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  • March 3, 2006

    Theatre in Bedford Ohio

    I’m asking for help here. There was a theatre in Bedford, Ohio, on Broadway that I remember going to as a child. I remember seeing “The Sound of Music” there. It was beautiful inside. It closed and eventually became a car dealership. I have not lived in the area for over 20 years. Does anyone remember the name of the theatre and any history? It is not listed on your website, but I think it would be a good candidate.

  • Montauk Theater Temporarily Saved from Demolition?

    PASSAIC, NJ — NJ Schools Construction Corporation runs out of money for demolition of the Montauk Theater and the Hotel Passaic which are in the school zone of a new elementary school. City concerned that parents will refuse to send their children to the new school if buildings remain open and operating, the Montauk is now run as an adult theater.

    Link to NY Times article.

  • March 2, 2006

    UK Cinemas Site

    I am a UK cinema enthusiast and I am currently developing a collection of photographs of cinemas from across Britain.

    I have recently set up a website – Picture Palaces of Yesteryear – which can be found at

    I would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to contribute photos or information to the site.

  • Seeking Performers Who Worked Burlesque for Documentary

    A documentary dedicated to collecting stories and preserving the history of burlesque theatre in America told by the “survivors" of burlesque in their own words, supplemented by second-hand stories of those who knew the performers that are no longer with us.

    Please get in touch.


  • March 1, 2006

    Grand Theater Bought by Former Employee

    DU QUOIN, IL — The Grand Theater will be purchased by a father and son team. The son had been an employee there in his teen years and continued to help when needed until the theater closed in August of 2005.

    Work has already started on repairs and clean-up on the theater and the owners hope to reopen soon. To read the article and see a great picture of the theater, visit The Southern Illinois.

  • Looking for Former Roxy Theater Patrons

    The following was sent in by “Clark”:

    Hi, my name is Clark and I am doing a school paper on the death of the single screen movie theater and I wanted to know if there is someone I could talk to who has a first hand account of being at the Roxy theater (the one that was located in New York City on the corner of 50th street and 7th avenue and had 6,214 seats). Also someone who might have a good knowledge of the Ziegfeld or New York City cinema. Thanks so much and love the website.


  • February 28, 2006

    Howard Theater Coming Back to Life!

    WASHINGTON, DC — The District of Columbia government, after letting the historic Howard Theatre rot for decades, is finally going to save it and is seeking solicitations. Read this
    press release for more information.

  • 1955 Cinemascope Classics at Loew’s Jersey

    JERSEY CITY, NJ — The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater

    2:55 From ‘55—
    3 Cinemascope Classics From 1955—
    All in The W-I-D-E-S-T Cinemascope (2:55) Ever Filmed!

    Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11

    BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK—Friday, March 10, 8 PM
    REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE—Saturday, March 11, 6:15 PM
    EAST OF EDEN—Saturday, March 11, 8:45 PM

    Admission per film is $6 Adult/$4 Senior or Child. COMBO ticket for 2 FILMS is $10/$6, SUPER COMBO ticket for ALL 3 is $15/$10 PLUS get a FREE popcorn with each ticket.

    For more info, please visit or call 201-798-6055.

  • February 27, 2006

    Classic Films at the Ziegfeld!

    NEW YORK, NY — Adding to classic film screenings in the area at the Loew’s Jersey and Lafayette Theatre, the Ziegfeld has announced a month of repetrory screenings of classic films such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Doctor Zhivago,” and “2001” as well as more contemporary films such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • Capitol Theatre Reopens in Macon

    MACON, GA — The Capitol Theatre re-opened to the general public on January 18, 2006 after being closed for 31 years. Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, the facility will now operate as a movie house and live entertainment facility.

    Friday and Saturday nights are dedicated to movies showing at 7 PM and 10 PM. Thursday nights shall feature live entertainment. Future plans call for the complete restoration of the stage with lighting and sound equipment in place to support both live music and live productions.

    As a 501©3, the facility will be available free of charge to school and educational productions on Monday and Tuesday evenings. In March the marquee will again be lit thanks to the generosity of Cox Communications. The marquee is a reproduction of the 1916 original.