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rroberts on September 12, 2005 at 10:38 am

This is truly remarkable. So many “allegations and enemies.” Perhaps my story should be made into a movie starring say, Richard Dreyfus or Danny DeVito. Why bring up all this stuff on this specific site? It has very little to do with this theatre’s posting but what the heck. So much misinformation here. So many lies, but hey: this is America. Say what you like and don’t check your facts! Assassinate someone’s character while remaining anonymous but what the hell. It’s America. OK. Here’s a quick fact check for the people who really matter and proof you cannot always believe what you read in the newspapers or from what is written on these blogs. Mike Novelli is the President of GVI and had nothing to do with any of your allegations other than for the Wheaton, Zoe and Lawford Theatres. Leave him out of the rest or are you too ignorant to recognize that other corporations have come and gone without him. 1. GVI paid all workers at the Lawford Theatre in Havana except for two who are being investigated for theft. 2. We did NOT accept donation money at the Wheaton except for the outstanding fundraiser set up by Todd Plagman and many others for wounded veteran Sgt. Joel Gomez. This was a fundraiser that we all produced last January and audited then turned over ALL money to Community Bank. 3. I like smarter people than me because I learn from them. I don’t see to many on this site however. 4. I am proud that we sold calendars from the lobby of the Portage Park Theatre. No one else was helping us. (See many other postings about the Portage Park Theatre.) We returned everyone’s deposits, by the way, unlike the mess with the Annoyance Theatre company. I have accepted responsibility for the $4K debt personally as I have with the $5K debt for the Uptown Theatre, (Pales). 5. The Henslowe Group was not given the cease and desist order at the Portage. Our tenant, The Universal Church was issued the order for “building without a permit.” I had three partners there. Why don’t you hound them: Richard Pales, Kevin Miner and Jessica Deans. 6. I am a rather pleasant man who likes cigars, fun people, travel, the theatre and music, and lively discussions about politics and social issues with intelligent witty people.

Prowler on September 12, 2005 at 5:33 am

This is really astounding. Paul, did you accept any donations for the Wheaton Grand? Under what pretenses? Did you masquerade as a not-for-profit entity? Where is the money? The next time you think you hear opportunity knocking at the door, guess again. It’s probably the IRS.

disgruntledemployee on September 12, 2005 at 4:49 am

Too bad about Havana. I worked with Paul in Chicago—the exact same thing happened there. As an employee—you are only as useful until you shut your checkbook. Then you become a “volunteer”. Let’s see if I get the scenario right? A man (Paul) comes in and declares he spends his life restoring theatres. His dream is re-open “this” one.
He needs help (usually teenagers and unsuspecting employees)—when money gets tight he asks the local government for money. When denied he looks to book “investors”—people to help him follow his dream. He thinks how he can divide the theatre into 3. More deposits come in from those groups hoping to get a piece of the
action (sorry—no theatre gets divided-no deposits returned). He then books bands and accepts deposits (now you know Wheaton why he was upset about bands not being allowed to play. Then we blame the local governement about repairs (wasn’t that the case in Chicago—2 venues-Wheaton now Havana—) Then nobody but Paul gets any money. The bills in Chicago; Havana; how are your bills Wheaton? go unpaid. Now let’s get to the employees. All of sudden (after being told of the Grand Opening) there is no money to be paid to employees and now they are called thiefs and volunteers. Sorry Paul—used that excuse many times. Anybody who didn’t “invest” is insulted and called liars. There are so many of us following your footsteps—maybe it is time to try your con in another state. Just remember, the internet is a wonderful tool. Let’s all of us “volunteers” make it our mission to not let him continue. How do you sleep at night Paul? Are there any available lawyers out there to help us with the possibility of a class action lawsuit? Can all of us who were left out to dry possibly take Paul to court? Mr. Novelli—maybe you could help? Have you woke up yet to Paul or are you just slower than normal? How much money did Paul make on ticket sales in Havana? Where is all that money? Certainly not paying bills or employees. Just like in Chicago—go forth and sell calendars on street corners to generate money. Who got that money—Paul did and he was able to travel out of the country while leaving others to possibly get arrested by City officials after being told the theater was fine to open. He then blamed aldermen and the mayor for not turning their backs on an unsafe building and allow patrons in. Paul doesn’t like rules and regulations. He also can’t stand people just a little bit smarter than him—which is most. It just takes us a little longer because most of us have never met a con man before. Our human nature tends to lead us to trust everyone—which now I trust no one. Most of us start out trusting and liking Paul but quickly learn. Are there any out there who started working with Paul and still admire him? Mike where did you come from? You weren’t with him in Chicago? Haven’t you learned yet (others are slower than the rest of us) or are you a con man too? I certainly would break away from Paul as soon as possible. Is this the type of man to be friends with? How is he able to pay you and not mininum wage workers? Again sorry Havana—you were warned. Best of luck Wheaton—you may be the first and only theater to stay on your feet after Paul and go forth. There are many others behind you and cheering you on. As for all others—let’s just watch the internet and watch where Paul goes next.

goaway on September 11, 2005 at 3:23 pm

This just keeps getting better and better. Man, controversy follows Warshauer around like a trail of toilet paper stuck on his foot.

