Preservation Alert

  • June 25, 2004

    Historic Theater Foundation Seeks to Save Fox Fullerton

    FULLERTON, CA — The Fox Fullerton, a great old theater, is going to be demolished if the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation cannot meet a November deadline to buy the theater from a developer.

    The City of Fullerton City Council has been working to help preserve this theater that when restored will have some of the oldest murals (now hidden under painted walls) in Fullerton. The developer who has the property rights has agreed to not demolish if funds top restore the theater can be acquired by November 2004.

    This is the only way around an owner that doesn’t seem to want the property to be restored and used for films, even though the AFI has shown interest in showing films and using the theater.

    There are numerous ways to help and there is an upcoming fundraiser on Saturday, June 26th. For information visit:

  • June 18, 2004

    Possible Demolition of the Montauk?

    PASSAIC, NJ — It was reported in the Herald News that the city of Passaic wants to takeover the Montauk Theatre along with several other buildings on the block, demolish them, and build a new school.

  • June 8, 2004

    Garden Theater – Hopes Grow Dim

    CHARLESTON, SC — This is an update to my preservation alert of March 24, 2004 (regarding the Garden Theater). The news is not encouraging. Last week Ralph Hicks and I met with one of the current owners from Garden Theater, LLC. He remains open to any possibility that would benefit the owners. But, he will continue to move toward converting the theater to retail space.

    On June 3, Ralph Hicks, Mark Tiedje, and I, met with Lawrence Thompson, and Katherine Saunders of the Historic Charleston Foundation and Mayor Joseph Riley. The mayor was open and well informed about the Garden Theater. He offered nothing to us that seemed hopeful and described the overwhelming problems that we face.

    Mayor Riley described the abundance of historic properties in Charleston as a “poverty of riches.” The City has so many 18th century and 19th century buildings that there just aren’t enough resources to preserve them all.

  • June 3, 2004

    Campaign to Save Reseda Theater Launches

    RESEDA, CA — The Reseda Theater was built in 1948 by architect S. Charles Lee and is an excellent example of Art Deco and Moderne that characterizes Southern California.

    However, the theater has been neglected for several years and is currently boarded up. The facade is still intact and the marquee features a beautiful (unlit) neon sign greeting motorists as they drive down Sherman Way.

    I am a board member of the San Fernando Valley and am launching a campaign to preserve this historic theater. Any help whatsover, be it advice, news of events, or even tax-deductible contributions would be very appreciated.

    Kirby Pringle

  • June 2, 2004

    Avalon Theatre Among Top ‘Endangered’ Properties in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE, WI — Among the ‘Top Ten Endangered Properties’ that the Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation notes on its 2004 list is the 1929 Avalon Theatre.

    The Avalon, closed since 2000, is threatened with redevelopment as an office. Only its exterior is landmarked and thus protected. The Soldiers Home Historic District and the North Point North and North Point South Historic Districts are also on the Trust’s list.

  • May 25, 2004

    Could the McHenry Outdoor Theater’s Days Be Numbered?

    McHENRY, IL — The 53 year-old McHenry Outdoor Theater, located in unincoporated McHenry County, between the cities of McHenry and Lakemoor, recently began its season, but like so many of the drive-in theaters of Chicagoland, the McHenry may not be around much longer.

    According to this report from the Daily Herald, he stretch of Highway 120, on which the theater is located off, is quickly being developed, as land prices rise. Both communities, McHenry and Lakemoor, envision single-family homes and light business being built in the area.

  • May 17, 2004

    REMINDER: Raymond Theatre Hearing at 6:30pm Tonight!

    PASADENA, CA — If you live in the Pasadena area, don’t forget to attend tonight’s City Council meeting to show your support for the Raymond Theatre! (See our previous story for more detail.)

  • May 14, 2004

    Raymond Theatre Seeks Supporters to Attend Hearing

    PASADENA, CA — Gina Zamparelli sent us the latest alert from the Raymond Theatre

    “Dear Friends of the Raymond Theatre:

    As most of you know, we have a very important City Council hearing for the Raymond Theatre this Monday, May 17th. We are expecting large crowds, celebrities, and the media. The decisions made at this hearing will chance the course of this project. We cannot express how important is that everyone who supports preservation of the Raymond Theatre attend this hearing.

  • Boston’s Gaiety Theatre May Become Condos

    BOSTON, MA — The Gaiety Theatre, nearly abandoned for 20 years, is now threatened with the wrecking ball. According to this report from the National Trust, a developer is close to obtaining a demolition permit from the city of Boston.

    Preservationists have appealed to the Boston Landmarks Commission, but the group recently chose not to grant the Gaiety landmark status. “The Boston Landmarks Commission stated that while the building deserves to be preserved, it doesn’t meet the standards for landmark designation,” says Ellen Lipsey, the commission’s executive director.

    The Friends of the Gaiety, which is spearheading efforts to the save theater, plans to appeal the landmark decision and ask the state’s historical commission to intervene. “We are determined to protect this theater,” says Stephen Landrigan, one of the group’s members.

  • May 12, 2004

    Port Theatre Loses Decision

    PORT ST. JOE, FL — The Port Theatre lost a first round in a battle tonite. A neighboring property owner is applying for the right to build a second story (most of which already existed, though pirated in the 1970’s). At Monday night’s meeting, it was decided to approve the plans of the current owners of the building adjacent to the theater.