just had a terrible dream … Specificity of the local horror effect is original. Terribly it becomes not because of a dangerous environment, but, conversely, because of the ignorance of what is under the yellow hood of the Sixth.

The player from the very beginning is in a situation where nothing is clear. Complete ignorance, on the one hand, forces us to construct hypotheses; on the other – creates an atmosphere of alarming mystery. Just about the same as Limbo did. The event series here is meaningful, and the personality of the heroine is almost a pure abstraction. The event can be interpreted as a metaphor for anything. History will not be step by step filling holes. Because there is no whole story as such, and from the very beginning we understand that the alpha and omega of this performance is a mystery.

Later, fairy-tale motives give way to a child’s nightmare. The heroine has to eat rats, the hands are cut off by monsters, your expectations are an illusion: more and more naturalism in the frame, and you can not believe that blood will shed somewhere. And it spills.

Developers identified a nontrivial face of fear and made it the foundation of their creation. All nightmares have one root – misunderstanding. And the whole visual series is subordinated to one goal – to create a contrast of coziness and danger, thus knocking out a foundation of common sense from the player under his feet. In the middle of the room there is a lonely chair, above it are the legs of a hanged man … You simply pass by the universal absurdity: the world is in itself, and you are looking for something that does not dare to ask.

This is not the case when each location has a history that can be restored, guided by logic and facts. The situation is surreal: the rooms are built into the labyrinths of industrial premises, toy trains and dolls are lying next to refrigerators with corpses, the home comfort is dramatically replaced by the atmosphere of the concentration camp, the children’s fairy tale alternates with the terrible reality of cold prison dining rooms and showers in which holey pipes snake the walls.

Encounters with monsters, like the “hatter” with elongated limbs, in general make one believe that under the hood – Alice Lewis Carroll (Lewis Carroll). Or, rather, American McGee …

And yet you can find logic in what is happening. To some extent, your constructions will be a subjective interpretation, in some – based on objective facts. Against the backdrop of unfolding scenes in which you can find hints. Developers mastered the formula of success Inside and exploited it to the fullest. Living environment on the background of total mystery and narrative emptiness glows curiosity, makes the player generate their own meanings, seek an explanation and receive a strange satisfaction from the self-painted picture.

Limbo and Inside have discovered such a strange experience, which is difficult to explain with specific techniques of game design. It is called “it’s nice to be in the game”. In Little Nightmarethis “nice to be” is born and a melody with lullabies, and the clumsy grace of the heroine, and the stylistic unity of all visual components, and a host of other factors that are difficult to distinguish.

A lot can be said about the atmosphere and the idea of Little Nightmares . As for the gameplay, it is extremely simple and concise, but this is not the case when the criterion of quality is “Challenging”. Pleasure is not in actions, but in the process of aesthetic admiration: in a cute graphic, dynamic camera, a lot of visual trivia, a semantic contrast of events and objects. There’s a toy train passing around the room; Here the pig-like ghouls weave meat for both cheeks; Here in the darkness in the hands of the girl lit a light, and the soul was warmer.

The heroine can run, sneak, jump and interact with objects – take a bauble in her hands, turn any valve to open the door. None of the puzzles will not be a barrier for a long time. However, if the riddles remain at the level of “move the box to reach the lever”, then later more intricate tests are encountered.

Although in theory everything looks very simple, even primitive, in practice, moments of stupor arise quite often. Far from immediately you can navigate to a large location and find the right sequence of actions. Around a lot of scattered items, there are several boxes that you can climb, a couple of interactive elements – you feel a puzzle and start to try different options. And in fact it turns out that the whole room needed to just run …

There are many spatial tasks in the spirit of Limbo , the solution of which is accompanied by a joyful “Eureka!”. There are few options for action, and it seems that all the possibilities have already been tried, and the goal can not be achieved. You rush around the location in full confidence that you can not think of anything else, and then there is an unexpected movement of thought, a break in the template, and notice that the elements of the environment can be used in a cunning, non-standard way.

The space, despite the relatively static camera angle, is voluminous – we can move in three dimensions, which enriches the perception of the game process. 3D allowed developers to add to the platform mechanics of the original elements. For example, stealth.

The game of hide and seek with monsters is also not at all complicated, and even close does not reach the tension that we can experience in first-person horror. Again, meetings with evil spirits are best described by the word “creepy” – frightening of the mystery of their origin, mystery. The sound of an accelerated heart rhythm when they appear, a strange hiss, the slow movements of these grotesque dolls – all this makes one nervous. The main thing is not to fall into the eyes of enemies – to hide under the tables and creep silently behind their backs.

There are also depressing, heavy scenes, and dynamic episodes with nervous sprints from monsters, and memorable “battles.” Although the basic elements of the gameplay are the same throughout the passage, the context is different every time, so there is no thought like “How much can you repeat the same thing?”

The game has a nice physical model. Objects have weight, which involves several puzzles – things behave correctly when falling and touching. However, because of the three-dimensional environment, there are annoying problems with the control of the character. It is not always possible to calculate the location of objects relative to each other, which leads to sad consequences. It may seem that some platform is in the same plane as the character, and we end up flying into the abyss, we find out that it was slightly biased towards the camera.

In general, it is often necessary to maneuver on the edge of the abyss y7 games, and it is not always convenient. It can not be said that the management is bad, but for some reason, when you require filigree accuracy of movement or jump, you feel discomfort.

What is the secret of the phenomenon of Limbo and its followers? They transfer the action scene from the monitor screen to the player’s head. It is there that the whole play unfolds. A competently given understatement is no more an easy scenario and design technique than an impressive story. This is not emptiness, but darkness, in which you can touch something that you will not be able to completely identify.

Does the world need a new Limbo ? It’s hard to say, but Little Nightmaresstill can not be called “another.” There is too much authorial here – both in the atmosphere and in the topic, as it is interpreted. Only here, like a child who bought a coloring book, you fill the formless emptiness with your own palette of meanings to give the world some outline. To decide and understand who you are. To stop being afraid.

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