• December 8, 2003

    Photos of the Grand Theater

    Ed Dobbins sent in a few pictures of the soon-to-be-demolished Grand Theater in Baltimore, Maryland:

    “The last picture shows some of the water damage inside. It’s very sad to see it go. The last movie I saw there when I was in high school was Return of the Jedi in Feb. 1984, no heat and a wind chill of -10 outside (and I was drinking a soda…… The last movie I believe that played there was Footloose — to coincide with the video release (I found that strange).”

  • December 2, 2003

    Grand Theatre Demolition Begins

    BALTIMORE, MD — The original plans for Baltimore’s Regional Library were to include the structure & facade of the Grand Theatre.

    However two years ago, the architects & engineers inspected the theater and found that, due to extensive water damage, the supporting structure is too far gone (and costly) to be saved. I recently heard from the local merchants association that the marquee, box office, and some internal fixtures are going to be saved for some future use.

    The fence around the block went up last week and the demolition is scheduled to start Dec 01 2003 :–(

  • October 15, 2003

    Last Days Of The Uptown

    Chad Irish submitted this pic of the Uptown Theatre, taken during this year’s Toronto Film Festival just days before the theater closed for good.

  • October 14, 2003

    Toronto’s Uptown Theater Closes Forever

    On September 25 2003, just days after it was host to the Toronto International Film Fest, the Uptown closed its doors forever.

  • October 13, 2003

    Loop/Telenews Theatre Gets Temporary Stay of Demolition

    CHICAGO, IL — This isn’t news, since this project has been going on since the first of August, but here it is anyway.

    The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs has come up with an interesting plan for the long-dormant Loop (aka Telenews) Theatre on State and Randolph streets (current address is 8 E. Randolph). The building sits next to the legendary Chicago Theatre.

  • October 9, 2003

    Baltimore’s Grand Theatre

    The word was the Grand Theatre here in Baltimore was to come down this fall, and they have been busy working to get the entire block ready for the wrecking ball. This was one of Baltimore’s surviving theatres into the 1980’s, and it’s a shame to see it go. (It shows up in several John Waters films.) One a better note, they finished up the Patterson Community Center (AKA Patterson Theatre) to the West of the Grand, complete with a new vertical marquee.