• November 1, 2005


    Urgently looking for all and any information on the 1938 built Miramar Theater in San Clemente, California!

    A.K.A as the San Clemente Theater & Possibly the El Hidalgo theater

    Built by Strang Bros. Contractors
    Designed by Clifford Blach (any special info on the architect or respect and acknowledgment of their work locally or nationaly is much appreciated!)

    ** can anyone scan or get their hands on or suggest how I can get my hands on a copy of a magazine called Southwest Builder and Contractor, the july 2, 1937 edition????

  • October 31, 2005

    WANTED: Information on Lynch Kentucky Theatre

    Lynch is a coal mining town with its heydey in the 1930s and 1940s. Would like any information on the theatre located in downtown Lynch. It has been closed and torn down for many years.

  • October 14, 2005

    Small Startup Looking for a Theater

    Greetings Everyone.

    I am spearheading a startup venture. The Startup is simply this, “To Open and Operate a Vaudeville Era Theater”. I have come up with a concept which will revolutanize theater operations. The concept is not for public consumption so I can’t post it, however under the right circumstances (non disclosure) I would be willing to discuss it with you.

    For proper implementation, this venture requires a theater which is in decent architectural/structural condition, the theater MUST have a stage and a balcony, an orchestra pit would be nice but not mandatory.

    I am in the process of selling my house to make this happen, I personally own a very large collection of Public Domain films as well as all the equipment needed to start 3 theaters (and allow them to operate to my specifications).

    Cutting to the point, at the present time I could potentially purchase a theater in an outer lying area and make this venture a reality, however if I could shy away from selling off my house I would prefer it.

    Here’s a proposition, if you like the sound of it then let’s talk, if you don’t like what I’ve written, no flames, I apologize for wasting the bandwidth.

    I propose the following:

  • October 12, 2005

    In search of Art Deco space in NYC…

    My not-for-profit theatre company is seeking a unique Art Deco/Moderne space (theatre/cinema/hall/large room, etc) in Manhattan for our stage adaptation of the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch film TROUBLE IN PARADISE.

    Perhaps an unused Deco screening room or ballroom or cafe within a larger building? Mid-town area is preferred, although we’ll consider other areas.

    Any thoughts?

  • September 29, 2005

    Thompson Square Theatre Info?

    CHARLESTOWN, MA — Hello Group!

    Hoping someone can point me to any information about this theater – history, photos etc.

    Have been able to find almost nothing except that the address, 179 Main Street, now seems to be the Branch Public Library, built about 1970. Urban renewal strikes again?


  • The Gold Theater in Buffalo NY

    If anyone knows of infomation on the Gold… I understand it was a movie house in Buffalo NY dating 1920-1940.

    Thank you.

  • September 21, 2005

    WANTED: Information on Closed Circuit theater broadcasting from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    I cannot find any information about those old closed circiut presentations that manly were of boxing matches with Muhammed Ali,etc. The Daytona 500 did a closed circuit broadcast as did Evel Knievel with his Snake River Canyon jump. Anybody got photos of the projctors used? Any other backround information out there? Boxoffice magazine has never devoted a piece to this technology. Please respond to

    Thank You Much.

  • September 8, 2005

    Oldest Operating Art House/Rep House in the US?

    “A question— would anyone happen to know what the oldest still-in-operation art house/ rep theater in the US is…? I have a feeling it might be my local favorite, Cambridge MA’s Brattle Theater, and wonder if anyone could confirm or correct this notion.



    Paul Monticone

  • August 12, 2005

    Help Needed: Photos

    NEWARK, NJ — I need photos of the opening of the Stanley-Fabian Theater – May 1927. This theater is presently under preservation/restoration study. Can you help us? Also, there are yet two antique projectors in place. Our contact # is 973 399-2507 Mon. – Fri 9am. to 4pm.

    A.L. Gregory

  • August 11, 2005

    Cup holders at a reasonable pricee

    Hi everyone. I love this site but I need some help from you all. I am looking to purchase some inexpensive cup holders for some old used Irwin seats that I purchased from someone on this site. She had no idea except to go back to Irwin.

    I had a web site that sold the low end… plane Jane type for $4.00 each.. BUT my computer crashed and I cannot find it or its name anywhere on my computer. So I am starting from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.


    (469) 828 4468