Orpheum Theatre

842 S. Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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William on February 8, 2005 at 8:54 pm

For the Last Remaining Seats info, the site said to try back in April for the line up.


Patsy on February 8, 2005 at 8:39 pm

Having trouble with the website, Los Angeles Conservancy — Last Remaining Seats.

Patsy on February 8, 2005 at 8:34 pm

William: You beat me to it…..as I was about to post the American Idol theatre news!! What a beautiful LA theatre and glad to see it get such fun exposure!!

William on February 8, 2005 at 8:18 pm

For people that would like to see a little of the Orpheum Theatre. They are using it as a location for the American Idol show tonight (February 8th, 2005) on the Fox network.

br91975 on December 14, 2004 at 10:31 pm

The official web site of the Orpheum Theatre: http://www.laorpheum.com/

falomir73 on December 10, 2004 at 3:04 am

I remember so anxiously waiting to see the premier of Superman and the only thing that calmed me down was the great architecture. I saw other great movies lie Starwars :)

William on August 11, 2004 at 10:06 am

If you look at the Pacific 1-2-3 on this site, you will find that it in fact has been used for screenings and special events in the last few years. It is used as a field test theatre by USC for Digital Projection.

And going back to an earlier post the original Orpheum Theatre (aka: Palace Theatre) had two real balconies. The lower half of the balcony is called the Mezzanine level of the balcony.

RobertR on August 11, 2004 at 10:05 am

The main auditorium is still used for private screenings , isnt it?

DennisPierce on August 11, 2004 at 8:13 am

I seriously doubt it. The Pacific has been closed down for about ten years.

MagicLantern on August 10, 2004 at 5:41 pm

That “Collateral” premiere was supposed to have been at the Pacific 1-2-3 on Hollywood Boulevard, wasn’t it?

bruceanthony on August 10, 2004 at 4:56 pm

The Orpheum hosted the Hollywood premiere of Tom Cruise new film “Collateral”.It was the first quality premiere held downtown in decades.brucec

DennisPierce on July 26, 2004 at 12:15 pm

On another note, the Orpheum will be the site on the evening of August 2 for the world premiere of Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Then a few weeks later the Orpheum will host the prequel to The Exorcist. Another premiere at the Orpheum is likely in December.

DennisPierce on July 26, 2004 at 12:07 pm

A previous message mentioned Broadway’s flashing neon lights in the 40s. Here’s a picture of Broadway (1959)

View link

It’s on this website
View link

Mark1 on July 26, 2004 at 9:54 am

In 1964 this theatre was hosting a stage production. I believe it was “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”. I remember that that and “110 in the Dhade” were both “live” in Downtown L.A., one at the Orpheum, and one at the Philharmonic, which became a church, at Olive and 5th St. I may have mixed up which was at which theatre. After that I only remember Spanish language films at the Orpheum.

Squie on February 21, 2004 at 7:54 am

The Morosco, later named the Globe Theatre also has two balconies…trust me…I have been on them!!!! :-X

noloss36 on January 10, 2004 at 10:55 pm

With regard to the one or two balcony controversy, the Boulevard Theater, at Washington and Vermont, was an Orpheum type theater, as my father who managed it from 1946-1957 often described it. As such, it was always referred to as having two balconies. One main staircase let you enter the balcony at mid-level. From there you went down aisle stairs to the lower balcony with its loge, leatherette seating. If you took the upper aisles from the mid-level entry point you reached the upper balcony with its regular folding type theater seats.Hence, two balconies.I worked there from 1953-57 as an usher and we always referred to the two balcony areas as separate and distinct balconies. The 2300 seat Boulevard had a bit larger seating capacity than the Orpheum.

BobHolley on December 24, 2003 at 2:29 pm

Okay, I get the point, only one balcony. However, I thought the Pantages had at least 2 balconies. Wasn’t there a place in the Orpheum balcony where you stepped down maybe two or three steps to another level of the balcony? Maybe that’s why I thought two. Anyway, yes, truly a grand theatre, and a fond memory.

sdoerr on November 24, 2003 at 11:01 pm

Sweet theatre, its gonna be awesome restored!

DavidT on November 24, 2003 at 10:48 pm

In 1949 Los Angeles' Broadway was ablaze with flashing neon and no Broadway theater had a flashier marquee than the Orpheum.
To see a night time view of the fantastic Orpheum Theater marquee click here:

Denny on November 6, 2003 at 1:28 pm

The Mason theatre was another theatre on Broadway with two balconies. The seating capacity was 1650. It was demolished in 1955 to make way for the State Building on Broadway and 1st St.

Senorsock on November 5, 2003 at 6:34 pm

The theatre has been beautifully restored—including working air conditioning! This has greatly enhanced the annual “Last Remaining Seats” series every June. It used to be the balcony seats would become unbearably hot during the screenings. Now audiences can sit back and really enjoy the theatre and its films!

Knatcal on October 23, 2003 at 6:31 pm

In 1995 I saw the inside of this theater as part of the Los Angeles Conservancy’s Broadway Theaters walking tour. It was the last theater on the tour and I would have liked to have stayed to see a movie as it was a very beautiful theater. Unfortunately the movie they were showing was “Tank Girl.”

unknown on October 17, 2003 at 6:21 pm

The Orpheum has one balcony. The Palace and Globe have two balconies, the access was through the fire scape alleys. They where sealed at the end of the segregation era. At both theatres, the balconies where not equipped with theatre chairs.

DennisPierce on October 8, 2003 at 3:45 pm

The Orpheum has reopened after a four million dollar restoration. The marquee and huge Orpheum roof neon sign has been restored, the roof sign relit after 40 years.

Kiki on February 18, 2003 at 7:36 pm

This theatre is amazing. As part of the LA Conservancy’s Broadway theatre walking tour, we were able to go inside this beautifully restored theatre. As we sat and listened to some theatre history, we were treated to a demonstration of the original (1928) organ. What a wonderful place!