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  • September 10, 2004

    Flint Capitol Theatre Update

    FLINT, MI — The following message was sent in by Gary Flinn:

    “FYI, here is an update of the Capitol Theatre repairs. Now that the brickwork is repaired on the east wall of the auditorium, the bricklayers have started work on the west wall of the auditorium along Brush Alley.

    Most of the water damaged bricks have been removed from the wall and they are about ready to put up the new bricks. On Brush Alley, there are pallets of replacement brick and large bags of mortar along with a cement mixer."

  • September 9, 2004

    Hollywood and Grenada Theaters Under Contract

    PITTSBURGH, PA — Borden Vaughan Development has taken the Hollywood Theatre, located in the Dormont Shopping District of Pittsburgh, and the Grenada Theater, located in Beaver Falls, off the market and are awaiting inspections and feasibility studies prior to their purchase.

    Plans are in the works to put the two theaters on the National Registry of Historic Places, and convert them to a restaurant/bar movie format. Traditional seating will be phased out and replaced with couches, tables, and home theater seating. Concessions will also be unconventional with ideas including a coffee bar, a gelato shop, and gourmet pizza.

  • Today’s Newsreel

    The Austin, Minnesota Paramount celebrates its 75th anniversary, the Catlow Theater in Barrington, IL comes off the market, and trouble is reported at the Gaiety Theater in Boston — all in today’s newsreel.

    We’ll have more stories you may have missed this week in tomorrow’s newsreel…

  • September 8, 2004

    Sony Dynamic Digital Picture; Electronics Veteran Develops 4 K Projector

    Just as we have begun to understand the significance of 2K resolution (2048 x 1080 pixels) in the upcoming standards for d-cinema, technology is forging ahead again.

    With the June 3, 2004 introduction of plans for not one, but two digital-cinema projectors at 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution (4K) with ‘unprecedented features’ and ‘a high contrast ratio’ (2000:1), Sony declared itself ‘taking the lead in the rapidly emerging digital-cinema market.’

    For more information, read this Film Journal International article.

  • 1920 Stained Glass Cinema Sign For Sale

    Hello from France. I am an antiques dealer and I have recently bought a 17' stained glass cinema sign. I just wanted to tell your community that it is now on eBay, item number 3928776766.

  • Drive-Ins Thriving In Wisconsin?

    MILWAUKEE, WI — For those of you in love with outdoor movies, there was a lengthy article with four photos in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about three drive-ins in the state.

    It discusses the viability and wisdom of outdoor theaters in this day and age, and profiles one man’s restarting one out of his youthful affection for them.

  • September 7, 2004

    NATO Puts D-Cinema ‘InFocus’

    “What, a casual industry-follower might ask, is going on out there?” asks Alma Freedman in the August/September 2004 issue of ‘InFocus' magazine, published by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

    “Have digital cinema’s files, servers, studios, consortiums, governments, and, finally, stars, somehow aligned for every land mass except North America? Have Asia, Europe and Latin America, beleaguered by piracy and a paucity of celluloid prints, taken U.S. exhibition’s spot in the digital-cinema vanguard?”

  • URGENT! The Trylon Theater Still Needs Your Help!

    REGO PARK, NY — The wonderful Art Deco Trylon Theater in Queens is endangered. We have asked the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission to calendar and designate this structure, but so far no action has been taken.

    Please help us by emailing the chair of the Landmarks Commission Robert Tierney and voicing your support. His email address is .org.

  • Winchester Twin and Cafe For Sale

    WINCHESTER, IN — The Winchester Twin and Cafe has been put up for sale for $500,000.

    According to the listing, “The Winchester is brick and dates from 1883. The local owners are running two screens (95 seats each) and have room for a third. The third screen (under construction) will have 65 seats plus an unusual glass enclosed "Family Room” that can seat 12 and has its own sound system."

  • September 6, 2004

    Capitol Theatre Repairs Underway

    FLINT, MI — Necessary and long-delayed repairs to the Capitol Theatre building have begun with the removal of loose bricks on the east exterior wall of the auditorium to be replaced by new brickwork.

    The water damage now being repaired is due to runoff of rain water from the auditorium’s roof over time. Other repairs planned include fixing the theater’s vertical sign which is original to the theater but was altered in the 1957 remodeling of the theater.

    This project was planned for several months and was earlier reported in a March 29 story in Cinema Treasures.