• November 5, 2008

    Porn films burnt at 60-year-old drive-in

    JACKSONVILLE, FL — A congregation that bought an old drive-in theater found at least a hundred reels of X-rated movies and burnt them.

    Church members held a special ceremonial service last Sunday where they burned the decades-old porn, saying that they were making the unholy property holy. Firefighters oversaw the blaze.

  • November 4, 2008

    City pins hopes on cinema project

    PITTSFIELD, MA — The city has broken ground on the $13 million Beacon Cinema Project in an attempt to revitalize the downtown business area.

    The historic 90-year-old Kinnell-Kresge building will be converted into a six-screen cinema, with retail space, restaurants and offices.

    The project is a combination of public and private investment and backing from state and local government.

  • Utah theater switches movies

    SOUTH JORDAN, UT — The Megaplex Theatre at the District gave moviegoers more than they bargained for when it played the R-rated movie “Sex Drive” instead of the G-rated “High School Musical 3.”

    The theater switched one of the showings of “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” to a larger auditorium to accommodate more people, but forgot to switch the movie.

    “Sex Drive” includes nudity in its opening minutes and parents could not carry their children out of the hall fast enough.

  • November 3, 2008

    Grandview Theatre to re-opening update

    COLUMBUS, OH — The theatre formerly known as the Drexel Grandview will live again. Originally opened in 1926, the Grandview Theatre operated until the middle of the century before it closed. After several brief runs under different operators, Jeff and Kathy Frank began operating it in the early ‘90s as the Drexel Grandview. After 17 years, the Drexel Grandview closed on Sept. 30, 2008.

    The theatre will open under its original name, Grandview Theatre, and will be operated by Columbus Independent Media, Inc., helmed by David Nedrow and Jennifer Stancel. The new operators are planning many renovations to the theatre, including new auditorium soft goods, a new concession stand, and booth improvements. The theatre is expected to begin regular programming in early 2009, maintaining the independent and foreign film focus of the Drexel Grandview.

  • October 31, 2008

    Vue cancels early morning HSM3 showing

    NORWICH, UK — Due to pressure from area teachers, the Vue Cinema decided to cancel its 9 am showing of Disney’s “High School Music 3” last week for fear it would promote truancy.

    The theater wanted to be the first in the area to screen it, but caved in to complaints from local schools.

    However, some bloggers commented that many schools were off last week and wanted to see the film early.

  • Loveland picks up pieces after fire

    LOVELAND, OH — The community is trying to grasp the tragedy and look forward after the fire at the Loveland Stage Company’s theatre last week.

    This week, members of the Loveland Stage Company are reeling after a fire broke out inside the town’s 1939 theater. No one was hurt in the Oct. 20 blaze, which firefighters say originated from heat lamps used to illuminate brand new stained-glass windows. The building, which has been home to the theater company for the past decade, suffered a collapsed roof and massive damage to the interior, but its facade remains intact.

    Despite the damage, the community is optimistic about the theater’s future. At a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, company members will assess the possibility of performances returning to the theater. In the meantime, the Loveland Fire Department has set up a repair fund, and productions continue in a local high school.

    Read more at Preservation Nation.

  • October 30, 2008

    World’s smallest cinema

    WEST LONDON, UK — Swedish artist Annika Eriksson has created the world’s smallest cinema.

    The theater seats six and measures 16-feet long by eight-feet wide, with a screen measuring five-feet wide and three-feet high. It screens films lasting less than 15 minutes each.

    It was on display in Regent’s Park in London during the summer and moved to the Paddington Recreation Ground last weekend.

  • Developer wants $6 million city loan to build cinema

    ORLANDO, FL — A developer is trying to convince the city to loan him $6 million to turn an unfinished downtown multiplex into a “cinema grill.”

    This would be in addition to an already agreed upon $3.5 million paid over 10 years to help keep the theater operating.

    City officials are convinced a theater is key to the economic health of the downtown area and are researching the proposal.

  • October 27, 2008

    MN Small-town theaters in danger

    HARMONY, MN — This article in the Post-Bulletin looks at the waning business at small town southeast Minnesota theaters like the Jem.

    Not long ago, a line of cars parked on Main Street in Harmony on a Friday night meant a blockbuster movie was playing at the JEM Movie Theatre.

    No longer. Attendance is lagging at the family-owned, one-screen theater, owner Paul Haugerud said.

    “A lot more families must be going camping or leaving town for the weekend,” Haugerud said.

  • October 21, 2008

    Old mall cinema reopens

    VICKSBURG, MS — Now under the Wilcox chain, the Pemberton Square 4 is coming back.

    Lights, cameras and perhaps a little action will return to the Vicksburg entertainment scene after a nearly two-year absence.

    A four-screen movie theater will return to Pemberton Square mall, with a grand opening set for mid-November, a statement from Pemberton general manager Renee Williams said Friday.

    To be managed by Wilcox Theatres, the new cinema will be housed in the former Pemberton Cinema 4, which closed in December 2006. Renovations to the old theater space will involve the addition of plush seating and wall-to-wall screens projecting films amplified by DTS Surround Sound. The lobby and concession areas are also slated for enhancements, Williams said.

    Read more in theVickburg Post.

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