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Patrick Crowley
Patrick Crowley on December 28, 2005 at 7:43 am

To all — we have removed all recent comments relating to Paul Warshauer so that we can avoid the flaming and personal attacks that have appeared on other theater pages with similar postings.

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Broan on December 27, 2005 at 2:48 pm

That article is from January 17th, 2005; something is just wrong with Crain’s code. I don’t really see anything in that article that goes against what anyone’s said. That article really is a piece of crap, it has no substance and doesn’t even try to prove its thesis that theaters don’t help downtowns. If anything it contradicts it with its hinsdale example. Like I said, it’s only good for the pictures.

JLoster on December 12, 2005 at 1:53 pm

Several reasons.

First of all, just to emphasize this, the theater will eventually be one room when the restoration takes place. This is kind of a prior-to-restoration step that was done to create a bigger room for our musical performances and for the volunteers (and the public) to see a glimpse at the future (and the past!). It is now possible to open a door in the lobby, and see someone standing on the 1925-era stage. That’s something that hasn’t been possible in decades.

The work that was done, all contributed by volunteers, was to remove a wall that went from (side to side) one side wall (house left) to the middle of the auditorium, as well as a hallway. The remaining work that would need to be accomplished would be to do a similar effort for the other wall (house right) to the middle. That would be the same effort as what we did, PLUS then we would have to remove a far larger wall that went down the middle of the auditorium. Its kind of hard to describe in words, so I hope you’re getting this. By doing what we’ve done so far, we created a much bigger space with relative ease. To go any further would require a great deal more work (and cost) than we can probably put the volunteers through at the moment.
A smaller concern was that prior to restoration, there is a minimum of storage and prepping areas, so the smaller room is used a lot for that. Bands use it for a “green room”, supplies are kept in there, the volunteers use it for an staff area, etc.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we sat down and decided to take a crack at it in 2006 though!

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on December 11, 2005 at 12:37 pm

Why did they leave one of the smaller rooms intact?

JLoster on December 1, 2005 at 1:15 pm

The volunteers recently knocked down the wall separating one of the existing smaller rooms with the larger room. There are now just two theaters (on the way to one)instead of three.

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on December 1, 2005 at 7:35 am

What exactly is the new configuration?

zogstar on November 15, 2005 at 10:04 am

Congratulations to the Wheaton Grand for an outstanding run of exciting music shows. From “The Addicts” all the way thru to the hugely successful Spitalfield show and thru last weekend’s unplugged and Rock Shows. It has been really great to see so many people come to support the Theatre.

The new configuration has really opened up the venue and made it more comfortable. Thanks for all the hard work and keep doing what you’re doing, it is great.

Patrick Crowley
Patrick Crowley on November 2, 2005 at 2:48 pm

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Patrick Crowley
Co-founder, Cinema Treasures

TheNeighbor on November 2, 2005 at 8:48 am

Mr. Novelli:

I highly recommend that you review previous posts before jumping in. I am NOT Mr. Neighbor, I am Ms Neighbor. I am a business owner. Yes, I have criticized. I was under the impression that this was an open forum. I have NEVER said that GVI didn’t have ambition or make efforts. I am not one of the ones accusing you of incompetance. I have actually said on occasion that I believe Mr. Warshauer has his strengths; he has apparently been successful at Mystery Theater productions. This does not impress me much, I do not consider it to be one of the more interesting or difficult arts in the world, but it does have its place.

There is no denial or hypocrisy intended on my part. If you are going to hurl these accusations, I would appreciate examples. I do try not to engage in such behavior, and certainly would appreciate the opportunity for self-improvement if it would happen to be true.

