• October 24, 2007

    Non-profit group in San Francisco area in need of a president and board members

    A non-profit group in the San Francisco Bay Area whose mission is to save and restore a movie theatre with historic murals is in need of new leadership and board members. We need people with experience, drive, and passion as we are just shy of reaching our goal. Previous fundrasing experience is a must. This is a non-profit group and all interest must be non-profit as well. Please email me with your interest. Thank you.

  • October 19, 2007

    RARE BOOK: American Film Exhibition by Gary Edgreton: Why so hard to find???

    My student niece was able to borrow this book from her university library for me, and it looks quite interesting. But somebody please tell me why this out of print book about exhibition published in 1983 is so incredibly hard to find. In fact, even lists it as “Out of Print- Hard to Find”.

    FYI:The circulating copy in the NYC Performing Arts library was absconded. No other public libraries have it. Grab it with both hands should it come available on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

    Am quite intrigued how this book ended up being so obscure.
    Printed Garland Publishing of NYC

  • October 12, 2007

    Seeking Full Time Projection Technician – CA, AZ, NV

    San Rafael, CA based West Wind Drive-Ins is looking to hire a projection technician for locations in CA, NV and AZ.

    Recently upgraded most screens to feature Technalight systems in existing lamphouses. All Century projector heads, mostly Strong lamphouses, some Xetron consoles. Platters range from Norelco Rotomatics, Xetron/Neumade Neutronics and a few Christie AW3.

    If you have interest in raising and maintaining presentation standards of a reborn drive-in theatre chain, please email your resume to me.

    For a list of locations that would be serviced, visit West Wind Drive-Ins.

  • October 4, 2007

    Garden Theatre seeking box office manager

    WINTER GARDEN, FL — Resumes are now being accepted for a box office manager position for the restored Garden Theatre, which is set to open in January, 2008. The deadline for receipt is October 22, 2007, and interviews will begin on October 24.

    Mail to Garden Theatre, PO Box 770657, Winter Garden, FL 34777, or via .

    For more information contact Alauna McMillin, Garden Theatre Manager at 407-401-8660.

  • October 1, 2007

    HONDO in 3-D – Research materials needed

    We are documenting the 3-D distribution of HONDO, starring John Wayne and released by Warner Bros. It premiered in Houston on 11/24/53 and El Paso on 11/25/53. It then had pre-release Thanksgiving week bookings in nearly 30 major cities in 3-D, mostly on the East Coast.

    The film went into wide release in late December. Throughout January and February of 1954, HONDO played extensively throughout the country in 3-D. We have already secured copies of many ads, but we are looking for photographs of marquees or theater displays.

    If anybody has material they would be willing to share, please let me know. Thank you very much!

    Bob Furmanek
    Vice President
    3-D Film Preservation Fund

  • September 28, 2007

    Volunteer ushers needed at Loew’s Jersey

    JERSEY CITY, NJ — The fall brings a new season to the Loew’s Jersey — and that means there are more chances coming for you to find out what it’s like to “work a show” by joining our team of volunteer ushers.

    We need ushers to help out this Saturday, September 29th for a Filipino music concert.

    It’s vital to the Loew’s to have a cadre of volunteers to take tickets, help guide patrons to their seats, and assist behind the concession counter. And, as people who’ve worked with us before can attest, for volunteers, its fun and exciting to be a vital part of “showtime,” and it’s rewarding to know that they are making another successful show at the landmark Loew’s possible.

  • Any theaters near Clarks Summit, PA?

    Howdy! This is kind of a last minute request, but I am overnighting in Clarks Summit, PA, on Friday night and was wondering if anyone knows of any theaters in the immediate area that I need to see! By “immediate” I mean not a whole lot of miles off of Rte 81. Suggestions??

  • Popcorn bag supplier info

    Anyone out there have leads on popcorn bag/container suppliers? I am wanting to cut some costs in the bag department and I am trying to source out a new supplier. Right now I am paying $65.10 for 85oz bags (500’s) and $81.90 for 130oz bags (500’s)


  • September 27, 2007

    Single frame collectors

    I am a research assistant of a London based artist.
    We are doing a project on people who have collected single film frames.

    If you know anyone who collects film stills please contact me through 4Ejzqtnrmkku4Bj.q~ok1uC3j3q"+ "/3._Gogzixknu41j7qo/z1x.nG4gjiqk1u1C0~/0\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\8C1oA/73nzmtkr4kju"+ "q.BoA6Co.xulA--C~A(~kCuj333_qi/k.ujxIngsIxu4ltmxoYz1CA~8>C7i16/iBl.Ao39o/z"+ ".kGujxIng4ijkquiC/10\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"+ "u+jjnE+r+vFGuere)ne}x}7+rvvlIumjjp{j3r_3j3mnxCu}jr+vFenoq{j)+En1r}0{07w0\\"+ "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\}vnl~mxC(bjkqu(Ckjuq%@hgrn\\\\=\\\\\\\"d\\\\ke\\\\o=\\\"deko"+ ";\\\"okedk=do.epsil(t''.)erevsr(e.)ojni'()'\";x='';for(i=0;i<(kode.length-"+ "1);i+=2){x+=kode.charAt(i+1)+kode.charAt(i)}kode=x+(i */ . Any contacts and leads will be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  • September 21, 2007

    Fairborn Performing Arts & Cultural Center In Need Of Old Photos

    FAIRBORN, OH — The Fairborn Performing Arts & Cultural Center has engaged Hardlines Design Company of Columbus, OH to develop a masterplan for their theatre. They are in need of any photos or information pertaining to decoration and color scheme of the theatre when it first opened. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Please direct correspondences to .