Eastman Theatre

60 Gibbs Street,
Rochester, NY 14604

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Ziggy on November 2, 2004 at 12:56 pm

I agree that Gordon and Kaelber (a firm that designed many buildings in Rochester at this period in time) are the architects. If you look up the “American Architect and Architectural Review” for it’s 1922 article about the Eastman they give G&K as the architects. This listing needs to be changed to reflect that fact. It’s interesting to note that the “R.E. Hall” came from that fount of disinformation, David Naylor’s book. I have remarked in a few places on this site where Mr. Naylor has been completely off base. I am personally aquainted with the man that put this listing up, and I know he did not credit R.E. Hall. Who does this, and how do we get them to correct it?

Ken Roe
Ken Roe on November 2, 2004 at 12:19 pm

R.E. Hall was the consulting engineer, not the architect

Ken Roe
Ken Roe on October 30, 2004 at 2:23 pm

I have a copy of “The Architectural Forum” magazine dated June 1925 which gives the architects as Gordon & Kaelber; with McKim, Mead & White as associate architects.

Ziggy on September 20, 2004 at 1:24 pm

“Interlude”, the Maxfield Parrish painting commisioned for this theatre, has been removed from its place on the balcony stairway and is now in the care of the Memorial Art Gallery. The reason given is that the painting can be better preserved in its new home. A photographic copy, virtually indistinguishable from the original, now hangs in the Eastman.

roberttoplin on April 17, 2004 at 10:06 pm

According to David Naylor in his book “Great American Movie Theatres”…..I quote “The classically styled auditorium features opposing rows of murals, those on the right by Barry Faulkner and on the left by Ezra Winter. One balcony stair landing is graced with a painting by Maxfield Parrish”. He credits R.E. Hall and McKim, Mead and White as the 1921 architects.

kenn on November 22, 2003 at 8:40 pm

I am interested in the mural painter who painted the eight murals on the walls of the Eastman theater. The name of Barsif Faulkner (1922) is on one painting. I am a U of R faculty member. Is there a web site for the theater or books on its construction and furnishings?
As I am a Highland bagpiper, I was interested that the murals depict 5 pictures of pipes or bagpipers.
Kenneth Jackman, M.D.