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posted by EarleK on March 8, 2007 at 12:45 pm

SALIDA, CO — The City of Salida, Colorado will loan as much as $125,000 for two years to the new owner of the Unique Theater to stabilize the walls of the historic landmark by March 16 and remove the damaged roof by March 23, according to an agreement ratified last night (Mar 6) by city council.

The back portion of the building, which contains the 650-seat theater, was condemned Feb. 8 when City officials and a structural engineer inspected and reported it was in, “imminent danger of collapse.” Adjacent property owners and businesses were warned and several have closed until the threat is lifted.

Meanwhile citizens interested in saving the historic building have called a second meeting for 7 p.m. tonight (Mar 6) at Victoria Tavern, another 19th Century building within the City’s downtown national historic district. If the community will help raise money, the new owner said he would wait until August 15 to exercise his option to demolish.

The City’s Historic Preservation Commission gave permission for partial demolition of the affected building following a well-attended public hearing Feb. 22.

The front portion of the building appears structurally sound with potential for adaptive reuse. It includes the lobby flanked by storefronts and a large second floor meeting room that has been sealed off and unused for perhaps 50 years. A coat of stucco applied sometime during the 1960’s conceals all the original brick on the front facade and the tall, arched windows in the second floor. Ironically, the stucco job that was meant to beautify the structure now prevents the building from contributing to the downtown historic district and from competing successfully for public funds for its rehabilitation.

The building opened in 1889 as the Salida Opera House with the upstairs meeting hall used by the local Masonic order. Built of brick, it replaced the wood opera house consumed by fire the year before. Local preservationists hope to find photographs of the front facade. Only one historic illustration of the front is known to exist at the Denver Public Library. It shows a wide-arched entrance flanked with storefronts and the tall second floor windows. The original cornice and pediment at the roofline are the only remaining visual elements of the original theater on the exterior.

Unfortunately, decades of deferred maintenance have rendered the interior of the theater unlovely, and now, unsafe. Most original detail has been lost because it was modernized several times as a movie theater under the name Empress, Osnos, Salida Theater and finally, the Unique. Triangular steel brackets were installed sometime in 1980’s to buttress the roof and ceiling where it meets the walls.

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 12:37 pm

Four years ago LEGO City Undercover was good for everyone, except for the unpopular platform on which it came out. Jolly setting, a nice open world and goodwill made the game one of the best exclusives for the Wii U and number one on the “ GTA for children” list . A fresh reissue for all major consoles and PC will allow you to join the detective from the designer to a much wider audience. And we need to see how well LEGO City has survived during this time.

Unlike most video games in the Danish designer universe, LEGO City Undercover is not based on the popular franchise. This is a minus and a big plus – the developers of Traveler’s Tales were not constrained by other people’s guides in style and were able to make their own history – detective. Her main character, police officer Chase McCain, the legend of the search in the toy city, returns from forced leave home. Then he learns that the bandit Raging Rex, whom he hid behind bars two years ago, fled.

A simple tie can be the beginning for anything, but in the case of frankly children’s play, it becomes an occasion for a comic action movie about a cop under cover, where references to many films and serials, mostly criminal topics, are collected. The frame-by-stage scenes from Starsky and Hutch, Escape from Shawshank, Miami Police, and even The Matrix, constant hints and amusingly played characters – humor has always been an important part of the LEGO series , but here it rests on the widest cultural base and therefore will be interesting not only to children and a narrow layer of fans of the source, as it usually happens.

In addition, everything happens in a megacity open to exploration. Of course, after GTAVit looks like a toy not only in its essence, but also in scale, but again it is worth remembering when and under what platform the project was “ground” initially. At the same time, there are very diverse places, reminiscent of New York with its Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, San Francisco with hills and the Golden Gate Bridge, Miami beaches. Also included in the local map is the Central American countryside, necessary for the genre of the Italian and Chinese quarters and the prison on the island of Albatros.

