• December 7, 2006

    Historical significance of Cape May’s endangered Beach Theater

    CAPE MAY, NJ — The Beach Theater is now the subject of a demolition application. Let us hope that people are aware of the historical significance of this structure.

    First of all, the theater was designed by the noted architect William H. Lee of Philadelphia who designed many theaters along the Jersey shore. Unfortunately, this is one of the last of his theaters that remains, particularly in the southern part of the state.

    It is also one of the first, if not THE first theater in the country to be designed with retail stores attached, a style that is still duplicated today on a much larger scale, in many shopping malls. Secondly, the builder of the theater was Mr. William C. Hunt. Mr. Hunt began one of the nation’s first “nickelodeons” in Camden, NJ and built an empire in the theater business.

    Any and all efforts should be made to save this structure before it is too late. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Time is crucial, as a hearing is scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2006 before the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.

  • AMC Loew’s $6.00 Bargain Matinees continue

    Many people are still unaware of this, so I just wanted to repost this after enjoying a few films in AMC Loews NYC theaters early Sunday mornings for an incredible $6.00 as opposed to $10.25 charged after 12 Noon. And it’s not mentioned in their NYC ads either.

    You get your choice of seats and can arrive at the box office only minutes before showtime. No long lines or trash elements to contend with. It’s great!!

    This bargain matinee rate is in effect everyday at all of their theaters nationwide.

    This is probably one of the best consumer bargains in NYC and elsewhere other than the few remaining cheapo second run houses out there.

  • December 6, 2006

    Happy 100th, Baker Theater!

    DOVER, NJ — Yesterday, the Baker Theater celebrated its 100th Birthday. In great shape after a recent renovation, the theater currently hosts as many as ten events each month.

    When it opened 100 years ago with the showing of a romantic play, the Baker Theater was billed as the largest and finest vaudeville playhouse in New Jersey and the surrounding region.

    The theater then went through ups and downs as it transformed over decades from a major vaudeville playhouse to a movie theater — it featured the first talking motion picture shown in Morris County — to a rock concert hall to its current state as a venue for weddings, sweet-16 parties, concerts and shows.

    For more, go to The Daily Record.

    To hear more about their events, go to The Baker’s Website.

  • December 4, 2006

    IMAX Theater Coming to Grand Blanc, MI

    GRAND BLANC, MI — The NCG Trillium Cinemas in Grand Blanc outside Flint, owned by the Owosso, MI based Neighborhood Cinema Group, will break ground on an IMAX theater addition in May with a planned November 2007 opening.

    The 400-seat theater – with a 70-foot-wide extra-large screen, special sound system and three-dimensional capabilities – will be built adjacent to the NCG Cinemas on Holly Road, said Gary Geiger, co-owner of the Owosso-based NCG movie theater chain.

    “We think it’s a big deal,” Geiger said, adding the closest IMAX theaters to Genesee County are in Lansing and Sterling Heights. “This will be a totally new experience – sightwise and soundwise. And it will have unbelievable 3-D availability.”

    For more info, go to The Flint Journal.

  • November 29, 2006

    Loew’s Kings giving tours to developers

    BROOKLYN, NY — With many hoping for some positive progress, the Loew’s Kings is allowing potential investors to tour the building. No one has picked it up yet for reuse, but an effort to getting the word out is certainly a step in the right direction.

    The Economic Development Corporation, hoping to raise interest in the 68,000-square-foot theater, issued what is called a Request for an Expression of Interest, with a Dec. 6 deadline. Possibilities include a performance hall with restaurants, shops and church activities. Even apartments can be part of the plan, if the appearance and character of the theater are preserved. The cost of renovating the place, which has severe water damage in one section and is shot through with mold and asbestos, is expected to run into the tens of millions of dollars.

    “If anyone could do it, it would be this team,” he said. “The fantasy would be for it to be saved and brought back to its original glory, but any compromise would be better than the state it’s in now.”

    For more on this story, go to The New York Times.

  • November 27, 2006

    Unique Theater to become historical landmark?

    SALIDA, CO — After closing in August due to the building being hazardous, the Unique Theater is now being considering for historical landmark status.

    For more information on this possible move, go to the following recent articles from the Mountain Mail:

    Mountain Mail Article #1

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    Mountain Mail Article #3

  • November 22, 2006

    Pensacola Dollar Theater dares to challenge new multiplex

    PENSACOLA, FL — With a new 15 screen theater opening nearby, Alan Teicher is going against the grain and opening an eight screen deep discount theater at the same time.

    The Silver Screen’s niche is to offer a meal and drinks while sitting at a table to watch movies. Estrada said he’s in a position to offer all kinds of movies, including cult classics and home-made movies by local film producers.

    “Pensacola is a good movie-going market,” said Estrada, who has been showing movies locally since 1982. Time will tell whether the market will grow to handle the additional screens, he said.

    For more, go to The Pensacola News Journal.

  • November 21, 2006

    New art house in Ithaca

    ITHACA, NY — Despite direct competition from local theaters, plans have been put into motion for a new five screen theater built to show independent films.

    7th Art Corporation, the operator of Cinemapolis and Fall Creek Pictures, plans to open a five-screen stadium-seating movie theater with 500 to 600 seats.

    “The movie theater will focus mainly on independent and art films, unlike the Pyramid Mall Theater, but all the movies will be first-run, unlike the Cornell Cinema,” said Community Development Director Nels Bohn. “The push for this project really began in 2001, but now finally with public approval, we are hopeful that everything will be completed by spring 2008.”

    To read more, go to The Cornell Daily Sun.

  • Documentary features revamped theaters

    BRITTON, SD — A South Dakota filmmaker is travelling across the state to highlight the new life of old theaters. At the forefront of the film is Britton’s Strand Theatre.

    Bryce Jarrett and Tom Farber are doing everything they can to ensure that the Strand Theater remains an integral part of Britton.

    Jarrett is executive producer of a documentary titled “Small Town Silver Screen,” which showcases several small-town South Dakota movie theaters.

    For more, read the Rapid City Journal.

  • November 16, 2006

    Fairborn Twin update

    FAIRBORN, OH — The restoration of the Chakeres Theatre in Fairborn is coming along well. We were in there yesterday doing some work and we had the wall torn down a month ago. If you have any questions or comments, please write them.

    Nash, aka Ian Meadows