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  • October 18, 2005

    Abbott and Costello Benefit at the Loew’s Jersey: OCTOBER 20

    JERSEY CITY, NJ — The Landmark Loew’s Jersey


    Come to the Landmark Loew’s Jersey for our “Fright Night” Benefit screening of Abbott and Costello’s HOLD THAT GHOST. Tickets are $20, and the proceeds will go to United Cerebral Palsy. Co-sponsored by North Fork Bank and Friends of the Loew’s, Inc.

    For more info, please visit or call 201-798-6055.

    The Landmark Loew’s Jersey is a non-profit arts center that is operated by Friends of the Loew’s, Inc.

  • October 17, 2005

    Fan of Brooklyn’s Kings, or Chicago’s Uptown?

    CHICAGO, IL — If you are a fan of the long dormant Kings in Brooklyn, NY, and have long wanted to see the documentary about it, here is your chance. If you have always intended to journey to Chicago to see its theatres, there here is the way you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’:

    The following news blurbs come from the Uptown Adviser, the Friends of the Uptown newsletter (visit their Web site at

    For your cinematic pleasure — One Night Only!
    Memoirs of a Movie Palace and Uptown Community Portrait 2005
    to be screened at Friends/Truman College event
    6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005, Truman College

    “Memoirs of a Movie Palace” will be screened at Truman College, 1134 W. Wilson Ave., in Uptown. The venue is Novar Hall, where seating is limited. This is a very special screening of a very difficult to find movie. “Uptown Community Portrait 2005,” a short cinema verite documentary, will precede the feature film.

    “Memoirs,” a 1979 independent film, tells the story of a theatre very similar to the Uptown: The LOEW’S KINGS THEATRE, in Brooklyn, N.Y., which also remains closed without a plan for reuse. The film was shot on location as the KINGS was being closed in the late 1970s. If someone had the foresight to shoot a movie in the UPTOWN (minus the Brooklyn accents!), we would have a very similar document, with the same kinds of memories recalled and sentiments expressed.

    Your attendance as a “Friend” of the Uptown is important to our efforts and goals. As major stabilization work is ongoing at the theatre building, it is a good time for us to network and get to know each other!

    Donations will be accepted in lieu of a fixed admission ticket price. Truman officials said that we may park in any of the adjacent Truman parking lots (driveway located on Broadway through the McJunkin Building). Entrance to the Truman building itself will be through the easternmost doors located on the Wilson Avenue side (north elevation). Staff will direct you from there.

    This may be short notice that I just received an hour ago, but short notice is better than none. Happy theatres to you. Jim Rankin

  • October 14, 2005

    “Now Showing!” — New Movie About Moviegoing

    LOS ANGELES, CA — With the working title, “Now Showing! America Goes to the Movies,” the first comprehensive feature-length documentary celebrating the history and excitement of the moviegoing experience, was announced today. To be filmed in High-Definition widescreen and slated for theatrical distribution in Fall 2006, this documentary, currently in pre-production, will recount an all too important, but largely untold, part of film history: The story of motion picture exhibition and how moviegoing has influenced the cultural and social fabric of America—while reminding us all why, after over a century, movie theaters still enchant us.

    As the unsurpassed theatrical experience of watching films as a community has come under attack, a group of filmmakers, writers and producers, all industry insiders, have joined forces to remind everybody what the magic of the movies is all about. With this new documentary, David Strohmaier, the director of “Cinerama Adventure,” AJ Roquevert, the producer of “No More Joy—The Rise and Fall of New Orleans' Movie Theaters” and Ross Melnick and Andreas Fuchs, the co-authors of the award-winning book Cinema Treasures—A New Look at Classic Movie Theaters, invite audiences to share over 100 years of memories, excitement, and, of course, entertainment.

  • The Last Picture Show Men

    While surfing around I found a program produced by BBC Radio recently “The Last Picture Show Men”.

    It’s a very well done 30 minute documentary featuring several retired British projectionists who have some fascinating stories along with lots more interesting material.

    You can listen to it at the on the BBC Radio 4 website. (Go to the “L” listings and click on “The Last Picture Show Men.”)

    The use of sound in the piece makes for great listening. It sure brings back the movie-going experience.

