Lyric Theater to Close Permanently?

posted by Michael Zoldessy on July 14, 2006 at 5:19 am

OSCEOLA, IA — The Lyric Theater is set to close on July 20.

When Superman Returns ends its two-week run at the Lyric Theater, the projector and screen will go dark — at least for now.

Lyric owners Roger and Sheila Kentner and J.B. Hamilton announced this week they would close the theater after Superman’s last showing on July 20.

The decision was difficult for the owners. Since the trio bought the defunct theater five years ago, they – with the help of many community volunteers – put a lot of sweat, labor and dedication into the operation.

More details in this Sentinel-Tribune report.

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 4:18 am

In a dashing and, as some believe, barbarous Russia, with all its Varangians, frosts, long traditions in bearding and revels, followed by fistfights, Vikings and Scandinavian mythology in general are somehow especially affectionate. We play for Nordic in Skyrim , turn Prince Vladimir into a viking in the movie of the same name, watch out for the TV show (again) “Vikings” and always wait for Ragnarok, living the Russian tradition every day like the last one. And, of course, immediately write to the list of the desired game on Steam with the name Expeditions: Viking …

The interest in this project was further fueled by the fact that it is the ideological continuation of the highly successful tactical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador , which was released in 2013 and represented a fascinating cocktail of King’s Bounty , text quests and a strategy for the survival of the Spaniards in the world of the New World.

In Expeditions: Vikingthere were new mechanics (about which later), the setting was changed, the text quests almost disappeared, but in general everything is familiar: a detachment of disagreeable characters, specialists in different crafts and combat styles, moves around the global map, gathers resources, smashes camps, performs quests, fights in a step-by-step mode on the rough terrain. And we wards “pumped”, communicate with them, feed, holim, cherish and solve their personal problems.

Only a global map is now two-dimensional, and it moves not a horse, but a Drakkar, or just an icon that indicates our hird, that is, a fighting Scandinavian squad. Action Expeditions: Viking, which is logical, unfolds in Scandinavia of the Viking Age (namely, in the year 790) with all the ensuing – raids on the banks of the Angles and monasteries, feasts, dashing fights and offerings to Odin or the Torah.

But at the same time, as in the Expeditions: Conquistador , there is practically no magic and mysticism, everything in general corresponds to historical realities. The huge giants turn out to be just thieves-overgrown, the mythical hell-dog Bargest is a big mad dog, and the spirits guarding the treasures in the crypt are skinny hungry poor people immured in the dungeon.

Our Vikings are interested in more mundane things – the strengthening and exaltation of their own clan, which went to the protagonist after the disappearance of his father somewhere beyond the seas, the search for resources, allies, wood for the ship, the fight against competitors and other contenders for leadership.

And when in the second half of the game our hero in search of his father and glory with his squadron sails to the shores of England, more realistic (and more interesting) things begin: participation in the disassembly between the two kings in the struggle for the throne or, for example, between the pagans, Christians and different trends in Christianity.

In the process, you can support different sides and go differently to the goal. For example, interrupt a group of pagans with children persecuted by angry Christians, and enlist the support of the latter to together overcome the accursed cultists, the Romulus and Remus brothers who drink white wolf milk and interfere with our progress on the plot. Or, on the contrary, save the pagans and thus impress the wolves.

And you can not kill anyone at all, but simply bring the body of the white she-wolf to the cultists – true, it should not be killed, but simply cut down. For this, a non-lethal regime is used in battles, in which the enemies do not die, but fall to the ground without power. This is one of the special Expeditions: Viking , which often allows you to find non-standard solutions in quests.

In general, like the Expeditions: Conquistador , the whole game is impregnated with non-linearity – in global disagreements between kings or teens, and in more mundane deeds. Quests are a lot, they are all interesting in their own way, and almost everyone can be solved in several ways.

And if the dilemma of which of the two venerable Viking families stole the pig, accompanied by a whole investigation, causes a smile, then the problem of how to deal with a group of orphans terrorizing the whole city makes you frown. Kill gadies (but they are still children!), Beat them to death, or offer to move to their domain? True, in the latter case, in another quest, you had to release these possessions in advance from the previous owners, killing or driving out, including women.

