New Drive In for Brooklyn Ohio

posted by snoop on April 4, 2007 at 6:55 am

Plans are in the works to keep the Drive-In audience in Brooklyn ohio going by the new Drive-In about ¼ Mile from the Memphis Drive-In in Brooklyn Ohio that was sold to American Greetings. Plans are to raze the Old Hills Dept Store (was Gold Circle) and put in 3 Screens and new state of the art projection and audio systems. Engineers and city members are going over the drawings and details. Stay tuned for futher details.


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Mariam on April 25, 2018 at 5:33 am

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

Envious and talented competitors try to break Limbo horns from its release in the distant 2010 year. However, only the Danes from Playdead (I about Inside , of course) managed to get the product of the same quality and quality . The more interesting was to follow the development of the “Russian answer to Limbo ”, The Mooseman , and finally get acquainted with the game, littered with rapacious skeletons and bristling bony forests.

Fireboy & Watergirl

The Mooseman , or in Russian “Man,” was invented and implemented by Perm, Vladimir Beletsky , hiding behind the studio with the wonderful name Morteshka . “Platform Adventure” was prepared almost two years – apparently without too much haste and with meticulous study of museum values.

Fireboy & Watergirl

The game is a kind of transposition of the legends of the small Komi people, the Saami and Mansi, and the plot inserts are even voiced on the Komi. The starting point for the author were archaeological finds – images of the so-called Permian animal style . So the threshold of entry in this case is high, which instantly narrows the already small audience of connoisseurs of Limbo , Typoman and Never Alone .

Los Yong, the creator of the universe and people, according to the folklore plot, had seven sons-shamans – those same human beings from the name. Endowed with the divine powers of the parent, they are able to move between reality and the measurement of spirits. Yong himself was once penned by an animal, hunting the sun, on his hunt. The light crashed into the tartaras, and the planet was on the verge of an apocalypse. Since then, Yen’s offspring have descended into the underworld to get a pinch of fire. Day after day‚Ķ

The way behind the shards of the sun is long – you need to step through the lower, middle and upper worlds. The greatest attention is paid to the afterlife – here we are met by a gigantic bear Osh, a Cerberus, a spider Cheran about seventy-seven eyes (elder brother Shelob, not otherwise!) And red-eyed dead, stuck in the river Sir-Yu, full of rotten flesh. Needless to say, what you see is more impressive than dry expositions of local history museums.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

Our shaman slowly wanders from left to right against the backdrop of fabulous 2D-backs – despite the modest scale, the artist succeeded in penetrating landscapes. Due to the fact that the tortoise man’s step can be made automatic and pulled away from the keyboard while quietly sipping tea, The Mooseman became an object of ridicule at the “demo” stage. The “walking simulator”, however, is not devoid of interactive – over time, the hero gets the opportunity to light a staff, driving away evil spirits, and on a short piece gets onions. The winter taiga, where it is allowed to shoot wolves, is one of the most beautiful locations, dear to the heart of a Siberian, who personally bogged down in the forest drifts and saw live white snow hares.

The core of the same gameplay The Mooseman- this is solving puzzles. Going to the ghost world, the shaman makes boulders move (or rather, what we consider boulders), a city sheltering itself or crossing over an abyss. Komi pagans, anglers and reindeer herders, worshiped elements, animals and trees, so that almost the whole environment is inspired in the game. Puzzles are complex exactly enough to sit over them for a minute or two. As “bosses” are leshies and water, but the battles do not require arcade skill – it is enough to grasp, in what a riddle, and slowly and thoroughly solve it, while the next six-legged elk snaps his jaw slowly.

Fireboy & Watergirl

In short, “bosses” do not violate the majestic act of relaxing gameplay. Walking past the pillars of idols, you will open the pages of the interactive encyclopedia – something like sketches from Never Alone. The challenge for the re-passage is the collection of museum figures (combs, pendants, etc.), placed in secluded corners. Someone will find the adventure intolerably boring – still, eyes work, fingers rest. I was also interested to know what lived and believed in the Urals and Ural Mountains before the arrival of Ermak and the Stroganoff industrialists . The narrative touches roughly like in Journey – unlike Owlboy with its children’s story.

