The Battle Over Texting Continues

posted by Ross Melnick on July 1, 2013 at 8:40 am


David Edelstein at Vulture rails against texters and talkers in movie houses, while Jason Bailey at Flavorwire thinks we should all just get over it. No surprise that I think texters and talkers in movie houses are the scourge of the modern age, but what do you think?

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Trolleyguy on July 2, 2013 at 6:29 am

It’s simply rude and distracting and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Ross Melnick
Ross Melnick on July 2, 2013 at 9:48 am

Indeed, talkers have always been a problem — as I observed two nights ago as well — but it’s the texting/light pollution that’s new.

hdtv267 on July 3, 2013 at 2:26 am

As the phones have gotten smarter, the public has gotten dumber. I attended a movie recently, woman arrived late with 2 bratty children in tow. Takes out the phone, starts looking at Facebook mid movie. I coughed to get attention and got a nasty glare in my way.

Gave it a few minutes, continued. I went and got a manager and she actually engaged him in a loud debate about the situation. Oh they left early.

Then the small child who began playing a Nintendo DS during a crucial scene of “Man of Steel” while the parent sat by idly.

This was at early morning shows. I don’t even want to think what it’s like in the evening.

People have become insufferable. No clue of how to act in public and terrifying enough, it’s getting worse.

MPol on July 20, 2013 at 7:05 pm

This kind of texting, cell/smart phone use, and unnecessary, prolonged talking in movies really shouldn’t be tolerated. I agree with Trolleyguy…this kind of stuff really shouldn’t be tolerated. I personally think that managers of theatres should make hard-and-fast rules against all of the above behaviors in their theatres, enforce them, and administer swift justice in the form of evicting persistent troublemakers from the movie theatre(s) with no refunds if they persist on behaving like that. If people act like children, they should be treated like children.

MPol on August 13, 2013 at 2:04 pm

To Moviemanforever:

I’m agreeing with hdtv267 about the texting/cellphone use, and unnecessary talking, etc., in the movie theatres. He’s got some points, and if movie theatre managers want to keep the movie business going, they’ll have to get tougher on people who text, talk, and do other annoying stuff in the movie theatres.

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