Exactly what in my last comment was inconsistent? Do you believe you know me? I assure you, you do not. And what I said about Mr. Warshauer is true, as well. Perhaps you mean the comment before that? Again, please quote these “inconsistencies”. If I am wrong, I will face it. I find that the mark of an educated and intelligent person. This is one of the main reasons I do NOT take either you nor Mr. Warshauer seriously. When I have pointed out errors in your logic, reasoning or facts, there has never been an apology but more ranting and raging on the part of Mr. Warshauer. Please, in the future, give me concrete examples of what you are accusing me of. I do the same for you as often as I am able.

If you truly believe the bantering on this site to be a waste of time, then move on. We won’t miss you or Mr. Warshauer. You’re a distraction who’s plans are irrelevant as you are no longer involved with the daily running or future of the Wheaton Grand Theater.

The Neighbor

kza347 on November 2, 2005 at 8:26 am

Sounds like a plan to me, Mr Novelli. Do you think you could get Paul to sign on to your plan as well? This used to be such a nice, quiet board.

Ulalume on November 2, 2005 at 8:06 am

Mr. Novelli, you talk about items that the theater has of yours. Do you, in return, have any items that belong to the theater?

mnovelli on November 2, 2005 at 7:51 am

With all due respect to those of you that have good intentions for this theater, I cannot and will not engage in discussions with non-credited, fictitious people. If you can bring value, credibility, identity, and most important constructive comments to this cause, then and only then will I participate in this forum.

The bantering I see on this site may be fun for some, but I see it as a big waste of time. I again urge those of you that really want this theater to succeed to show yourselves and get physically involved. We (GVI) have a very good plan that costs at least one half of the current plan of $8 mil. It is a community driven plan…not a selfish preservation plan.

Signing out for now. I await the brave to step forward and reveal themselves.

Mike Novelli
President, Grande Venues, Inc.

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on November 2, 2005 at 6:48 am

I…don’t…believe…you just brought the Lord into this.

Didn’t you learn your lesson with the Uncle Paul Cub Scout story?

When I am done laughing, preacher man, I will have some things to share. In the meantime I suggest you and Paul visit this web site:


I think it fits you better than theatre restoration.

mnovelli on November 2, 2005 at 6:21 am

Mr. Neighbor,

I understand now why you are cloaked. But I still cannot give credibility to what you are saying. For all I know you are a teenager trying to fuel a debate.

Again, I must say you have a great deal of p&v which could be useful for this project. But it is now evidenced by your last posting of your denial and hypocritical nature, that you could not be useful in this theater project. It is quite clear you are completely oblivious to your actions. To say you have not criticized those of us who have labored on this project is well, way beyond belief.

I just hope that other site members recognize this. Please understand, I strongly believe everyone has a right to comment on this project. Comments are good in generating ideas and ways to succeed. But to constantly criticize and not be aware of ones criticism is incomprehensible.

As to your latest comments, I don’t see how anyone can give credence to what you have said. Many…many…inconsistencies. I hope, Mr. Neighbor you can channel some of your energy in performing some good for this fine theater.

I urge all of you to consider what I’ve said and walk the talk!

Mike Novelli
President, Grande Venues, Inc.

TheNeighbor on November 2, 2005 at 5:55 am

Mr. Novelli:

Yes, we all use fictitious names. No, this is not to save us from “embarrassment or alienation from someone who might take a different stand on an issue”. I believe most of us have discovered that we are not taking different stands on this issue, and I am not at all embarrassed to say that I differ in opinion with either you or Mr. Warshauer. I keep myself “cloaked” with a fictitious name because Mr. Warshauer has the appearance of a vindictive, litigious person. This may be true or false; but that is how his messages are perceived by myself on this board. I also know for a fact that he has a tendency to rile up anger and fear by making appearances in businesses and calling business owners, making his usual raving accusations. I do not need that aggravation in my daily life. I get that when I want it and log in on to this website.

Interesting how you quote Biblical scripture. I’ve always found that the more hypocritical the person, the more often they quote the Scriptures. I’m not sure if you’ve affirmed that observation or not, but there it is. I don’t believe that I am “throwing the first stone”. No, I was not involved in the theater restoration. No, I’ve not thrown any money into it (as of yet). I am interested and willing and may do so at any point in time, but not under Mr. Warshauer’s (and therefore your) guidance.