You didn’t pay your employees? THAT’S shameful.

What’s the next theater you’re going to pull this crap with Paul?

goaway on September 11, 2005 at 3:11 pm

Oh come on, this is too good not to print out in full:

Havana theater in flux

Saturday, September 10, 2005
HAVANA – Re-opening the closed Lawford Theater is in question, with the building’s managers and former employees at odds over workers getting paid.
Mike Novelli and Paul Warshauer, co-owners of Wheaton-based Grande Venues Inc., leased the Havana theater in June and opened in late July, showing recently released movies.
Novelli and Warshauer hired local employees to sell tickets and concessions at the theater. The men closed a week ago when a projector bulb blew out during a show. Warshauer said the projector housing needed replaced, so the men decided to close for renovations and planned to re-open by Thanksgiving.
But theater employees say they have been released permanently from their jobs and still haven’t received their last paychecks.
“They can’t even pay their employees,” said Mike Kolves, the Lawford’s former assistant manager. “They were paying themselves, and they can’t pay us?”
Another former employee, who asked not to be named, said she had to bring her own calculator and vacuum cleaner to the job to add ticket sales and clean up after shows.
“None of that was ever appreciated,” she said. “There was nothing in there to work with … I even took my own Scotch tape there.”
The worker said she and another former co-worker are looking into ways to get the last paycheck owed to them.
“It’s not much money, it’s just the principle of the thing,” said the other former employee, who also asked not to be named. “They more or less wanted us to donate our time.”
Novelli said Friday he and Warshauer are investigating theft by employees at the Lawford.
“There is an investigation going on into some wrongdoing,” he said. “We know one of them stole from us.”
The investigation is “internal,” not being handled by police, Novelli said.
Warshauer said he and Novelli have contacted police about their suspicions. “We’ve locked (the former employees) out, that should tell you something,” he said.
In November 2003, he was at odds with Bartonville officials over his plans to rehab a Peoria State Hospital into a “boutique hotel.” Warshauer asked the village to invest in a $190,000 feasibility study into the concept with no commitment on his end to move forward on the proposed $6 million project.
Village trustees said they were leery of using taxpayer funds for the project under the terms proposed.
That same month, the Chicago Revenue Department issued a cease and desist order on the Portage Park Theater, owned by Warshauer on the city’s Northwest side.
When the men came to Havana, they asked city officials for a $15,000 loan to renovate the Lawford but were turned down because Mayor Dale Roberts said they didn’t have collateral.
Roberts said Friday that Novelli and Warshauer owe the city money for the theater’s water service but declined to say how much.
“They have a water bill that is unpaid,” he said. “We shut the water off. We were going to shut it off anyway, but they called and asked us to before the cutoff date.”
Novelli said re-opening the Lawford by Thanksgiving is still a goal for him, but it may not happen.
“We’ve got a lot of issues,” he said. “It’s not a solid thing.”

kza347 on September 10, 2005 at 10:55 am

More controversy for Warshauer and Novelli II

Here is one from Saturday, Sept 10.

View link

kza347 on September 10, 2005 at 10:47 am

More controversy for Warshauer and Novelli.

View link

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on September 9, 2005 at 10:23 am

Good lord Paul. I’m not sitting here dreaming this stuff up. Everything I have said is based on freely-available published materials. In order to be fair to you, I never state any of it as fact. I’ve given you multiple opportunities to defend yourself, but all you do is bluster.

goaway on September 9, 2005 at 3:29 am

I hate to borrow another person’s phrases, but Life’s Too Short nailed it with these about you, Warshauer:

“Everything I have seen points to the notion that you are a dangerous and foul force within American preservation.”


“If you really do the things people say you have done in all these places where you have worked, you are perhaps the greatest enemy of theatre preservation in the United States.”

Fine work!

rroberts on September 8, 2005 at 9:58 am

Dear Life: Stop spreading lies. I agreed to stay off this site but you crossed the line. I had teaching licenses in three states and directed the 8th grade production of “Fiddler on the Roof” this spring at St. Michael School here in Wheaton. I was thoroughly checked out so do not imply anything else. My directing, theatre and teaching work with children is sacred to me and I have literally hundreds of parents and kids who loved my work and appreciated my talent. Freedom of sppech is one thing but defamation is quite another story. You are a nasty person and in my opinion YOU are dangerous one to cast such horrific allegations. Have you no shame?

JLoster on September 8, 2005 at 7:58 am

On August 12, 2005, the National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the Wheaton Grand Theater on its National Register of Historic Places. This listing was the result of nearly two years of work from project volunteers, and is among the most venerated and important designations that an historic structure can obtain. Being placed on this list serves as a testament to the work of those who both had the vision to build the theater as well as those working to rehabilitate it.