Yes, despite the kidnapping of pigs and other humor, which is often found here, in Expeditions: Viking , as in Tyranny , you can be bad and very bad. You can raid your Drakkar, insidiously kill the interlocutors right during a conversation, buy slaves and turn into them, rob the churches and openly declare to the English kings and peasants: I came to plunder and kill, and not seek alliances and trade routes. Or still win back a good friend and diplomat, forcing some of the particularly bearded Vikings to grumble in his chord.

Every word and every decision affects our reputation (as well as thefts in cities and villages) – this affects our relations with major factions, and the morale of our comrades-in-arms. As in Expeditions: Conquistador, they all have their own character traits. And here, for example, some long-haired comrade prone to aggression and vanity will be only happy if in a conversation you behave brazenly, imperiously and rudely. But a girl with a spear or a black herb is not.

Thank God, even if the level of attitude towards you falls below the baseboard because of some of your words or because you did not want to give it all up and go sail away to see the mother of one of the fellow travelers who had a terrible dream, no one from the squadron will leave – morale and resistance in battles will decrease. But the sediment, as they say, will remain …

In addition to your actions, your partner’s condition is also affected by fatigue and hunger. Elements of survival in general are the same: when we break camp on the map, during the night someone sleeps, someone hunts, someone makes impure rations out of spoiling meat, someone goes to reconnaissance in search of resources, someone sweeps, someone heals the wounded, repairs armor or makes new ones. And someone is in the guard, so that this whole band is not covered by a copper basin.

Accordingly, it is very important to develop out of the wards narrow specialists in some area, so as not to force the big Vikings to sweep and cook, and fragile girls to send to stand guard. Well, the main character is best to do an excellent diplomat, “pumping” him with discernment, discretion, dexterity – during the execution of many quests during the dialogues, often checks are carried out on these parameters.

Well, of course, we develop combat specializations of the wards. In the battles involved archers, swordsmen, berserks, healers, skalds, pravschiki, except that there are no mages. Sorcery replaces a variety of skills inherent in each specialization, as well as a proprietary opportunity to use in the fight not only potions, but also traps, stakes, nets, barrels with fat and so on.

Battles themselves, compared, for example, with The Banner Saga , nothing particularly outstanding from a tactical point of view is not shown friv 3 Nevertheless, in addition to the traps in them, there was a place for such nuances as the possibility of entanglement or slipping, getting surrounded or under a free blow of the enemy, if you run past him.

However, from accidental events occurring during a night’s lodging or traveling around the map, the “pumping”, combat training and guarding of the camp will not be saved. They can be as successful as meeting with a generous merchant, and not very much, when one of your Vikings was bitten by a wasp or he was poisoned, having drunk from a stream where the corpse of a deer lies, – precisely it will get ill or get inflammation. The higher the level of complexity, the more frequent such troubles (as well as injuries, spoilage of equipment, resources and hungry faints).

To all this in Expeditions: VikingTwo more mechanics were added. First, the detachment and development of the clan’s own village with increasing levels of its power and prosperity – this affects the final of the game, and also allows the squad to supply resources. Secondly, the ability to swim and even occasionally raid your Drakkar. True, both elements are by and large not yet brought to the mind and have little effect on what is happening. The raids are rare, and the village is only needed to calculate the results in the final.

Also, while the balance in the battles is not ideal, archers and warriors with shields decide everything. And besides, in fights less often than in Expeditions: Conquistador, some special conditions are used when it is necessary, for example, to have time to reach a certain point. Therefore, in general, it’s easier to fight here than in the last game, even at high levels of complexity, because of which there is no need for any “kraft” equipment.

The beauty of Expeditions: Viking is that many problems (including technical flaws and bugs) are quickly treated with patches – the project is constantly evolving and polishing. I, of course, hope that the authors will bring to balance the balance in battles and new mechanics related to its own base and its own ship. Perhaps, over time, the game will get even better. But right now I’m worried about what kind of curse gravitates over the best friend’s family of the protagonist, so I’ll probably return to this wonderful tactical RPG. What do you want.

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