• April 20, 2004

    The End of the Ambassador Super Cinema

    SALFORD, ENGLAND — As seen in the photos below, yesterday saw the complete demolition of Salford’s Ambassador Super Cinema. After all the efforts of action groups and supporters, the cinema has finally been laid to rest.

    Flats will now be built on the site and the new owners will probably never know the heartache that locals felt when the theater was finally pulled down.

  • April 6, 2004

    Ambassador Super Cinema

    SALFORD, UK — It’s official (from the demolition crew anyway): the Ambassador Super Cinema is to be demolished.

    The sad end to a wonderful era of cinema on Langworthy Road in Salford. I have pictures of yesterdays work and will be going today to see how they are doing today at lunchtime.

  • April 5, 2004

    Art Theatre Burns Down

    BINGHAMTON, NY — The Art Theatre burned down on February 9, 2004 due to a fire sparked by a faulty 75 watt lightbulb.

    The theater went up quickly since its 1924 roof was covered with oil-based paints. The Art’s owner, Richard Krus, who bought the former “adult” theatre in 1987 and turned it into the county’s only venue to see art films, wants to rebuild the theater using the walls that remained.

    However, the city has said remains of the structure are unsafe and has ordered it demolished by the end of April. Krus, who lacked insurance on the theater, has become so frustrated with the city’s lack of support that he’s decided to look elsewhere for a location for his theater.

    Photos of the fire are available at the City of Binghamton Professional Fire Fighters website.

  • March 26, 2004

    Opera House Scarborough Demolition Pics

    SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND — A series of photographs depicting the Royal Opera House and its destruction are now online. The photos can be viewed on the Theatres Trust website.

  • March 9, 2004

    Royal Opera House Demolition Forges Ahead

    SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND — Ian Grundy, our intrepid UK Cinema Treasures volunteer, writes in with this update about the Royal Opera House. ()

    “The demolition of the Royal Opera House, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire continues. Used mainly as a cinema from 1976 to 1996 when it closed and was willfully neglected, it is proving quite a strong construction to dismantle. As one member of the demolition team put it: ‘The roof was f***ed, but basically the building is very sound.’

  • March 2, 2004

    Bad Weather Delays Demolition of Hull Cannon

    HUMBERSIDE, ENGLAND — Demolition of the former Regal/Cannon which should have been completed by now has been delayed because of bad weather.

    Much of the interior has now been gutted — the photograph above was taken last December and shows the scaffolding in Screen 1 used to remove asbestos from the ceiling. Demolition of the rest of the theater commenced on Monday and the structure should be finally laid to rest within days.

  • March 1, 2004

    Waco’s 25th Street Theatre Slated for Demolition

    WACO, TX — I recently went to the Waco city hall and did an open records request concerning the 25th Street Theatre. Apparently, the building was red tagged on October 10, 2003 and is now slated for demolition, although no definite date was provided, so maybe there is still time to save it.

    I viewed pictures taken by a Waco building inspector and the place is a disaster. Amazingly enough, though, the mural of the Chariots on the theater’s south wall is still intact, but badly water damaged.

  • February 27, 2004

    Flushing’s RKO Keith’s to Become Condos

    FLUSHING, NY — Boymelgreen Developers, who bought the RKO Keith’s in 2002 from developer Tommy Huang, will demolish the theater and build a 19-story mixed-use tower on the site called RKO Plaza.

  • January 27, 2004

    More Grand Theatre Demolition Pics

    BALTIMORE, MD — Thanks to the valiant efforts of Cinema Treasures user Ed Dobbins, we have another batch of photos from the Grand Theatre demolition site.

  • January 24, 2004

    UPDATE: The Grand’s Last Stand

    BALTIMORE, MD — Our friends at the Senator and the Main Street Movie House Foundation have alerted us to their plans to meet at the site of the Grand Theatre from noon until sundown today (Saturday).

    The group plans to document the destruction of the Grand, record memories of the theater from individual patrons, and generally mourn the theater’s loss. The Senator Theatre is also providing fresh popcorn for all in attendance.