Movie Theaters Previously Operated by Cineplex Odeon

Showing 241 - 270 of 438 movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Lyons Avenue 4 Lyons Avenue 4 Spokane, WA, United States Closed 4
Lyric Theatre Lyric Theatre Kitchener, Canada Closed 1
Magnolia Mall Cinemas Magnolia Mall Cinemas Florence, SC, United States Closed 3
Main Street 5 Theatres Main Street 5 Theatres Clearwater, FL, United States Closed 5
Mall Corners 6 Mall Corners 6 Duluth, GA, United States Closed 6
Mall Theatre Mall Theatre Paramus, NJ, United States Closed 2
Manassas Mall 7 Manassas Mall 7 Manassas, VA, United States Closed 7
Manhattan 1 and 2 Manhattan 1 and 2 New York, NY, United States Closed 2
Market Square Cinema 4 Market Square Cinema 4 Decatur, GA, United States Closed 4
Market Theater Market Theater Seattle, WA, United States Open 1
Marketplace 6 Cinemas Marketplace 6 Cinemas Winston-Salem, NC, United States Open 6
Marlborough Cinemas Marlborough Cinemas Calgary, Canada Closed 3
Marlow 6 Marlow 6 Temple Hills, MD, United States Open 6
Marquette Theaters I-II-III Marquette Theaters I-II-III Michigan City, IN, United States Closed 3
Matthews Festival Theaters Matthews Festival Theaters Matthews, NC, United States Closed 10
Meadowlark Theatre Meadowlark Theatre Edmonton, Canada Closed 1
Megaplex Theatres Cottonwood Megaplex Theatres Cottonwood Holladay, UT, United States Open 6
Menlo Park Twin Cinema Menlo Park Twin Cinema Edison, NJ, United States Closed 2
Mercier Theatre Mercier Theatre Montreal, Canada Closed 1
Mercury Theater Mercury Theater Elmwood Park, IL, United States Closed 2
Metro 4 Cinemas Metro 4 Cinemas Richland, WA, United States Closed 4
Midvalley Cinemas Midvalley Cinemas Taylorsville, UT, United States Closed 12
Moviemax Cinemas Moviemax Cinemas Niles, IL, United States Open 5
Movies at Montgomery Mall Movies at Montgomery Mall Bethesda, MD, United States Closed 3
NCG Stone Mountain NCG Stone Mountain Stone Mountain, GA, United States Open 6
NYIT Auditorium NYIT Auditorium New York, NY, United States Open 1
National Twin National Twin New York, NY, United States Closed 2
New Vision Theatres Cranford Theatre New Vision Theatres Cranford The... Cranford, NJ, United States Open 5
New West Cinemas New West Cinemas New Westminster, Canada Closed 3
New World Stages New World Stages New York, NY, United States Open 5

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