• March 10, 2006

    Looking for Interviewees

    I’m a freelance writer working on a story about the heyday of movie theatres as the entertainment center of small towns and urban areas, before television. I’m looking to interview people who remember going to the movies during this era, who remember the all day Saturday movies and .10 popcorn, and any other fond memories.

    The interview can be via phone or email, whatever you prefer, and should not take much of your time. If interested, please send an email to Thank you for your time.


  • March 2, 2006

    UK Cinemas Site

    I am a UK cinema enthusiast and I am currently developing a collection of photographs of cinemas from across Britain.

    I have recently set up a website – Picture Palaces of Yesteryear – which can be found at

    I would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to contribute photos or information to the site.

  • Seeking Performers Who Worked Burlesque for Documentary

    A documentary dedicated to collecting stories and preserving the history of burlesque theatre in America told by the “survivors" of burlesque in their own words, supplemented by second-hand stories of those who knew the performers that are no longer with us.

    Please get in touch.


  • March 1, 2006

    Looking for Former Roxy Theater Patrons

    The following was sent in by “Clark”:

    Hi, my name is Clark and I am doing a school paper on the death of the single screen movie theater and I wanted to know if there is someone I could talk to who has a first hand account of being at the Roxy theater (the one that was located in New York City on the corner of 50th street and 7th avenue and had 6,214 seats). Also someone who might have a good knowledge of the Ziegfeld or New York City cinema. Thanks so much and love the website.


  • February 24, 2006

    Recommended theaters in NYC?

    I apologize if this isn’t quite “news”, but I’d like your opinions. I’m need to get out of Boston for a weekend trip to New York and would love to visit two or three classic theaters there. I’m not going to go this weekend (I’m probably going to be there March 3rd – 5th), so I’ll have time to figure out what I’m going to see and do.

    What theaters would you recommend I check out? I might not actually see a movie at each of them, but I’d like to take some pictures look around.

    I’d only ask that the theaters are currently open (showing films) and that it is relatively close or walkable from public transportation.


  • February 22, 2006

    Executive Director Wanted

    ELKHART, IN — The historic 1924 Elco Performing Arts Center in Elkhart is looking for an executive director to oversee all operations of this theater that is now open and operating.

  • February 20, 2006

    Staff needed for River Oaks Theatre

    CALUMET CITY, IL — We are reopening the River Oaks Theatre in Calumet City and need management and staff asap.

    We are looking for people with a strong customer service bent who like movies and can offer the best quality movie-going experience.

    We are looking for a strong leader with either movie theatre management or retail management experience.

    Knowing how to thread a projector is a plus but will train.

    Must be service oriented with an eye for detail.

    Must have experience in a booth and be able to thread and maintain movie projectors. Must have know how to trouble-shoot and have the ability to build and break down film prints.

    Floor Staff
    Must be a quick learner who is able to give the best customer service under high-volume conditions without getting flustered.

    Room for promotion.

    Please email your resume to or call 312 560-8437.

  • February 8, 2006

    Volunteers Needed at Loew’s Paradise

    BRONX, NY — Orlando Lopes, New York Metro Director of the Theatre Historical Society of America (THSA), is coordinating a volunteer effort for the newly reopened Loew’s Paradise. There will be a series of events and shows where help is needed, starting this Saturday, February 11, 2006.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of the excitement of this beautifully revived Cinema Treasure. Orlando and the Paradise management have some great plans in store for all movie theatre and film fans.

    Please contact Orlando at (631) 225-7071 after 9PM or email him at There will be a name list, so you cannot show up unannounced.

    Thank you all.

  • February 7, 2006

    Loews State Theatre in Virgin Megastore in Times Square

    NEW YORK, NY — Given that the Loews State Theatre is now closed (see this NY Post article), does anyone know where I can see Bollywood/Indian films in NYC?

  • February 3, 2006

    Work in a Movie Palace

    The Golden State Theatre in Monterey, California is looking for a knowledgeable and creative new manager. We are basically an independent revival house with 1 to 3 shows daily and a few live onstage events every month.

    Major work is finished on the restoration, and we need someone to manage day to day operations. I hope to find someone who loves film and live performance, and has experience with film booking practices, projection, lighting — basically the art and craft of presenting a good show.

    The position entails ensuring professional film and live theater presentation, working with outside producers, interfacing with the public, supervising advertising and graphics, and pretty much whatever else you want to get involved with. It’s a very challenging job, but Monterey is a great place to live and the Golden State is a beautiful 1926 atmospheric theater with 1000 seats, a 36' screen, and a Wurlitzer pipe organ.

    The job is salaried and includes medical benefits. Please see our website and contact Warren Dewey by email at if you are interested.