As far as the Travel Agents go, they were in that location for 18 years, not 16. They had not been paying for the additional expense of the utilities after the new leasees moved in. They did, however, pay for GVI’s. Did you ever offer to make restitution? You are as guilty as the Theater Board as far as that is concerned, so I suggest you keep those stones to yourself.

Again, they were NOT evicted, their lease was not renewed. This may not seem to be an important detail to you, but I believe it to be extremely important. And for a company that gets so heated up about the difference between being contracted and hired, I think you should be more careful about these details. Of course, evicted is a more emotional word, and that is what your firm loves to use as a weapon, so I suppose I should not be so shocked that evicted is the word you choose to use in this circumstance.

And as far as your other allegations go:

  1. You’ve never proven this. If you have any evidence, it was never verified by City or Health regulatory bodies. In fact, the Theater has proof to the contrary. You never demonstrate otherwise except by offering to share these facts with us if we visit in person. No one here is interested in that offer due to the insane rantings of your Mr. Warshauer.

  2. Shows you booked months in advance? In other words, shows that should have been performed after your contract was terminated? I suppose you mean the contracts were never correctly signed or submitted to the Theater Board. If that’s the case, good luck with this one.

  3. They actually offered several times (on this website as well) for you to take your concessions back. Also, if you will note, Mr. Warshauer instructed the Board to take those very same concessions and sell them, donating the profits to Katrina disaster relief. If those concessions have not sold, I don’t believe there’s any liability on this issue.

  4. I believe they had to contact some of those clients, as they were contracted to perform at the theater after your contract was terminated. I don’t believe personally that this could be considered “tortuous interference”. It would have been simpler if your agency had given them the information as they were required to, so that many of those same clients didn’t show up at the door with no contract, and were turned away since the Board didn’t know about the agreement. I think any “torturous interference” has been done by Mr. Warshauer himself, who seems to have the uncanny ability to shoot himself in the foot without any help at all.

Just for the record, Mr. Novelli, you and I have never met. I have seen your picture online at your website, but I have yet to have the pleasure/displeasure of meeting you in person. I have met Mr. Warshauer in person only in a couple of very brief encounters, neither of which I expect him to remember. I hope to keep it that way.

The Neighbor

mnovelli on November 1, 2005 at 6:43 pm

Please allow me to make a couple of observations. The first is that I do not know any of you by your real names. It’s possible we’ve met, but I have no way of knowing that for sure. The reason I don’t know any of your names is because all of you cloak yourselves with fictitious names. I really don’t have a problem with that except without a name it is very difficult for me to give credibility to what is being said. I would just like to know why all of you use fictitious names. The only reason I can think of is that you may be trying to protect yourselves from embarrassment or alienation from someone who might take a different stand on an issue.

The second observation is that when I come here I am always reminded of the Biblical story of the prostitute who is being stoned by villagers and Jesus comes along and simply says something like, “He who has not sinned, throw the first stone.” I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe anyone on this site, except my partner, Paul Warshauer, has contributed their time, money, or sweat in bringing the Wheaton Grand back to life. But yet you can sit in front of your computers and criticize those of us who have tried and who are willing to keep trying. Maybe I’m being too dramatic, but there are some definite similarities to the Biblical story.

