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  • May 5, 2005

    300 Irwin Carousel Rockers for Sale ($15 each)

    300 Irwin Carousel Rockers for Sale. Seats are brown. Located in Michigan and ready to ship.

    Contact Dan at or 410.960.7383 if interested.

  • May 4, 2005

    Coming Soon To Loews Theatres: Truth In Advertising!

    According to this article,) from the New York Times, Loews Theatres' newspaper and web-based advertisements will soon begin making note that their feature presentations begin 10 to 15 minutes after the show time actually given.

    So, now, people who don’t want to watch advertisements will know exactly when they’ll be able to arrive and not find a very good seat. ;)

  • Where On Earth Is This Movie Theater?

    Dear Fellow Cinema Treasurers:

    I came across this image of a magnificent movie marquee at one of the internet commercial photo libraries (CORBIS.COM).

    Can anyone tell me where in the world I can find this theater? Something tells me it’s in Las Vegas – but that is just a wild guess.

    You can see the image by clicking this photohost link.

    THANK YOU for your time and attention.

    Jay in Hollywoodland

  • May 3, 2005

    Ceiling Falls On Audience At Capitol Theatre

    CHAMBERSBURG, PA — On last Saturday night, during a live performance about education, an approximately 10 foot wide by 4 foot tall chuck of the plaster ceiling in the center of the auditorium at the Capitol Theatre broke loose and came crashing down on patrons sitting in the audience.

    At least one victim was hospitalized and at least one other required medical attention.

    Supposedly the building had been inspected just a few days before. The area had experienced severe rain all day but first reports claim the problem had nothing to do with roof leaks.

    The theatre plans to make repairs and re-open.

  • Park Theater For Sale

    LAYFAYETTE, CA — I noticed the Park Theatre is for sale when driving by it recently.

    Listing is by Grubb and Ellis.

    Located in bucolic SF suburb where all the homes are more than a million dollars, and all the children are not only above average, but also have their own cell phone…

  • May 2, 2005

    Boyd Theatre Event on May 6th

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — The following was sent in by Howard Haas:

    “Help restore movies to the Boyd (Sameric) & have a great time, by joining The Friends of the Boyd on Friday, May 6 at International House (3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia) for our 1970’s film, the original Rocky!

    Tickets for the 7:30 PM film, including After-Party of Italian food & Yards beer, are $15 each. Where else can you get a movie, food, and beer, for only $15 and also benefit a great cause!

    Splurge by also including the 6:00 PM VIP Italian buffet, Gallo wine, and Guest Speaker Andreas Fuchs, co-author of Cinema Treasures, for $50 each.

    Reserve in advance by or pay at the door."

  • Theatre Historical Society of America Conclave

    LOS ANGELES, CA — The following was sent in by Ted Gooding:

    “THEATRE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA Annual Conclave (Convention) and Theatre Tours will take place in Southern California this year. June 21—27, 2005. Headquarters Hotel is the famous Hollywood Roosevelt and for the San Diego Add-on the 1889 Horton Grand in the Gas Lamp District of Downtown San Diego.

    The following counties will be traveled into Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, and Ventura. No one tours theatres like THS of A does they go from top to bottom! Fifty (50) theatres are planned if you take all 3 tours. The main tour cost is $395 for members. Cost of membership is $55. Hotels are on your own.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as the saying goes. For full details go to or or , Theodore R. Gooding Southern California Director and Conclave and Theatres Tours Chairman. FAX 626/356-0388"

  • April 29, 2005

    Today’s Newsreel

  • See Rare Views of the Uptown, Chicago!


    This month’s Friends of the Uptown social, Monday, May 2, will feature more rare color and black & white slides of the historic UPTOWN THEATRE, Chicago. Noted designer and theatre historian Joseph R. DuciBella will share slides from his personal photographic archive that show vintage views of the theatre from the 1920s and the 1960s.

    You will be surprised to see how much of the UPTOWN’s art, furniture and lighting was intact in the 1960s from its original, 1925 decorative scheme. Mr. DuciBella’s images of the UPTOWN from the 1960s are the best color views known to exist of the theatre in operation.

    If you have ever been curious to see the UPTOWN in its best light (and in color!), then this is the night for you.

  • Looking for One Night in a Historic NY Theatre

    We’re a small group of filmmakers & artists looking to rent space in a historic closed theater in the NYC area for one night.

    The object is to do a film night in a venue that is historic but not generally open to the public, such as a theater slated for demolition or subject to renovations. Deterioration is a plus. We will handle all logistical aspects of the evening and will get event insurance for that night. We can even bring in our own equipment.

    Any tips, please send me an email. I’m offering a finders fee of $200 for information that will lead us to have a film night in such a venue. Thanks.