• April 29, 2011

    AMC opens new Randhurst Cinema 12; older theater to close

    MT. PROSPECT, IL — The AMC Randhurst 12 opens on April 29 as part of the newly remodeled Randhurst Shopping Center, newly dubbed as Randhurst Village, which reflects its transformation from an enclosed indoor mall to an outdoor retail center. At the same time, the nearby AMC Randhurst 16 closed, after only operating for about thirteen years.

    The new movie theater has 48,000 square feet, 12 auditoriums and 1,800 seats. The auditoriums range in size from seating capacities of 85 to 223. The smaller auditoriums will be conductive to art-house niche films, while the larger ones will be used for mainstream blockbusters, theater officials said.

    The $200 million Randhurst renovation is being overseen by developer Castro Lifestyle Properties. The next site to open at the mixed-use development is scheduled to be a Hampton Suites Hotel, slated for an August debut.

    There is more news about the new megaplex here.

  • April 15, 2011

    Clio Cinemas closed

    CLIO, MI — The 4-screen Clio Cinemas, first opened in 1974 and operated for the past 20 years by NCG Cinemas closed permanently on March 20. It was the smallest of NCG’s cinemas and was located in a strip mall. It was the only NCG location without stadium seating because the ceiling was too low.The nearest theater now for those living in the Clio area is EMagine Entertainment’s Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run, MI. Info about the closing of the Clio Cinemas can be found at the NCG Website.

  • April 13, 2011

    Cinema Place Charest closed

    QUEBEC, CANADA — Sadly, the famous Cinema Place Charest has closed.

    It is important to remember that cinema was installed in Chinatown before the arrival of the Dufferin-Montmorency, says Lemoine. This explains that cinema has found a few years later with the front before a highway exit.

    Was it a bad choice to invest in St-Roch? Nobody could predict the decline of downtown, the analysis that was Ward Councillor for ten years.

    “There had always been the cinema in downtown. So in downtown that we should build a modern cinema with a new technology, a large room, a sound of great quality.”

    Read the full article, in French, in leSoleil.

  • April 5, 2011

    Cinema Plaza closes; last remaining theater in Hunterdon county

    RARITAN TWP., NJ — The Cinema Plaza, which opened in 1981 as a conversion from a former automobile dealership and barn, closed on March 30. Originally opened a a five-plex, a sixth screen was added in 1992. Rumors of its closing had surfaced repeatedly over the last few years. The theater’s owner is looking at financing options to build a multi-venue family entertainment complex nearby that would include a new cinema.

    Reflecting on Cinema Plaza, Monsport said “I am very grateful for the wonderful memories created by our theatre patrons. The movie theatre exhibition business has changed dramatically in the past five years. It is no longer feasible to operate a theatre without the latest stadium seating, digital and 3D equipment. To bring this theatre to those standards would cost millions.”

    The story appeared at

  • March 25, 2011

    New theater to open at Magic Valley Mall; existing one there to close

    TWIN FALLS, ID — The Odyssey 6 Theater operated by Interstate Amusements at the Magic Valley Mall is slated to close by September, 2011, but local moviegoers will have little time to lament its passing as a new all-digital twelve-plex will open at the mall in December to be operated by California-based Cinema West. The new theater will be Cinema West’s first venture into Idaho.

    “We feel that the Twin Falls market is under served and there is a lot of room for improvement,” Corkill said. “The amenities we’ll offer are comparable to what many people experience in larger urban settings. They are amenities that enhance the experience and what people have grown to expect and deserve.”

    Corkill said the company expects the complex to draw not only TwinFalls residents but people from across southern Idaho.

    There is more in this article at Magic Valley, which includes a sketch of the new cinema.

  • February 15, 2011

    AMC closes another former Kerasotes theater in Illinois

    PARIS, IL — The Paris Theater a former Kerasotes property, was closed by AMC on February 6. The theater opened in 1924 as the Lincoln and was twinned in 1996. The nearest cinema now available to local residents is in Terre Haute, IN, about twenty-five miles away.

    Employees of the theater told the Journal-Gazette newspaper in Mattoon that the theater closed Sunday night.

    AMC Entertainment spokesman Justin Scott said Wednesday the Paris theater no longer “competed effectively in the marketplace.”

    The story is here.

  • February 2, 2011

    Rochester’s Chateau 14 closes suddenly

    ROCHESTER, MN — The Chateau 14 originally a ten-plex that opened in 2002, was abruptly closed by CineMagic Theatres on January 26. Performances for the day had already begun when staff were told to close the megaplex.

    Florida-based Paragon Theaters says it will renovate the lobby, add a bar and lounge, all-digital Sony 4k projection, premier and reserved seating and 3D screens.

    The theater will remain closed for a while for renovations and staff training. It’s expected to re-open in late February or early March.

    There is more in the Post Bulletin.

  • February 1, 2011

    After 87 years, Lakewood’s Detroit Theatre closes its doors

    LAKEWOOD, OH — Truly a survivor of a past age, the nearly ninety-year-old Detroit Theatre in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood is closing as of January 30. The theater, opened in 1927, was twinned in 1987.

    There is a little more at

  • January 31, 2011

    Current operator closes the Fox in Taft; removes equipment

    TAFT, CA — The most recent operator of the Fox Theatre in Taft has closed the theater and begun the removal of equipment. The mayor is convening a special meeting of the City Council in February to see what action can be taken to stop further removal of furnishings and equipment. The theater had been facing foreclosure last November, but it was thought then that a solution has been found.

    Lockwood said that the theater was losing money because of lack of attendance, and that he had finally decided to close the theater.

    Lockwood said that he is willing to sell the equipment, fixtures and theater seating if he found a willing buyer.

    The recent news about the change of events is here.

  • January 26, 2011

    Laemmele’s Music Hall likely to close in April

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA — The Laemmele Music Hall triplex is likely to close in April when its lease is up, primarily as a result of declining patronage, though the property’s owner is reportedly looking for another operator.

    The story appeared in LA Weekly.