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  • March 9, 2004

    Royal Opera House Demolition Forges Ahead

    SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND — Ian Grundy, our intrepid UK Cinema Treasures volunteer, writes in with this update about the Royal Opera House. ()

    “The demolition of the Royal Opera House, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire continues. Used mainly as a cinema from 1976 to 1996 when it closed and was willfully neglected, it is proving quite a strong construction to dismantle. As one member of the demolition team put it: ‘The roof was f***ed, but basically the building is very sound.’

  • Odeon Cinemas Up For Grabs

    LONDON, ENGLAND — Nigel and Terry Green of Entertainment Group are angling to buy a controlling interest in Odeon Cinemas, according to a recent report in the Evening Standard. The chain is reportedly for sale for less than the current owner’s original purchase price.

    More information can also be found in the Telegraph.

  • Coming to a Screen Near You: Cinema Treasures — The Video Game?!?

    On a much lighter note, Cinema Treasures volunteer Sean Doerr has figured out how to combine his love for classic movie theaters and his love for videogames into a single passion — Sean has created his very own movie theater mod for the ‘Tribes’ videogame.

    That’s right! Using tools that let players customize the video game environment with their own buildings and level maps, Sean has created a virtual replica of the Strand Theatre. As you can see in the screenshots below, the theater, albeit boxy and a bit drab, has a marquee and a nice vertical blade sign. There’s even a concession stand!

  • March 8, 2004

    Resurgent Cineplex Eyeing AMC Forum 22 Theaters

    MONTREAL, CANADA — Cineplex Galaxy Theatres LP (formerly Cineplex Odeon), owner of several Montreal area cinema complexes, plans to open a 16-screen theater and is eyeing the AMC 22 theaters at the Pepsi Forum (formerly the NHL home of the Montreal Canadiens), according to this report in the Montreal Gazette.

    Cineplex is also lowering ticket prices at the flagship Latin Quarter theatre complex. Starting Friday, full-price tickets will drop $2 to $9.50 and tickets for midweek shows, children, and seniors will be a flat $7.50. Prices at the Cote des Neiges theatre will drop $1.76 to $5.74.

  • March 5, 2004

    Looking for Funds to Refurbish Old Smalltown Theater

    I have started to refurbish an old 600 seat theater in a small Indiana town about one hour from Indinapolis, Indiana. I have been in the theater business for almost 17 years now, and I have been looking for an indoor and or outdoor theater I can own and operate.

    I have finally found one and have everything ready to get open, but I am in need of more money in order to continue. Banks have been no help because I have no business credit and not enough personal assets to satify them.

    I am looking for a silent partner, or limited partnership, or a loan, or grant. Will be glad to talk more with anyone who might be interested in helping. Thank you.

    Please call me at 317-357-8981 or email me at .

  • March 4, 2004

    Harrogate Royal Hall

    NORTH YORKSHIRE , ENGLAND — Harrogate Council met on Wednesday to discuss the future of the troubled Royal Hall, according to a report in the Harrogate Today.

    The concrete in the balcony is crumbling in this Grade 2* listed building designed by pre-eminent UK theater architect Frank Matcham. Repair costs have been estimated at £11 million (including full restoration of this beautiful hall) and the Heritage lottery fund has awarded £6 million towards the cost – but Harrogate say they cannot afford the balance.

    It was used as a cinema on a regular basis up until the 1930s.


  • Live Theatre in Long Beach, CA Needs Seats

    LONG BEACH, CA — Hello my name is Peter Kreder and I am with Six Chairs & a Couple of Artists Theatre company here in Long Beach, CA.

    We are currently in the stages of reopening our theatre company in a new venue. We desire to upgrade our seating and provide “real” seating for our audiences. We are poor. We are looking for an organization that may be upgrading their facilities and have seats to dispose of that they may want to donate to see that the seats have a second life.

  • March 3, 2004

    Notting Hill’s Coronet Saved?

    LONDON, ENGLAND — According to a spokesperson for Colliers CRE, the organization handling the sale of the 105 year-old Coronet Cinema, “New plans involve improving the building and maintaining the cinema”, but the spokesperson could not elaborate further.

    The existence of the Notting Hill movie palace, featured in the Julia Roberts-Hugh Grant film “Notting Hill”, was rumored to be in danger.

    Read the full report on the ITV website.

  • Today’s Newsreel

  • Cineplex Founder Nat Taylor Passes Away

    TORONTO, CANADA — Canadian exhibitor Nat Taylor, credited with creating the first multiplex theater in 1948 (Elgin and Little Elgin in Ottawa) and introducing movie theaters to shopping malls (Yorkdale Theatre and Cinema), passed away on Tuesday at the age of 98, according to the Toronto Star.

    Some of Taylor’s innovations include:

    • One of the earliest multi-screen movie theaters (when he added a second screen to Ottawa’s Elgin Theatre)
    • First triplex theater
    • First quad theater
    • First quintuplex theater (the Uptown)
    • First theater in a shopping mall (the Yorkdale Plaza/Silver City)
    • First 18-screen theater (a precursor of today’s megaplex)
    • Coined the term “cineplex”