The last observation or clarification I’d like to make is about our (GVI) lawsuit against GTC. The hard facts of the case are as follows:
1. GTC did not fulfill their obligation to provide a safe environment for us to conduct business. We have plenty of evidence to prove this.
2. GTC has not paid us our due commissions for the backlog of shows we booked months in advance.
3. GTC has not paid us for our candy concessions which they agreed to purchase from us. GTC literally stole approx. one thousand dollars worth of our concessions.
4. GTC Board members committed “Tortuous Interference” by contacting our clients and disparaging our company and us personally. I urge all of you to look up the serious nature of their actions. In fact, as a public entity individual Board members can be held liable.
These are the facts, make no mistake. It does not surprise me that the GTC evicted the travel agency owner. Yes, it’s true a landlord can rent to whom they want. The sad part about this eviction is that this tenant paid on time for 16 some odd years and the GTC couldn’t even provide them with a working sink. To top it off, GTC charged the travel agency for two years of electric. On the surface this doesn’t sound out of line. The truth is that the travel agency was not only paying their portion of the electric bill, but all of the other tenants electric bills as well. Yes, the landlord has the right to rent from whom they want, but who in their right mind would rent from this landlord?

Mike Novelli
President, Grande Venues, Inc.

TheNeighbor on November 1, 2005 at 6:15 pm

I would like to add…

The Travel Agents were not “booted”, the theater board chose not to renew their lease, and this was a separate issue from the other complaints that the tenants reported. From what I understand, they did voice constant complaints. Some of these were unfounded; others were the same complaints I have heard from other shop owners. Including problems with the crowds…crowds of teenagers who also attended the very same shows that Mr. Warshauer himself booked. Hmm. In fact, I think you would find that they were complaining about that WHILE Mr. Warshauer was working with the theater, and that they also filed complaints ABOUT Mr. Warshauer. He was, after all, their neighbor, and they weren’t too pleased with him, if the word around the neighborhood is true.

There are few people (if any) reading this message board who know the truth of what happened. The travel agents know one version, and various board members know other bits and pieces. It is probably better by far to leave them to this issue as it doesn’t really concern the rest of us.

As far as the threat that “the barbers could be next”, yes, I suppose that could be true. Any one or all of those businesses could eventually be evicted or asked to leave or not have their contract renewed. Those things happen, and not just in non-profit situations such as this. There are no guarantees in life or in business. It is their property, and the businesses in those stores pay rent in order to be able to use the property. The do not own it.

Fortunately, there does seem to be some strong support within the Wheaton Grand Board who are trying to keep those businesses open. As I have said before, I believe those smaller storefronts to be an asset in the business environment on Hale, and I stand by that.

In fact, as I recall, Mr. Warshauer’s design for the building includes demolition of all those businesses. Interesting how he’s trying to instill fear of the Board in the people who operate those stores when HE HIMSELF would have them gone. I guess there’s no running for protection into the safe arms of “Uncle Paul” for the barbers, now is there?

Life’s Too Short…HA! Like that one…McDonald’s. <snicker>. You’re a braver person than I am. I don’t think I could handle Mr. Warshauer for even a brief meeting. But then, I’m not sure. I’ve been fortunate to this point to avoid any involved contact with him. In fact, I don’t think he’s the type of person who would ever step foot in my business, so I don’t think I have much to worry about.

Real estate empire? Nice use of sarcasm! Its one of my favorite tools, as well.

The Neighbor

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on November 1, 2005 at 3:24 pm

For a guy who claims to run a real estate empire that is a pretty weak response.

1) Landlords are not obligated to renew a lease. Businesses lose leases every day and have to move.
2) Tenants and landlords are always fighting. I have asked landlords for plenty of stuff that they felt they didn’t have to deliver.
3) The theatre is not exactly rich…I’m guessing that putting in a sink and installing new gas meters would run into the thousands.
4) MOST IMPORTANTLY: would you have reached into your lobby donation jar and paid the bill yourself? The hell you would have. Don’t portray yourself as the white knight of the travel agency.

As far as proposals go, let’s see this marvel of yours. Post a link to it. Or, is there a mysterious policy against posting proposals online to go with your mysterious policy against posting references online?