  • Royalty Theatre /Opera House for Sale

    CLEARWATER, FL — For Sale: Royalty Theatre in Clearwater, Florida

    Now is your chance to own the historic Royalty Theatre! This opera house is the oldest theatre in the state of Florida, and the only privately owned and operated opera house/theatre in the southeast! Completely restored ($2 million) to its full glory. Currently accommodates Opera, Shakespeare, Ballet, Movie Premieres, Small Film Festivals, Concerts, Lectures, Conferences, And Religious Revivals.

    Theatre built in 1896. Noted for having the finest natural acoustics in the south. This is a fully restored, functional and operational opera house and movie theater in the major metropolitan area of Tampa Bay, which includes the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico in a revitalized downtown in a Major tourist destination. This community is supportive of the arts. If you ever wanted to live in a beach paradise AND find that THEATER you dreamed about, this is it.

    Seats 535 with additional capacity available
    16 x 20 Movie screen with digital surround sound and all media and film types supported
    Television production facilities
    Sound Recording facilities
    Full Stage

    Please call Louie from Equity Pro at 727-278-8412.

  • Small Startup Looking for a Theater

    Greetings Everyone.

    I am spearheading a startup venture. The Startup is simply this, “To Open and Operate a Vaudeville Era Theater”. I have come up with a concept which will revolutanize theater operations. The concept is not for public consumption so I can’t post it, however under the right circumstances (non disclosure) I would be willing to discuss it with you.

    For proper implementation, this venture requires a theater which is in decent architectural/structural condition, the theater MUST have a stage and a balcony, an orchestra pit would be nice but not mandatory.

    I am in the process of selling my house to make this happen, I personally own a very large collection of Public Domain films as well as all the equipment needed to start 3 theaters (and allow them to operate to my specifications).

    Cutting to the point, at the present time I could potentially purchase a theater in an outer lying area and make this venture a reality, however if I could shy away from selling off my house I would prefer it.

    Here’s a proposition, if you like the sound of it then let’s talk, if you don’t like what I’ve written, no flames, I apologize for wasting the bandwidth.

    I propose the following:

  • October 13, 2005

    Orpheum Theater For Sale

    HANNIBAL, MO — The historic Orpheum Theater is up for sale.

    Opened in 1922 as a vaudeville and silent movie house, the Orpheum features Adam-style architecture. Legendary performers such as the Marx Brothers, Ed Wynn, John Phillip Sousa, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Betty Hutton and Duke Ellington once graced its stage.

    The theater has 952 seats and is in mid-renovation. It will be sold with historic tax credits and restoration blueprints. The movie screen is still intact.

    Hannibal was the boyhood home of Mark Twain and is a tourist destination.

    Inquiries should be sent to .

  • Brewster NY Cameo Theatre History Program

    BREWSTER, NY — The Southeast Museum will present as part of it’s Lecture Series ‘The History Of Brewster’s Cameo Theatre’ on Saturday November 5th at 3pm.

    Professor Michael Jacobs of Berkeley College will present the lecture giving the history of this historical Art Deco theatre that opened in June of 1939 with the showing of “The Young Mr Lincoln”. More that 600 people attended the gala opening.

    There will be a discussion of the many films shown at the theatre over the years and plans for the future of this unique movie house.

    The Southeast Museum is located at 67 Main Street in the Village of Brewster, NY. Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 4pm. For further information please contact the museum at (845) 279-7500.

  • The Sun is Setting on the Columbia Drive-In

    COLUMBIA, PA — The theater lights at the Columbia Drive-In will go out for the last time after Sunday night’s shows at Columbia Drive-In, according to Lancaster Online.

    The theater, which is being sold to make way for houses and stores, will end a nearly-50-year run this weekend with a triple feature, including a showing of “ Witness.”

  • October 12, 2005

    In search of Art Deco space in NYC…

    My not-for-profit theatre company is seeking a unique Art Deco/Moderne space (theatre/cinema/hall/large room, etc) in Manhattan for our stage adaptation of the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch film TROUBLE IN PARADISE.

    Perhaps an unused Deco screening room or ballroom or cafe within a larger building? Mid-town area is preferred, although we’ll consider other areas.

    Any thoughts?