Struggle to save the Harding Theatre nears its fourth year

posted by philbertgray on September 3, 2008 at 12:59 am

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Harding Theatre is one of San Francisco’s few remaining neighborhood theatres to have survived demolition. It opened in 1926 and remained in operation as a theatre until 1970. It briefly became a soft porn venue, hosted musical groups and finally served as a church for several years.

The San Francisco board of supervisors, who have a consistently dismal record on the protection of historic buildings, approved its demolition in January 2005. Since then various groups and organizations have successfully challenged all development plans that would demolish or altar the theatre.

A small article on the latest assault on theatre, along with two photos of the abysmal condition of the front of the theatre, can be found at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The latest plan, which has been approved by the board of supervisors, would restore “some of the auditorium” but would eliminate the stage and replace it with condos and parking spots at the rear of the theatre. The front would also be altered. This latest proposal is being challenged in a hearing on August 27th 2008.

The Save The Harding webs site can be found here along with several photos of the exterior and interior.

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