Movie Theaters Previously Operated by Famous Players

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Name ↑ Location Status Screens
Cineplex Cinemas Amherst Cineplex Cinemas Amherst Amherst, Canada Open 3
Cineplex Cinemas Ancaster Cineplex Cinemas Ancaster Ancaster, Canada Open 10
Galeries D' Anjou Galeries D' Anjou Anjou, Canada Closed 1
Granada Theatre Granada Theatre Barrie, Canada Closed 1
Grand Theatre Grand Theatre Barrie, Canada Closed 2
Mavrick's Music Hall Mavrick's Music Hall Barrie, Canada Open 1
Kent Theatre Kent Theatre Bathurst, Canada Closed 2
Galaxy Cinemas Belleville Galaxy Cinemas Belleville Belleville, Canada Open 8
Belle Theatre Belle Theatre Belleville, Canada Closed 1
Wang Theatre Wang Theatre Boston, MA, United States Open 1
Gateway 6 Gateway 6 Brampton, Canada Closed 6
Famous Players Bramalea Cinemas Famous Players Bramalea Cinemas Brampton, Canada Closed 3
SilverCity Brampton Cinemas SilverCity Brampton Cinemas Brampton, Canada Open 16
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Brandon, Canada Closed 1
Strand Theatre Strand Theatre Brandon, Canada Closed 1
Sunset Drive-In Sunset Drive-In Brantford, Canada Closed 2
Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts Sanderson Centre for the Perform... Brantford, Canada Open 1
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Brockville, Canada Closed 0
Brockville Arts Centre Brockville Arts Centre Brockville, Canada Open 1
SilverCity Burlington SilverCity Burlington Burlington, Canada Open 12
Kings Drive-In Kings Drive-In Burlington, Canada Closed 1
Burlington Mall Cinemas Burlington Mall Cinemas Burlington, Canada Closed 3
Famous Players Station Square Cinemas Famous Players Station Square Ci... Burnaby, Canada Closed 7
Regent Theatre Regent Theatre Burnaby, Canada Closed 1
Lougheed Mall Cinemas Lougheed Mall Cinemas Burnaby, Canada Closed 3
Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis Burnaby, Canada Open 10
Hitchin' Post Theatre Hitchin' Post Theatre Calgary, Canada Closed 1
Strand Theatre Strand Theatre Calgary, Canada Closed 1
Studio 82 Cinema Studio 82 Cinema Calgary, Canada Closed 1
Famous Players Market Mall Cinemas Famous Players Market Mall Cinemas Calgary, Canada Closed 8

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