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  • September 9, 2005

    WANTED — c.1970s General Cinema “Coming Attractions” or “Feature Presentation” Trailer

    You all know the one I’m talking about. The GCC logo is an animated 35mm projector; the G is the projector except for the supply and feed reels, which are the two Cs. The music is a synthesized jazz harpsichord with upbeat swinging brushes-on-snare drum beat. I want a copy of this only for private sentimental purposes, especially the music track. (AMC bought GCC a few years back and has referred me to National CineMedia which has yet to call me back. Meanwhile, I figure if there are any exhibitors, projectionists, or other theatre-lovers out there who also loved this bit of trivia, perhaps you can share a connection if not the actual film itself.) If you have this GCC material in any form — film, video copy, digital copy — I would be happy to borrow it for a refundable deposit (as a “bond”) less a mutually agreeable lending fee, make a video/digital tranfer, and then return it to you (shipping paid both ways, of course). You can Email me at THANKS!

  • Theater Lobby Table

    I have a lobby table available for free. It has a chrome pipe base, with a black lacquer top. The measurements are 32 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. The table is from the 40’s and does need to be restored. The table is free and must be picked up near Allentown, Pa. Contact me for more information or questions.

    Thanks, Johnn

  • Theatre Seats

    The Greek Cultural Center, Inc. a non-profit org. in Astoria, New York is selling its old theatre seats: 19 ½ inch solid maple wood seats with iron legs, made in the 1920â€\s. There are about 5 rows of 3 chair rows. Chairs are immediately available by PICK-UP ONLY. Please contact Irini at

  • September 8, 2005

    Oldest Operating Art House/Rep House in the US?

    “A question— would anyone happen to know what the oldest still-in-operation art house/ rep theater in the US is…? I have a feeling it might be my local favorite, Cambridge MA’s Brattle Theater, and wonder if anyone could confirm or correct this notion.



    Paul Monticone

  • It’s Showtime! Movie Theater History in WNY

    Monday, September 19, 7:00PM & Tuesday, September 27, 7:00PM

    Meet John Basil, the last man alive who can share true stories…..

    The stories of the most prominent theater chains of the 20th Century in Western New York, the Basil and Dipson Theaters…including the largest theater, Basils' 4200-seat Lafayette Theater, the Colvin, the Apollo, the LaSalle, the Dipson/Basil RIVIERA THEATER IN NORTH TONAWANDA…..and many more.

  • Shipping Reels and Film Can

    I have two old 2000 foot shipping reels. One is a fixed hub plastic reel and the other is a fixed hub metal reel. I also have one old metal 1000 foot shipping reel. The shipping can holds three 2000 foot reels. The unit is painted black and is heavy. I am asking $ 1.00 for each item, plus shipping. If anyone has any questions email me ay

    Thanks, John

  • September 7, 2005

    Open House London Cinemas

    Hi Folks,

    London has a traditional couple of days where it opens the doors to closed buidings. those that have changed use, or those in use, but allowing you to have a better peak! Dates are 17th and 18th September. Link is here:

    You will need to get a guide on line, which will cost only a few pounds.. but you wil be able to see..

    The former cinemas; the stunning Gaumount State in Kilburn (bingo); the fabulous Tooting Granada (bingo); the Regal, Uxbridge (nightclub); plus many other beauties that are still open as cinemas: East Finchley Phoenix; The Gate Notting Hill; The Ritzy in Brixton; Muswell Hill Odeon; and about another 15 buildings either open as cinemas or other uses.

    good luck

    kev p

  • Seats for sale

    421 Seats for sale. All metal construction with wood arm rests. Unsure of how old they are. I was told when I bought the theatre that they were installed in the early 1970’s. The seats have an art deco style and we have a limited amount with aisle lights. The seats were installed in rows of 5, 10 and ll. the seats are currently being disassembled for transport. The seats have a small footprint.
    $1000.00 obo
    Gordon or Eileen Wolcott
    206-463-6845 After 5 PM

  • September 6, 2005

    Strand Theater to Reopen

    WANYNESVILLE, NC — The Asheville Citizen Times has reported that the long closed Strand Theatre in Waynesville, NC has been purchased by Joey Massie who plans to renovate and reopen the old theater which closed in 1981.

    Highland Forest, a land developer, has signed a lease to use the front space to promote its projects. The funds paid for the lease will allow Massie to refurbish the marquee, facade and lobby area. The citizens of Waynesville are thrilled to see this old theater be renovated because it has been an eye sore and has been deteriorating since it closed.

  • Luxor Hotel – Blue Man Group Theater Seats For Sale

    I will have between 500 and 800 Irwin Marquee chairs from the Blue Man Group Theater in the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA on 9/19.

    I am removing them as the act is leaving the hotel, and we gear up for a new act at the Luxor.

    The chair is an Irwin Marquee, with a rocking back, and cupholder armrests.

    I am selling all or part. The price is $65.00 per chair if purchased as is.

    My company can also refurbish the chairs, with new fabric, foam, hardware and even plastic. This would make the price vary, so if this is your desire, please contact me directly for a quote.

    I will have the chairs in Utah. If you would like a quote from me for delivery, assembly and installation, please contact me.

    phone 801.318.0503