Clark County residents soon to have more theater choices, including some classic ones

posted by CSWalczak on March 11, 2011 at 7:45 am

CLARK COUNTY, WA — These days, the opening of twenty-six screens might simply signify the opening of a new magaplex. But in Washington’s Clark county, the new options that will be available before the end of 2011 include the reopening of two classic theaters, the single screen Kiggins Theatre an Art Deco gem from 1936 in Vancouver, and the twin-screen Liberty Theatre in Camas which originally opened in 1927 as the Granada. And, yes, a new megaplex is in the mix, a deluxe twenty-three screener at the Vancouver Mall to be operated by Cinetopia.

“People seem to love this theater a lot. They’ve missed it,” said the new operator, Rand Thornsley of Rootstalk Capital Management LLC. “But small-town single-screen theaters, unless you can find a niche to make them happen, they’re tough to operate.”

Thornsley directs programming for the Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage, Alaska, and plans to borrow elements that have worked there. At first, Liberty Theatre will sell popcorn and other snacks, but it will eventually add beer, wine and hot food. Admission at Liberty, except for special engagements, will be $3.50. The theater, which has one large screen and one small, will offer a variety of movies at different times of the day and week in hopes of reaching people of all ages and interests.

There is more in the Columbian.

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