• January 26, 2011

    Liberty Theater reopens

    CAMAS, WA — A cornerstone of the neighborhood, the Liberty Theater will reopen in March.

    Opening the doors of the historic Liberty Theater is a big win for Downtown Camas and local merchants, helping push the downtown as a ‘destination’ for the entire community and surrounding areas. “The Liberty has always been at the heart of our Downtown with theater goers taking advantage of the many great restaurants, merchants and services we have here in Camas. We are very excited and welcome this catalyst to Downtown’s revitalization,” commented Carolyn Mercury, Downtown Camas Association President.

    Read more at the official website.

  • January 13, 2011

    Cinema 4 in Newport shuttered

    NEWPORT, TN — The Newport Cinema 4 was closed as of January 7. The only operating cinema in Cocke County, the theater opened in in the mid-1990’s and was once operated by the O'Neil theater chain. The owners are hoping that a new operator can be found.

    In Hooper’s opinion, the cinema closed after facing several different obstacles. He said the theater’s overhead kept getting more expensive. The economy impacted ticket sales. He also believes more stockholders were needed in the beginning. But overall, Judge Hooper feels the theater reached its goal of entertaining the community.

    There is more with video at

  • January 11, 2011

    New theater opens in Wagner, SD

    WAGNER, SD — The last time Wagner had an operating movie theater, “Jaws” was the featured first-run attraction. Now a new Wagner Theater has opened, co-owned by two couples who converted a former hardware and outdoor equipment store by performing much of the work themselves. The new single screen theater has stadium seating, digital projection and surround sound.

    Cerny praised the initiative shown in starting the theater, given that a previous volunteer effort failed. He anticipated the new theater will draw customers from as far as Fairfax and northern Nebraska towns such as Spencer.

    “This one will give a much needed amenity to people in town here,” Cerny said. “I think people in the area are kind of hungry for a theater. … It took a lot of hard work and a lot of risk to do this venture.”

    The full story appeared in the Mitchell Republic.

  • January 3, 2011

    Last curtain call for Palace

    HAARLEM, THE NETHERLANDS — The Palace, an original single-screen cinema built in 1915 will close after its farewell film festival, from January 3rd until the 8th. The building and facade haven’t changed much since it was rebuilt in 1917. In 1995 it was renovated and the seat capacity in the auditorium was taken back from 750 to 574 seats.

    The Palace is one of the last remaining unsplit single-screen purpose-built theaters in the country, but like many others will have to close due to changing audience habits and a multiplex opening nearby. The building, nominated to be a local monument, will stay intact and soon house a store.

  • December 28, 2010

    Emagine Theater opens in Rochester Hills

    ROCHESTER HILLS, MI — The latest entry in the Michigan-based Emagine Entertainment chain opened on December 21. The new theatre is a thorough reimagining of the former AMC Star Rochester 10 which closed in 2007. The revamped theater features new stadium seating, online seat reservations, digital and 3D technology, and a gourmet pizza kitchen.

    The completely renovated building features 10 auditoriums — all with digital projection and sound and stadium seating. Pizza and cocktails are also served (there is a two-drink limit). The decor inside is sophisticated, with tiles and muted colors throughout.

    “The building is beautiful, and we are thrilled,” said Ruth Johnson, an Emagine Entertainment executive. “We think we will do very well here; there has been such a positive response so far.”

    There is more here and here.

  • December 23, 2010

    Village Theater in Dallas reopens

    DALLAS, TX — The Highland Park Village Theater reopened on December 18 after being closed for renovations for over a year. The renovated theater will function essentially as a twin with digital and 3D capability. There are now also two screening rooms for private parties. A restaurant and in-theater dining will be added in 2011.

    It will also have luxury seating and an all-digital projection system. When the food service is fully operational, probably in a few months, theatergoers will be able to order food delivered to their seats.

    Last year, Washburne’s group bought Highland Park Village for $170 million from the extended family of Henry S. Miller and a New Orleans investment group. The Miller group had owned the plaza since 1976, when they paid $5 million for it.

    There is more in the online Dallas News.

  • December 8, 2010

    Jefferson Valley Mall Theater Closes Again

    YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY — The Movies at Jefferson Valley, an 8-plex operated by Trademark Cinemas and located in the Jefferson Valley Mall has closed once again, for the second time in four years. The Journal News quoted the CEO of Trademark Cinemas as saying the mall’s owner, Simon Properties, would not renew the company’s lease, despite repeated attempts to gain a long-term contract. Trademark had operated the theater (opened originally under the United Artists banner as a 6-plex about 25 years ago) since Regal closed it in 2006, calling it “underperforming.”

    While the Journal News reports that this leaves the town of Yorktown “without a cinema within its 40 square miles,” it also notes that Regal pulled out after opening another multiplex in the Cortlandt Town Center, which, though not in the same town, is only four miles away.

    According to the article, mall management issued a statement affirming their commitment to “a mix of retail, food and entertainment options” but not commenting on reasons for the theater’s closing.

  • Twelve-screen theater opens Dec. 10 in Conway

    CONWAY, AR — Cinemark will open its new Towne Center theater here on December 10. The new cinema features a dozen digital screening rooms, one of which houses one of the company’s large-format HD screens.

    Frank Gonzales, marketing manager, described the auditorium as having a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen with a custom sound system and digital projection capable of showing any 2D or 3D movie.

    The full story appeared in the Log Cabin Democrat.

  • December 6, 2010

    Two luxury cinemas opening at Jacksonville’s Latitude 30 entertainment complex

    JACKSONVILLE, FL — An upscale entertainment complex called Latitude 30 will be opening here in mid-December. In addition to boutique bowling, a restaurant, a sports bar, billiards, a high-tech arcade, and meeting and banquet facilities, the new facility features two cinemas, one seating seventy and the other three hundred, both with dining and cocktail service. An additional Latitude 30 complex is slated for Nashville, and the company is apparently looking for additional sites in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

    The 50,000 square foot entertainment center is housed in the former Toys R Us store on Philips Highway, across the street from The Avenues Mall. Construction began in December 2009, but the design and concept have been in the works for more than three years, Brent Brown, managing partner of Brownstone Group, which owns Latitude 30, said Tuesday.

    There is additional information in the Jacksonville Business Journal and the Latitude 30 Cinemas webpage is here.

  • December 3, 2010

    Jubilee Theatre is renovated and open!

    WACO, TX — The “oohs” and “ahhs” were heard all day at the recent reopening of the renovated Jubilee Theatre at 1319 N. 15th. New curtains, doors, an expanded stage, more technology and even direct access to the World Cup CafĂ© for dinner theaters and Fair Trade is now a reality. A full venue of performances from plays to social justice films to talent shows and musical programs are scheduled. The “Price of Sugar,” an award-winning documentary is scheduled for Nov 14, followed by the dramatic reading of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” on Dec 18. See all of the new opportunities here for details. Rental fees and availability is also posted.

    “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Saturday, Dec 18, 7:00
    Ticket donations for Jubilee Theatre event allow lower-income to attend
    The acclaimed holiday story of the wild Herdsman children will be the first outside feature of the newly renovated Jubilee Theatre. Called “ … outrageous, lively, funny, and wonderful ” by the The Denver Post"; “could become a classic, one of the best Christmas books ever.” says Publisher’s Weekly. From the generosity of local Wacoans, over 100 tickets have been donated so that lower-income children and families can attend the event. Potter’s Cast from Tyler, Texas, will be producing the show which has become a favorite. If you are interested in attending or purchasing tickets for others, go online to theofficial website for details or call Mission Waco’s office, 254.753.4900.