As far as visiting your office (better known as McDonald’s) goes, really Paul, what is the point? I’ve met you in the past: you make as much sense in person as you do on this web site. Is that worth my time? Let me think about that one…

…it is tempting. Meet Paul face-to-face, listen to nonsense, get served for attacking Paul’s character, spend two afternoons in court getting the case thrown out…

Sounds like great fun to me.

kza347 on November 1, 2005 at 1:01 pm

The property belongs to the theater. If the theater chose not to renew the lease then that is their right as a property owner. If the people at the travel agency were that unhappy then I think they would be glad to be out of the space and into a new space that has a sink, separate meters, etc. I’m not sure what the issue is other than some damaged equipment which they either should be compensated for or submitted to thier insurance company.

And what about your negative headlines, Paul? If I were you I think I would focus on my negative headlines before I started focusing on the headlines of others.

rroberts on November 1, 2005 at 5:14 am

Where is YOUR proposal? Where are YOUR architects and engineers? We have them and presented a plan to this board. It WAS supported with logic, plans and pro formas. YOU weren’t there so keep quiet already. I get so tired of you, posting negative messages over this site in different areas trying to stir up trouble. On numerous occasions we have invited you and others to come to our office and review our projects and successes but you seem to be happy hollaring from the grandstands without getting on the field. Well, too bad. We move forward and you will lose your voice. The latest Grand Theatre news supports our theory that there is NO leadership! See? As usual the people at the top of the Wheaton Board do not care for contracts, laws or common decency. Sad that the two nice ladies who have been in the Travel Agency for many years have been “booted.” See what happens when you argue, ask for repairs or don’t agree with that board? At least they will fight like we are doing now. The Travel people have been thrre for years and had asked for a sink, wiring, separate meters, and some tenant attention…all of this for many YEARS, not months. Ron Richardson, Chuck Tuma and others routinely ignored them! Who is next to be booted? The barbers?? I guarantee they won’t go without a BIG fight. How do these people intend on runnign a million dollar theatre if they can’t manage three simple tenants without getting negative headlines? Enough already: It is time for a BIG change there, folks.

DuPagefiends on November 1, 2005 at 3:13 am

Here’s an article from today’s (11/1/05) Daily Herald related to this theatre

View link

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on October 26, 2005 at 7:34 am

Paul, I am in the mood to provide you with some education. I won’t even charge you for it.


This is a proposal:


Proposals must be supported with logic.

People with theatre renovation ideas use such documents to communicate with the public and potential supporters.

Notice that the proposal contains verifiable references.

There will be a quiz. I know these are new and confusing concepts for you. So, I suggest you pay attention. Tutoring is available.

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on October 25, 2005 at 5:19 pm

Uncle Paul has returned to Cinema Treasures in force. Apparently his utilities have been turned back on. Perhaps Uncle Paul has received payment for his feasibilty study on the fabuous Palace Theatre in Guam.

I can’t wait to hear what the judge has to say about this law suit. My guess is that it will quickly be shot down in flames.

If that does end up being the case, I encourage theatre officials to make the same liberal use of the media that Uncle Paul enjoys.

TheNeighbor on October 25, 2005 at 3:48 am

I also found this article to be very well written. Mr. Warshauer, I don’t understand how you believe that it does nto paint you in a rather psychotic light, but if you want to hide your head in the sand, I suppose that’s not my business.

“When a rumor spread last week that Wheaton Grand Theater Board President Ron Richardson had resigned, Paul Warshauer saw it as evidence his claims about poor leadership at the theater were true.”

No, Mr. Richardson had not resigned, and a new Board President has been elected. I know who he is, do you, Mr. Warshauer? The reason for this particular man’s election is that he is far more of a directionalist. With the current energy running through all the volunteers and the GTC Board, someone was needed to focus some of that energy. Enter the new Board President. Combined with Mr. Shepardson who has the ideas and background to make the theater into the glory it once was, I am sure there will be progress from here on.

“Board members believe a recently uncovered e-mail details exactly how Grand Venues planned to make Richardson and the rest of the board vanish.”

