• December 6, 2010

    Two luxury cinemas opening at Jacksonville’s Latitude 30 entertainment complex

    JACKSONVILLE, FL — An upscale entertainment complex called Latitude 30 will be opening here in mid-December. In addition to boutique bowling, a restaurant, a sports bar, billiards, a high-tech arcade, and meeting and banquet facilities, the new facility features two cinemas, one seating seventy and the other three hundred, both with dining and cocktail service. An additional Latitude 30 complex is slated for Nashville, and the company is apparently looking for additional sites in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

    The 50,000 square foot entertainment center is housed in the former Toys R Us store on Philips Highway, across the street from The Avenues Mall. Construction began in December 2009, but the design and concept have been in the works for more than three years, Brent Brown, managing partner of Brownstone Group, which owns Latitude 30, said Tuesday.

    There is additional information in the Jacksonville Business Journal and the Latitude 30 Cinemas webpage is here.

  • December 3, 2010

    Jubilee Theatre is renovated and open!

    WACO, TX — The “oohs” and “ahhs” were heard all day at the recent reopening of the renovated Jubilee Theatre at 1319 N. 15th. New curtains, doors, an expanded stage, more technology and even direct access to the World Cup Café for dinner theaters and Fair Trade is now a reality. A full venue of performances from plays to social justice films to talent shows and musical programs are scheduled. The “Price of Sugar,” an award-winning documentary is scheduled for Nov 14, followed by the dramatic reading of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” on Dec 18. See all of the new opportunities here for details. Rental fees and availability is also posted.

    “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Saturday, Dec 18, 7:00
    Ticket donations for Jubilee Theatre event allow lower-income to attend
    The acclaimed holiday story of the wild Herdsman children will be the first outside feature of the newly renovated Jubilee Theatre. Called “ … outrageous, lively, funny, and wonderful ” by the The Denver Post"; “could become a classic, one of the best Christmas books ever.” says Publisher’s Weekly. From the generosity of local Wacoans, over 100 tickets have been donated so that lower-income children and families can attend the event. Potter’s Cast from Tyler, Texas, will be producing the show which has become a favorite. If you are interested in attending or purchasing tickets for others, go online to theofficial website for details or call Mission Waco’s office, 254.753.4900.

  • YouTube Video of New Orleans Cinemas

    Using data found mostly here on, I’ve created a stop-motion video detailing the rise and fall of cinemas in New Orleans. Thanks a ton to everyone that has cared enough to provide the information that served as the basis for this video!

    YouTube Link

  • December 1, 2010

    Blue Oaks Cinema 16 opens in Rocklin

    ROCKLIN, CA — A sixteen-screen, all-digital cinema has opened here on November 19. The new theater, which is locally-owned, features an immersive Ultra Digital Cinema (UDC) screen, sophisticated Klipsch surround sound in all screening rooms, and remote control of projection and HVAC systems.

    The owner, Dan Tocchini, stated that the theater is the first in the world to feature elevated digital projectors that do not require any projection booth. The technology allows them to maximize usable space and give the audience a better experience. Continuing with the advanced features in the theater, Tocchini stated that every aspect of each theater is controlled by an iPhone looking device: lights, projections, air conditioning and sound can be adjusted instantaneously — allowing for each movie to get a personalized touch.

    The story, with pictures, appeared in the Sacramento Press.

  • November 30, 2010

    Art house cinemas open at Florida Atlantic University

    BOCA RATON, FL — Living Room Theaters has partnered with Florida Atlantic University and has opened a new quad cinema in the new Culture and Society Building on the FAU Boca Raton campus. The theaters are used for instructional purposes on weekdays, but function as traditional public art and independent cinemas on weekday evenings and for most of the day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The snack bar features typical and some atypical movie house offerings.

    The 73,000-square-foot, $19 million complex has four screens of independent, foreign and classic films as well as a European-style café offering gourmet food, beer, wine and coffee. The building has 14 classrooms, conference rooms, offices and a three-story atrium.

    While FAU’s film program is mostly housed at its Fort Lauderdale campus, students will take classes such as film critique and theory inside the theaters. They’ll also learn how to use digital film equipment.

    There is more at the Sun a picture here and more at the Living Room Theaters website.

  • November 29, 2010

    Showplace Cinemas opens in Henderson, KY

    HENDERSON, KY — The opening of the eight-screen Showplace Cinemas here comes as welcome relief to this city which has not had an operating theater of any kind since 2005. The $5 million complex has high-back rocker seats, all-digital projection, and 3D capability.

    “I can only say thank you,” Mayor Tom Davis said, reflecting on how many times he had been quoted about the need for a movie theater in Henderson.

    “The youth of our community will get the benefit of this more than you can imagine,” whether they are movie-goers or are among the 30 employees who have been hired by Showplace, he said. “Thank you for your investment in Henderson and your faith in this community.”

    There is more, including pictures, at The

  • New theaters planned for four cities

    In spite of a number of recent articles predicting doom for movie theaters (such as this one) due to the plans of some studios to add more direct-to-viewer options, there have been several announcements of the construction of new theaters.

    WESTLAND, MI — MJR Digital Theaters has announced that it will open a sixteen-screen megaplex in the Detroit suburb of Westland, to open in late October or early November of 2011, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    WILMINGTON, DE — Penn Cinemas plans to build a $25 million dollar theater on a parcel of riverfront land here that it will acquire from a state agency. The new theater will have fourteen screens and an IMAX auditorium. The story is at Delaware Online.

  • November 24, 2010

    Former Regal Rivergate reopens as The Edge 14

    MACON, GA — Naos Entertainment of Greenville, AL will be reopening the former Regal Rivergate 14 here as its third cinema operation, now called the Edge 14. New seating has been installed in the eight auditorium that will initially open on November 24; the other six are being converted to stadium seating. There will be no boxoffice; tickets will be purchased at the concession stations.

    Within days, Naos Entertainment, a fledgling, small-town outfit based 40 miles southwest of Montgomery in Greenville, Ala., stepped in and went to work remodeling what would be its third theater venture.

    “It’s gonna be close, but we’ve got final inspections happening Monday and Tuesday and we have pictures booked and people hired and we’re gonna be there selling tickets on Wednesday,” Felts said by phone Thursday. “The auditoriums, they’re pretty much ready. When you see those new seats … they look real, real good.”

    The full story is at

  • AMC to shutter historic Uptown Cinemas in Seattle

    SEATTLE, WA — AMC will close another theater claiming that its continued operation is not economically viable, only this time it is the eighty-four-year-old Uptown on Seattle’s Queen Anne Avenue. Most recently operated as a triplex, the theater opened in 1926. The last day will be November 28.

    The brief announcement is at

  • November 23, 2010

    Nine-screen theater opens near Cincinnati in Sycamore Township

    SYCAMORE TWP, OH — Theater Management Corporation opened its third cinema on November 19. The Kenwood Theatre at Kenwood Place now occupies space formerly used by two furniture stores; it has nine screens, digital projection and one 3D capable screen. The theaters occupy two levels of the converted structure. The refreshment menu includes sushi, gourmet cookies, beer wine, and cocktails, as well as more conventional fare.

    Theater Management had spent years looking for a site near the mall, managing principal Gary Goldman said earlier this year. The need for a theater in the area became particularly clear when the mall’s Showcase Cinemas closed in May 2009.

    “The trend has been in both Clifton and Mariemont that a great deal of our customers frequent the restaurants and shops in the area,” said Goldman, who manages and is an investor in all three theaters. “We needed to be in an area where there were options like that.”

    There is more at