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  • September 15, 2004

    Trying To Find “Exit”

    I am trying to track down a copy of Robert Headley’s 1974 book, Exit: A History of Movies in Baltimore. There’s a copy in the Library of Congress, but I am based in London, UK, and that’s a long way to go just to find out that the book is not what I am looking for.

    Is anyone aware of a UK library that holds a copy or where I might get hold of my own copy?

  • Clearview Cinemas Showing Its ‘Chelsea’ Pride

    NEW YORK, NY — Sometimes having a drag of a time at the movies can be a good thing, according to this article in this past Sunday’s New York Times.

    The nine-screen Clearview Cinemas, located in the Chelsea section of Manhattan and which opened its doors for business in the late 1980s, is more than just a cookie-cutter multiplex; it’s become a true neighborhood moviehouse, with its increasingly popular program offerings to the area’s gay and lesbian residents.

  • September 14, 2004

    Louisville’s Cinerama Theatre Closed, Now For Sale

    LOUSIVILLE, KY — This is a splendid, chic, mid-century modern theater complex with two story lobby (upper level even has an art gallery space). Cinema 1 was built with a louvered Cinerama screen (since removed), while Cinema 2 had Panavision flat screen with unusual framing surrounding it. Both are large theatres.

    Later, several more cinemas were added through the the following decades, though none are as interesting as the original two. The original building was not altered, except Cinema 2 was twinned about 25 years ago. Excellent opportunity to restore to original splendor, as much affection in the city for this building.

  • Old Screen Available?

    Can anyone help this man dedicated to opening a vintage screenings venue for local college kids? His registered non-profit “Brady Street Film Center” is a conversion of portions of his Brady Street Pharmacy which prior to 1954 was the Astor Theater, a 1912 cinema.

    If you are ever in Milwaukee, you must stop by the pharmacy on Brady St. at Astor St. and see the unusual transformation! Contact him directly via his email address if you can be of help.

    From: “James Searles”
    To: “Jim Rankin”
    Subject: Request for Help
    Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 10:30:04 -0500
    Dear Jim,

    We finally got an occupancy permit. The sound system is operational. The screen frame is up.

    We need a small perforated snow white screen – used. We can re-cut to fit our frame – about 10 x 20'. Please pass this on. Perhaps some one knows of a theater that is about to come down.


  • September 13, 2004

    Cinema City Closes After 31 Years

    HARTFORD, CT — The four-screen arthouse Cinema City has shut down after 31 years in business, according to a report from the Hartford Courant.

    Northeast Cinemas acquired the theater from Hoyts in 2003 and had been running it since. The theater was quite shabby and had not been updated or renovated for many years – quite possibly since it opened in 1973.

    However, it played art movies that cannot be seen anywhere else in the state of Connecticut. It will be sorely missed.

  • Princess Twin Opening

    WATERLOO, ON — John Tutt, owner of the Princess Cinema, has given a tentative date of mid-October for the opening of his new two-screen cinema at 46 King St. N.

    Tutt spent $1.6 million to buy an old furniture store in the heart of downtown Waterloo, and transformed it into the Princess Twin Cinemas.

    The Princess Cinema has operated for 19 years in the back of the Huether Hotel, a 162-year-old heritage building at the corner of Princess and King streets.

  • September 10, 2004

    Today’s Newsreel

  • Sci-Fi Film Fest at Lafayette Theatre, September 10-12!

    SUFFERN, NY — The following email was sent in by Pete Apruzzese, Director of Film Programming for the Big Screen Classics series at the Lafayette Theatre:

    “The Big Event starts tonight and continues through Sunday. Tickets will be on sale at the box office beginning approximately one hour before each show – plenty of seats remain for every film, so come on out!


    SPECTACULAR SCIENCE FICTION presents nine unique and entertaining science fiction films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, all on the Lafayette Theatre’s giant silver screen.

  • Flint Capitol Theatre Update

    FLINT, MI — The following message was sent in by Gary Flinn:

    “FYI, here is an update of the Capitol Theatre repairs. Now that the brickwork is repaired on the east wall of the auditorium, the bricklayers have started work on the west wall of the auditorium along Brush Alley.

    Most of the water damaged bricks have been removed from the wall and they are about ready to put up the new bricks. On Brush Alley, there are pallets of replacement brick and large bags of mortar along with a cement mixer."

  • September 9, 2004

    Hollywood and Grenada Theaters Under Contract

    PITTSBURGH, PA — Borden Vaughan Development has taken the Hollywood Theatre, located in the Dormont Shopping District of Pittsburgh, and the Grenada Theater, located in Beaver Falls, off the market and are awaiting inspections and feasibility studies prior to their purchase.

    Plans are in the works to put the two theaters on the National Registry of Historic Places, and convert them to a restaurant/bar movie format. Traditional seating will be phased out and replaced with couches, tables, and home theater seating. Concessions will also be unconventional with ideas including a coffee bar, a gelato shop, and gourmet pizza.