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  • October 11, 2004

    Bradford Odeon To Be Demolished

    BRADFORD, ENGLAND — The fate of the Bradford Odeon was sealed at a meeting last week when it was stated that demolition was the only viable option for the building, possibly retaining the two corner towers.

    The spectacular interior had been butchered beyond recognition in the 1960’s and restoration is not feasible, says a report in Yorkshire Today.

  • Beverly Theater Not Going Down Without A Fight

    BEVERYLY HILLS, CA — The Los Angeles Conservancy, along with several local preservationists, small business owners, and others are fighting plans to demolish the Beverly Theater, according to this Los Angele Times article,).

    Opened in 1925, in recent years the remodeled Beverly Theater housed an Israeli bank. It is scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a 214-room luxury hotel if the effort to save it fails.

  • Mann Plaza To Close Thursday, Says Source

    LOS ANGELES, CA — “Sad news — I work at the Mann Plaza and as of now, October 14 will be the last day. It is set to be demolished and a shopping center will be built in its place (just what Westwood needs)!

    The staff is bummed about this little gem closing. If you haven’t seen a film here yet, please do, or make one last trip to the Plaza to see one last film here. The small but cosy balcony is a must!"

  • October 8, 2004

    SITE UPGRADE: Search Engine Improvements

    We’ve also made a number of enhancements to the search engine in our Theater Guide.

    • Zipcode search — now you can find your favorite theaters by zipcode! Zipcode search also allows you to search for theaters with 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 miles from your present location. Just enter your local zipcode, select the desired proximity, and you’ll be able to find all the Cinema Treasures nearby!

    • Search theaters by previous name and description — many of you have asked to search our theater guide using a theater’s previous name, so we’re glad to finally offer this feature. When searching for theaters by name, you’re now able to search for any combination of the current theater name (the default for most searches), previous names, and even search within a theater’s description.


    As you may have noticed, Cinema Treasures now includes a poll!

    To vote in the poll, you can vote directly from the polls menu that appears throughout our theater news section. Or just go straight to our Cinema Treasures Poll area.

    Each week, we’ll be bringing you a new question that gets to the heart of what this website is about. And, of course, if you have any cool ideas for new polls, feel free to email us.

    If you haven’t voted in this week’s poll (which asks how many movies you’ve seen this summer), please check it out.

  • October 7, 2004

    SITE UPGRADE: Theater Guide

    Next on our list of new features and enhancements… Cinema Treasures' theater guide.

    When browsing through a list of theaters (like Art Deco theaters or theaters in California), it’s now possible to view all the theaters in a given category. So, in addition to viewing twenty-five theaters at a time, but you can now view them all at once — on a single page, either as a list or as thumbnails.

    We’ve also added a number of enhancements to individual theater pages. Most significantly, theater pages now display more than one name for a theater. The theater’s current (or most recent) name is still displayed, but if previous names exist, they are also displayed. (Previous names are now searchable too.) Similarly, if our database contains a phone number for a theater, we now show the number.

    Lastly, you may have noticed that the image behind the Cinema Treasures logo on the top of each page has changed. In fact, every day of the week, we plan to show a different background. Each image will reveal a special ‘Cinema Treasure’ which reminds us why we all love movie theaters so much.

  • SITE UPGRADE: Yesterday’s Outage

    Our apologies for those of you who were unable to view the site yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, the new site is so popular that we overloaded our existing server. But, rest assured, we’re planning to move Cinema Treasures to a more powerful server as soon as possible.

  • October 6, 2004

    SITE UPGRADE: New Book, New Site

    To celebrate the release of our new Cinema Treasures book, we’re introducing a number of new features and enhancements to our website.

    Stay tuned as we highlight one or two new feature or enhancement each day this week! Today’s new feature? Our improved favorites system.

  • SITE UPGRADE: My Favorites

    Previous versions of Cinema Treasures allowed users to add a list of their favorite theaters to their member profile, but the process of adding and removing theaters was confusing to some. Now, it’s incredibly easy to make a list of your favorite Cinema Treasures.

    Just browse through our theater guide, find a theater you’d like to add, and then click ‘Add to favorites’. That’s it! Likewise, if you wish to remove a theater from your list, go to the theater’s page and click ‘Remove from favorites’.

    To view your list of favorites at any time, just login to your Cinema Treasures account and click the My Favorites in the upper right corner of your browser window.

  • October 5, 2004

    “Speedy” To Be Screened At Historic Byrd Theatre

    RICHMOND, VA — On Sunday, October 10, the Dominion Film Sundays at the Byrd Theatre invites us to take a look at the past, while keeping an eye on the future of film, with the presentation of ‘Speedy.’

    The film will start at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.00 per person and may be purchased at the Byrd Theatre, located at 2908 West Cary Street. For information, please call 1-888-523-1043.