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  • September 30, 2005

    500+ Irwin Citation seats available

    BROOKLYN, NY — I have approx. 500+ Irwin Citation seats available for sale.

    The parts are black and the fabric is burgundy. Cupholders on all standards. Backs have a very thick cushion. Available for pick-up, delivery, and installation, if you need help.

    Leave a message for Lillian at (718) 802-0137. Photos are available.

  • September 29, 2005

    Supermarket May Be Built on Fortway Site

    BROOKLYN, NY — A new supermarket may be built on the site of the recently closed Fortway Theater, according to a local developer. Though it’s not known exactly if that will happen, developer Spiro Geroulanos said he definitely does not want to turn the site into a condominium, but rather something that is more in line with the community’s needs.

    The theater was originally built in 1928 and closed this past June, after Loews Cineplex decided not to go into a new lease agreement with the building’s owner. The theater was thought of as “revolutionary” when it first opened due to its atmospheric design (done by architect Charles Sandbloom), which looks like an outdoor garden, according to historians. Sandbloom also put in “electric stars” on the dark blue ceiling. Fortway was the second theater of this type to be built in Brooklyn. (Universal in Sunset Park was the first.)

    Fortway originally had a Kilgen theater organ put in, and a stage in front of the main screen. Fortway was sectioned off when it became a Cineplex in the 70s.

  • Thompson Square Theatre Info?

    CHARLESTOWN, MA — Hello Group!

    Hoping someone can point me to any information about this theater – history, photos etc.

    Have been able to find almost nothing except that the address, 179 Main Street, now seems to be the Branch Public Library, built about 1970. Urban renewal strikes again?


  • The Gold Theater in Buffalo NY

    If anyone knows of infomation on the Gold… I understand it was a movie house in Buffalo NY dating 1920-1940.

    Thank you.

  • September 28, 2005

    New York’s Strand Theater

    Wonderful site! Enjoying all comments & news!

    I have a special interest in the (now demolished) Strand Theater in NYC. My grandmother I never knew was the organist & orchestra leader there in the era of silent movies.

    I have her ivory baton, dark hair, jowls, & odd sense of humor (I’ve been told). I also have small black/white pictures of her dancing Isadora Duncan-style with her flapper friends in the countryside.

    Could anyone direct me to possible brochures, flyers or ads from the Strand during that era? I would greatly appreciate it.

    ~ Bess' Girl

  • September 27, 2005

    Rebirth of a Dead Theater

    ROCK ISLAND, IL — Devin Hansen has purchased and restored the old Capri Cinema which had been shuttered for the past 10 years and is now showing first run and independent films.

    The theater now operates as a Brew & View and also serves food. The Rocket Cinema (which was the theater’s original name) also has live music which includes local and national touring acts.

    Links: (interior photos)

  • Main Art Theatre Running Out of Time to Find New Home

    ROYAL OAK, MI — Landmark Theatres' Main Art Theatre, which will be razed in a few years for redevelopment, is having trouble finding a new home.

    Details in this story from the Detroit News: Main Art Theatre running out of time to find new home

  • Tower Theater in Marysville to Become Office Space?

    MARYSVILLE, CA — While plans to convert the long-shuttered Tower Theater in downtown Marysville into a multiplex have fallen through, the new owner of the Tower is seeking to turn the former movie house into an office center, according to the Appeal-Democrat. At least the facade and namesake tower of the theater would be retained and restored, according to preliminary plans.

    While many would like to see the Tower remain a theater, some also are just glad to see that the building used again. “Although I prefer it to be a theater, I know it’s not going to happen,” says Ron Russell, who owns two antique shops next door to the Tower. “But to be utilized in any manner is just tremendous for the city. Bringing in employees to downtown Marysville – that’s going to help restaurants, and that’s more shoppers with income.”

    The new owner of the theater has submitted an application to the city, and the approval process isn’t expected to begin for at least a month.

  • September 26, 2005

    Save The Trylon Theater Petition

    QUEENS, NY — Please click on the following link to sign a petition to save the Trylon Theater:

    Save The 1939 Trylon Theater!!!

    The petition:

    To: Robert Tierney (Chair, NY Landmarks Preservation Commission) & Melinda Katz (Councilwoman, District 29)

    The signers of this petition agree that the 1939 Art Deco/Moderne Trylon Theater (98-81 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY) is one of the last standing structures which has a strong cultural, historical, & architectural significance to the 1939 World’s Fair, with its “Trylon & Perisphere” monuments. On behalf of residents and historical societies, it is of utmost importance to halt further demolition, restore what was lost during the conversion, preserve this icon, and officially landmark this truly rare gem of a theater!!!

  • The Riverside Returns To Us — But As A Non-Profit?

    MILWAUKEE, WI — Local philanthropist, Michael Cudahy, who bought the venerable Pabst Theater from the city, has now entered into an agreement to operate and program the 1928 Riverside Theatre through his non-profit foundation that also runs the Pabst.

    Just how he and his manager will make this work against the other stages in town remains to be seen, and no mention was published as to the fate of the 3/13 Wurlitzer pipe organ in the theater’s future. We can only hope for the best for both.

    Here is the artcle of the announcement: