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seymourcox commented about Inca Theatre on Nov 24, 2006 at 3:02 pm

Symco, I’ve heard over the backyard fence that you have many interior photos of all Okmulgee movie houses. Won’t you please share them with us?

seymourcox commented about Dive Inn Theater on Nov 23, 2006 at 11:38 am

While visiting a close friend who lived on OKC’s Northwest side, we drove down to the Southeast district to go to the Rose Glow Ballroom to hear a nine piece western swing orchestra. During our drive we happened to pass the Dive Inn Theater.
It was a part of a shabby motel unit. The time of day was just past dusk on a Saturday evening and I was surprised to see that there were cars already parked outside every room door.
The Dive Inn marquee was only a flat letterboard sign mounted atop a two wheel trailer, with a flashing light bulb arrow pointing toward the small side cinema.
Since I grew up in Tulsa, OKC geography is mostly unfamiliar to me. Seems I do remember, however, seeing the Dive Inn on the Southeast side of the city, because we passed it both ways coming and going from the Rose Glow. I do know the next night we went Southwest way to the Chieftain Cinema, and am sure I didn’t see the Dive Inn in that area of town. We never ventured into the Northeast sector during my stay, so it couldn’t have been over there.
By the way, the Rose Glow orchestra was fantastic!

seymourcox commented about Studio One Cinema on Nov 23, 2006 at 8:22 am

Studio One is an adult cinema I had completely forgotten about until this posting popped up. I only went into this porn house once when I was sixteen-years-old, just to see if I could get inside.
Lobby color schemes were crimson and chrome, with scarelt shag carpeting, chrome starburst lighting fixtures, and a lot of chrome framed “cumming attractions” posters.
Auditorium seating was of the theatre rocking chair variety, very roomy and comfortable. Sidewalls had life-sized, blacklight pink silhouettes of naked dancing ladies. Pleated stage drapery were sewn from crimson blacklight material. Intermissions were held between each picture and it was an eerie, strange effect because everything in this chamber was jet black except for the bright blacklight stage drapery, those prancing dancing girls, and millions of lint specks clinging to fabric theatre chairs.

seymourcox commented about Chieftain Theatre on Nov 22, 2006 at 5:36 pm

On a cold, snowy, winter weekend during the late 1970’s I drove from Tulsa down to OKC to visit a dear friend. On Sunday night he took me to the Chieftain Cinema.
The Chieftain’s futuristic interior looked like it came right out of a “Jetsons” cartoon.
The first half of the gay entertainment program consisted of a “Laurel & Hardy” short, a mildly erotic, nude male wrestling film, and a Betty Boop cartoon.
Then, a loveable, over weight drag queen, who introduced himself as Miss Rotunda, stepped onstage to emcee the live portion of the show. Miss Rotunda expertly introduced the other drag acts, a magic show, and three brawny male strippers who looked as if they’d come right off a downtown street corner. These guys were dangerously good looking, definately rough trade.
Miss Rotunda’s finale stopped the show with her most amusing, uprouriously funny comedy routine, a first rate performance!

seymourcox commented about Sophisticate's X Twin Cinemas on Nov 22, 2006 at 4:49 pm

Auditorium-B was decorated with a red/black checkerboard floor, wide striped red/yellow curtains tuffted into large fan shapes, a black ceiling, and seating for around 100.
As mentioned, this theatre showcased films from beefcake producers; AMG, Apollo, Bruce of L.A., and Spectrum. Occasionally an Andy Warhol flick, or product from some other bold independent, would be the second half of the bill.
At this theatre I saw a shock movie entitled “Johnny Got His Gun”, along with an hour long co-feature of gorgeous nude models striking classic poses. One of these muscle men was Billy Joe Carr who moved with the grace of a wild animal. This guy had to be the best looking male I had ever seen before, or since!
During intermissions, slide shows of 1940’s, 1950’s, & 1960’s body builders, with and without posing straps, were flashed across the screen.
The front book store sold copies of the slides and films shown inside their theatres.