Mr. Warshauer, you don’t think this phrase makes you sound slightly psychotic? Its right out of a cheap comic book.

“Grand Venues officials say business is business, but the larger goal is to make the theater a success. So far, Grand Venues says, the theater board is obsessed with delusions of grandeur with little action to back it up.”

If that really were true, Mr. Warshauer would have done the reasonable thing and left the theater to its own devices. He is no longer involved; the Board, the Volunteers and the community surrounding it have made that clear. This is no longer business. Mr. Warshauer is on a vendetta of some sort. The only delusions of grandeur are his, believing that no theater can function properly without his guidance. There are other people in this world who are more than adequately prepared to handle the challenges of restoring this theater (Mr. Shepardson, as I have already demonstrated). Regardless of whether or not he COULD have continued to produce “great programming” (according to Mr. Warshauer), is irrelevant.

“Titled “Confidential ‘Project Appendix,’æ” the e-mail describes the theater board as a “bad appendix” which, if left in, would cause “the patient (to) die and all surgeons (to) leave the operating room.””

Yep, shades of X-files. Bizarre.

“In Warshauer’s vision, as laid out in the e-mail, once the board is gone, replacements would be seated that would include his partner, Novelli. Warshauer himself would be appointed full-time executive director. And Grand Venues would be awarded the theater development contract, which the current theater board believes would equal a big payday for Grand Venues.”

As we have all figured out, the bottom line here is the “big payday for Grand Venues.” There are no noble goals on Mr. Warshauer’s behalf. He has no interest in restoring the theater, simply making it into another money-maker for GVI (himself). I’m sure he saw part of the possibility it holds. After all, GVI made enough money off of it (legitimately or not) while they did handle the programming.

“In a written statement, board members say shortly after the e-mail came out, Grand Venues began a smear campaign against specific board members to ruin their reputation in the community.”

Again, Mr. Warshauer, do you really think this reflects well on you? That you INTENTIONALLY began a smear campaign?

““We’ve challenged the board to produce a viable financial plan, as well as architectural drawings. To date, they have not done either.”

Theater board members are working on both those issues and have presented a financial plan in limited detail to the community."

Yep. I’ve seen the financial plan, and I happen to know the architectural design is in process. After all, there’s a lot to be decided BESIDES taking down the extra walls. There’s facilities to be added, green rooms and dressing rooms to be built. A lot of details to go over and to figure out exactly where they will add on the necessary requirements to bring this theater into the modern era as far as accomodations are concerned.

“As far as architectural work, the ultimate goal is to make the theater one auditorium, as it was originally built. To that end, the theater board is already working with city staff for a permit to knock down one of the walls that divides the theater into three parts.”

I might be wrong, but I believe they already have that permit. There is some sort of building permit posted on the door of the theater at this time.

“The suit alleges unsafe work conditions in the theater, with falling plaster, squalid bathrooms and malfunctioning exit signs. Warshauer and Novelli claim the theater board refused to fix those issues, so they withheld their rent.”

I have to agree with goaway on this point. Why did Mr. Warshauer continue to hold productions there if the building was unsafe? Witholding rent doesn’t seem to be the logical way to handle this, unless the rent was withheld in order to pay for repairs, which was apparently NOT the case. Did they not call the GTC board to have it fixed immediately? Call it in to the City Inspectors to have the GTC Board fined? Something? Anything to prove their point? If I am involved in an auto accident, and its the other persons fault, I make sure the police officer gives them a ticket for their offence. Its simple logic to ensure my legal standing should a lawsuit develop. Yet nothing was ever filed against the GTC. No reports made, citations issued, etc.

““When we came to inspect the emergency lights not working, we found that the circuit switch had been turned to the ‘off’ position. We then turned it back on, and they’ve been working great ever since,” reads the statement authored by theater board member Scott Pointner.”

This looks particularly bad for Mr. Warshauer. Did he turn off the circuit simply to make a claim so he WOULDN’T have to pay?

