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  • July 26, 2005

    Goldman Theater Photos Wanted

    As assistant business manager of WHYY TV in the 1960’s, Mr. Goldman was on our board and I would travel from our studio at 45th and Market to Mr. Goldman’s office on the second floor above the Goldman Theater in center city Philadelphia. Mr. Goldman’s secretary was behind a glass enclosed doorway and would let me in with a press on an electronic release button.

    Mr. Goldman was old at the time, always gracious, and would engage me in coversation as he would sign the checks for WHYY I would bring in to him monthly. I was Impressed with the multitude of photos on his office walls of prominent people, local, state and federal.

    I am publishing my autobiography and am searching for photos of the Goldman Theater or Mr. Goldman. Will give proper credit in the book and/or fee for photos.

    Carmine C. M.

  • July 25, 2005

    Reseda Theater Revival

    RESEDA, CA — The Community Redevelopment Agency of Reseda has approved plans to negotiate for the restoration of the 57-year-old Reseda Theater. The CRA bought the theater in 2004 as part of a revitalization plan and hopes to turn it into a facility for live performances.

    According to the LA Daily News, the group hopes to restore the neon lights, marquee and terrazzo entryway as part of bringing the theater back to life.

  • Palm Theater Neon Sign and More For Sale

    SAN MATEO, CA — Original neon sign from Palm Theater for sale. All original with blocked letters with 4 band neon tubing done in green neon. Also have two poster cases and box office glass with etched palm trees and large palm leaves all original to building ca. 1949.

    Also very large ceiling fixture from Presido theater in San Francisco 5 ft 6 inch X 5 ft 6inch 1 ft deep octagon shape all stainless steel with glass panels very Art Deco. If interested please call Mark at (650) 615.9594. Can send pictures through e-mail. Call first.

  • July 22, 2005

    Need Help Finding Information About Razed Theater

    Bradley D. Cook asks:

    I am hoping your organization may be able to help me in my search for photographs of the now razed theatre that used to be located at the Town & Country Shopping Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was owned by the Plitt Theatre chain. If you do not have any photograph, do you have any information on who the architect was and when it was built?

    Thank you,
    Bradley D. Cook
    Curator of Photographs
    Indiana University Archives

  • AMC Brings Entertainment Home

    KANSAS CITY, MO — The Kansas City Business Journal has a report on a plan by AMC and the Cordish Company to create an $850 million dollar entertainment district in Kansas City.

    The project, which plans to use the Midland and Empire theaters as anchors, will be centered in Kansas City’s downtown area. It will include a six-screen movie theater, residential condominiums, a restaurant, a bar, and a performance schedule that boasts “300-and-some days” of planned entertainment.

    Interestingly, the project is a local one for AMC, as the company’s headquarters is actually in Kansas City.

  • Theatre Cameos in “The Island” (2005)

    The United Artists Theatre along with the Michigan Theatre make two nice cameos in The Island.

  • 5,000 Movie Seats for Sale

    We have 5,000 Irwin Carousel Movie Theater Seats for Sale. We are selling in groups of 100 seats. Price is $10 per seat. Please contact me for pictures and additional information. Seats are 1995 – 1998.

    Dan Shuman


  • July 21, 2005

    Where To Find Shots Of Porno Theaters?

    Joel Shepard asks:

    Hello. OK, I know this may sound strange…but I’m trying to find photographs of porno theaters, with the marquee included in the shot. These would, of course, be older photos since porn theaters don’t really exist anymore. Ideally I’d like actual photo prints. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do, but if you have any advice or information on finding such things – I’d really appreciate hearing back from you. Thank you.

  • Stovall Theatre Remains Vacant

    SAYRE, OK — I spoke with Main Street in Sayre today and the Stovall Theatre remains vacant. There is grant money to purchase the theatre and to repait the roof.

    There are many theatres in the west that I would like to help restore. Does anyone know of a group that saves old theatres?

    They did it with Light houses – why not our entertainment venues. If anyone would like to contact me on such an organization- and or starting one, I would appreciate it.

    Richard Beattie
    Telephone: (719) 328-0644

  • William Riseman Associates

    I’m Bill Riseman’s daughter-in-law and I know how to get in touch with people who know the locations of many of his theaters, know the history of his firm, have some photographs, and perhaps have plans as well.

    If anybody has the time and interest to do the research, please contact me at .

    Jeannie Riseman

    PS: One theater I do recall is Fresh Pond Cinema, Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge, MA. It’s still there, after having been remodelled at least twice.