The study of the city and its surroundings takes place through disguise. Changing the costume, Chase gets new abilities. In his usual form, he can listen to conversations and look for hidden objects, with the fireman’s uniform he will learn how to extinguish the fire, cut the boards with an ax, and the miner’s suit will allow the stones to be crushed with a pick and anything dynamite. All the plot episodes are built on the principle of simple puzzles, where each solved task opens up access to the next, and so creates a whole chain of events involving all the variants of the character. And right in the city there are plenty of places where you can apply your skills and find something interesting.

The system works fine when you collect a few guises, but at first, when you have only a couple of options for action, it can be very boring. But the game is designed for children not less than their parents – even in the most difficult situation, it is impossible to lose forever, missions are given a generous supply for a while, prompts are shown to tasks. In addition, in the re-release, it was still translated into Russian and equipped with a regime for two.

The second player can connect at any time by pressing the button on the gamepad. The screen is divided in half, the essence of the problems does not change. Ideal option, when the child needs not only a hint, but also help. Disconnect from the cooperative can be just as quickly.

But disconnect, most likely, do not want. For all its simplicity and security, LEGO City Undercover manages to maintain interest. Missions tried to diversify all sorts of activities, especially in terms of transport management. So you’ll have to steer the concrete mixer, and ride the pig, and jump into giant abysses with rotating lasers. And in the city active points are scattered densely, that mushrooms in the autumn forest, and, running up to the next plot task, you imperceptibly perform a few small side ones. In addition, for some missions it is necessary to build LEGO-objects, and the blocks that are the building material do not fall underfoot.

There is a lot of content here, even by the standards of “adult” games. If the campaign runs for hours in fifteen, then a full study with the fulfillment of all tasks and the opening of a variety of transport, alternative characters and inaccessible locations will take four to five times more. True, if it was very cool on the Wii U four years ago, now, after we saw The Witcher 3 , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Metal Gear Solid V , this world lacks liveliness.

Yes, passers-by are voiced. But among all the townspeople there is no interesting history, especially one that would be intertwined with the main narrative. Yes, you can “fake” a very fast sports car, but there are almost no options for street racing. Yes, you have a bunch of police cars, but it’s impossible to arrange a pursuit for the bandits on the go. Perhaps it is not necessary for children’s play, but sometimes you want to revive this “puppet theater”.

Since we have a project with almost the last generation of consoles, we should not be afraid of technical difficulties. Even in the version I got for the Nintendo Switch, the least advanced of the platforms where the reissue came out, the maximum that prevented it was a rare drop in the frame rate to about twenty. On a more powerful hardware, everything is perfect. Well, waiting for graphic wonders from LEGO-the game is weird: it has nice textures and water effects, but the designer’s elements look as simple as in real life.

It’s just strange that the whole thing did not start to load faster. The two-minute screens Loading were the talk of the Wii U, and now they are slightly faster only on the Switch. Fortunately, they were disguised: during the boot it is now possible to twist local masterpieces of architecture and read jokes from the heroes of LEGO City . Of the other changes, references to Nintendo games https://chosen.games/ have disappeared : for example, instead of large cubes with a question mark from Super Mario , the statues of Crazy Rex are now scattered around the city.

But the soundtrack stayed in place, and not for nothing. Here there is a very good music, starting from the evocative memories of Coppola ’s filmsmelodies from the Italian quarter, continuing with cheerful electronics in the spirit of the 80’s and ending with a rock composition in the final credits. And voice-over of characters, even in the Russian version, does not enrage at all. In general, the case when a significant part of the atmosphere sounds from the speakers.

Even the fans of LEGO- games were supposed to be dressed in yellow men in similar projects. In this case, LEGO City Undercover will be very handy. The local is not quite a standard approach to the gameplay, along with a lot of content will please the fans of the designer and those who need easy entertainment. And the low complexity and cooperative mode make the game even an ideal option for evenings in the company of children and younger brothers with sisters. After all, after all, there are not so many truly family games that both older and younger ones would like.

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