“Board members said they never found evidence of falling plaster but said they had it inspected and certified as safe by architects and engineers.”

Which is FINALLY the answer to the question I’d asked WAY BACK when I first started posting here. There has never been any legal liability found as far as the GTC board is concerned. No violations or citations against the Board has ever been filed as far as structural integrity is concerned. No evidence of falling plaster.

“The second obstacle is the viability of Grand Venues’ three-auditorium theater plan. Regardless of the research, or the number of walls in the theater, state law may block the plan.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency awarded the Grand Theater Corp. a $25,000 grant in 2001 for roof and masonry repairs. To receive the grant, the theater agreed to have a 10-year covenant placed on the building that limits the scope of construction on the structure. All plans must be approved by the agency before proceeding."

Maybe, as Mr. Warshauer has said, the $25,000 can be repaid although there might be additional fines involved. But what would the point be? The goal of this message board and of the GTC board is to see to the RESTORATION of this theater. RESTORATION not EXPLOITATION. Almost everyone on this board (with the exception of Mr. Warshauer and his alleged staff) are involved because they want to see the Wheaton Grand restored to its former glory and beauty. Mr. Warshauer’s plan would have it stay as it is. And let me just say, that having been inside of it now, I would not be impressed. Nor do I think that Mr. Warshauer’s variety of programming would do any good to the community or maintain the structural integrity of that building.

““Not one of them has any theater experience, and they refuse to learn,” Warshauer said. “There is a pattern and practice of apathy on the board. These guys just don’t do anything.””

Excuse me, Mr. Warshauer, but Mr. Shepardson has an awful LOT of experience, and its his guidance that the GTC Board is relying upon at this point. There is no pattern and practice of apathy at this time. Mr. Warshauer has not been actively involved with the theater for some time, and in no way knows what the current activity level is like. Its obvious that his “mole” isn’t very involved, either. Looks like he needs new help. The Board and Volunteers are doing plenty.

Mr. Warshauer has experience in theater; writing and producing, at any rate. I have found evidence of that myself. As far as mystery plays are concerned, I suppose he does know what he’s doing. This doesn’t impress me overly, but there it is. He has demonstrated NO expertise at restoration of theaters. As far as programming goes, I know many people who could have done as well or better. Its not difficult when these bands are constantly contacting the theater asking to play.

Mr. Shepardson has experience in theater; with programming BIG NAME events (not local bands and boy scout troops that Mr. Warshauer obviously had inside connections with) as well as with restoration. His resume is impressive, indeed. The GTC Board was lucky to have found him. I am eager to find out how this story ends.

I would also like to add as far as Mr. Warshauer understanding Wheaton, which was another point brought up in this article: I know of several businesses that are disgusted by him, and at least one that he was no longer welcome in. The downtown businesses are not impressed with him either. Personally, I hope never to have the displeasure of having him in my place of business.

The Neighbor

goaway on October 24, 2005 at 9:35 am

Wow! That was a great article! It showed Uncle Paul for the maniuplative greedy man he is. And let’s not forget his partner Mike Novelli. Paul gets all the headlines with his screwups, but Novelli has disgraced himself by joining forces with him. What a duo. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. Your string of failures is truly staggering. Let me ask some GVI some direct questions. And remember Paul, this can be used against you in a court of law.
1. When you claimed the building was unsafe, did you discontinue your programming events? Or did you let people in the theatre in what you called “unsafe” conditions? If you didn’t cancel any shows, its one of two things. You put people in danger to make more money, or you lied about the unsafe conditions. Which is it?
2. What happened with any donation money that was given to you while you were at the theatre? Did you turn it over to the 501c3 or have you pocketed it? Where did the money that went into the donation box go to?
3. And of course, the burning question that remains unanswered, what theatres have you ever participated in the successful restoration of? We know the names of your failures (Lawford, Wheaton, Uptown, Portage, etc.) Where are the successes?