Renee Zellweger (Renee Zellweger) would have remained pleased with the brainchild of the Perm inhabitants! “Oscar” laureate, I recall, leads the race just from the Saami. But seriously, Morteshka turned out to be a surprisingly emotional arcade on an unprofitable topic. The boy from Limbo , however, can sleep peacefully – in his segment, he is still beyond competition. Even a horned shaman is not an obstacle.

Mariam on April 25, 2018 at 5:35 am

Immediately answer the actual question – no, the game called “Holy Potatoes” is not made in Belarus, and it is not a secret ideological weapon of Alexander Lukashenko . But it is very cheerful games Fireboy & Watergirl, provocative, at the turn of irony and parody – here in the role of heroes and villains are potatoes and other vegetables. And if in the first game of Daylight Studios they together with us ran their own weapons store (we are talking about Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop ?! ), then in the second they went into space!

Both of these games are a mixture of strategy, RPG and management, but Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space ?! was clearly created under the influence of the indie icon Faster Than Light . Judge for yourself: our potatoes travel on their starship over galaxies, study planets, fight, collect resources. And we must manage the crew, hire new specialists, put someone to arms, or send to work in the medical department, to the laboratory to learn new technologies (improved engine, bridge extension, etc.) or to the workshop for the “crafting” of new cannons. And someone will have to be fired – the ship is not rubber.

Some crew members make it possible to use any certain type of weapon more efficiently (laser, missiles, railgun, shrapnel), others – survival specialists and give general bonuses to attack, and still others work better in the workshop.

As a base, there is a starship – here we automatically repair our space vessel and replenish fuel reserves (they are spent for flights), we hire a crew, we purchase new schemes for the production of weapons, as well as technologies and “upgrades” for the ship.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

Battles are not in real time, but in a step-by-step mode. In our turn we choose, from what guns and where to shoot – on the cannons of the enemy or on the body. You can also use the skills of the captain, who will, for example, strengthen us or weaken the enemy. All this is wasted energy, and superpowers spend all of its stock at once – it will be restored only to the next move.

We need to take into account the weather (during the sandstorms, of course, the accuracy is reduced), and what kind of ship is against us, depending on it, better or consistently demolish its guns, or immediately hit the body if it is weak. But first you have to destroy the energy shield. The rival operates according to the same scheme, and you in your course are free to redistribute the shield’s energy to the defense of one or another gun or hull.

In addition to meeting with enemies during the study of the planets, various random events occur that require us to take a decision. You can, for example, try to search the wreckage of the ship in the hope of finding something of value, to communicate with the fortuneteller, to agree to take on the team a strange tuber that for unknown reasons found itself in outer space. But it’s not a fact that it will not turn into any trouble later.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

Planets, events, a set of enemies and available mercenaries are generated randomly, but Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space ?! , unlike Faster Than Light , the story game, the main characters (sisters-potatoes) are defined in advance, and therefore there is no permanent death with the need to start a new passage with the new characters – as a rule, in all dangerous situations, when we are a hair’s breadth death, you can escape from the battlefield or pay ransom to the enemies.

This does not mean that the game is too simple. At first, there will be not enough money, resources, good specialists and firepower. We’ll have to shave on galaxies and planets, saving money for improvements and a good crew. And do this endlessly does not work – for the study of each system is given a strictly limited number of moves, until our space potatoes are caught up with very bad and vicious vegetables.

But without the permanent death of Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space ?! is deprived of the sharpness and replayability that is characteristic of many “bagels”. In addition, during battles, you do not have to force crew members to run around the ship, repair some compartments, and extinguish a fire. And given that both battles and random events are very often repeated, all this quickly becomes a routine.

Several pull situation ironic plot, atmosphere and humor – we are chasing a cat who knows how to make a warp jump in search of milk and mice encounter Pokemon, “Ghost in the Shell,” pirates of the Caribbean, as well as tubers, parodying the Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford ), then Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch). And the sisters-potatoes all the way amuse themselves with each other. But it’s still not Monty Python’s “Flying Circus”, in order to pull out the rest on one humor.

Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space ?! – an amusing and generally sound strategy for the adventures of brave tubers and other vegetables in space. In many respects it resembles Faster Than Light , but it still does not reach its level. This potato lacks salt – depth, complexity and replay. But with humor, dialogue, appearance and atmosphere, everything is in order – if that’s enough for you, then it will have to taste. If not, take something sharper.

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