To celebrate this listing, there will be a dedication ceremony held at the Wheaton Grand Theater, 123 N. Hale St., in downtown Wheaton, where the National Register plaque will be presented. Please join the Board and all the Volunteers of the Grand Theater Corporation on Saturday, September 17, 2005, from 3:30 P.M. â€" 4:00 P.M., as we commemorate this momentous day in the history of our community.

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on September 3, 2005 at 2:36 pm

A man who has been accused of indiscretions with children is talking about how great it is to program youth events.

I hope you really do intend to stay off this site. Everything I have seen points to the notion that you are a dangerous and foul force within American preservation.

The Neighbor has good ideas. Get the community involved with, and excited about the theatre. The future of a building like the Wheaton Grand depends on creating a new generation of positive memories.

TheNeighbor on September 3, 2005 at 3:03 am


Well, at least he answered one of my questions in parting. GVI seems to think that The Wheaton Grand Theater will simply be handed over to them instead of paying the “large judgment in cash”.

This is interesting coming from a man who apparently can’t pay a $4000 judgment “in cash”. I’d have thought he’d want the money.

So now we can discuss what is in store for the future of the theater. Any ideas on fundraisers? I know there’s a new committee in the works, but they do seem to be focused on the “large game”, so to speak. As in the big-ticket corporations. I’m sure there’s something the rest of us lowly business people can do in regards to small-ticket fundraisers and raising public support.

At the last board meeting, we were told that someone had begun an email friend list of some sort. Has anyone checked into Cafe Press? They’re an online company that does print-as-they’re-ordered t-shirts, bumper stickers, pins & the like. There’s another non-profit organization that I’m involved with that uses them for their merchandise. Its just an idea. I was thinking that a contest for a logo would be cool; I know I’d be happy to accept entries, and I’m sure that a few other businesses would as well. And I’d be willing to contribute a “prize” for the winner; or the runner up, or whatever. An event like that would get the businesses involved, raise money and raise word-of-mouth, which is always a good thing. Any opinions? Ideas?

The Neighbor

rroberts on September 2, 2005 at 6:56 pm

A good friend told me to stop “fanning the flames” on this silly wesbite so I am done for a while. Good riddance. It is fortunate that the general public doesn’t listen to the ignorant harpies who post here. Now you won’t have Warshauer to kick around so perhaps you will focus on how miserable your failures continue to be at the Wheaton Grand. Soon you too will be fighting to avoid demolition like the Dupage Theatre in Lombard. Sad. Where is the rest of the public regarding the Wheaton Grand Theatre? I KNOW they want children’s programs and what GVI brought from November 2004 to April of 2005. They loved our magic shows, comedy nightclubs, classical concerts. recitals, graduation and birthday parties, Cub Scout meetings, old movies, murder mysteries, camps, plays business meetings, Chamber of Commerce functions. Have YOU done any of those since we left? We never had the police called in for a hip hop concert. YOU did recently. Sad. When, not if, we win the lawsuit, the Grand Theatre Corporation has two options: a. Pay us the large judgment in cash; b. Instead of cash, give GVI the theatre so we can restore and renovate it the right way for the community. Period. See you all in court…wait, some of you will be deposed first! See you in our lawyer’s office. Bye Bye for now.

TheNeighbor on August 30, 2005 at 4:31 pm

Mr. Warshauer:

It is so very interesting that you use such provocative terms, “your derisive comments and cheap character assassinations” in order to “focus more on the building and its future”. As I believe everyone can see for themselves, you have been equally or perhaps even more to blame on that score than anyone on this message board. Whenever anyone disagrees with your position, you attack first and ask questions later.

“Mike Novelli has always been more polite. I am the blunt partner.” That is not the way I would describe you. You are the rude partner. I have stated in almost every post I have made that I am not judging you based on innuendos dropped by people who claim to have some sort of past experience with you. My judgment of your character has come strictly from your performance on this list. Yet you insist on calling me a “shill” and a “liar”. And I am the one making “derisive comments and cheap character assassinations”? Really.

“I will not diminsh the good work he has done either but none of us are saints! These are not the key issues.” Then why do you persistently bring up these allegations? And why do you do so without stating any facts…there are no dates, no quotes, no figures to back any of this up. I admit, other people here have done the same to you. I have not. I have said it before, and I will say it again that my judgment of you is strictly based upon your own behavior. Yes, I am taking the one theater plan at face value. They are in charge, and this is the way it will be, and you’ve not given me one logical reason why it should not be so except that you say so, and the architect you’ve hired says so. Oh, and the fellow from LHAT says so. Right. You know what they say about statistics, right? It all depends on whose hands they’re in. Statistics can be twisted in a thousand different ways.

At the end of the day, the facts (and these are facts) remain the same. You have filed a lawsuit against the Wheaton Grand Board. They have restricted completely your access to their board meetings as well as possibly even access to the building as a whole. In the event that your lawsuit is found in your favor, is there any chance at all that your firm will be reinstated to manage the entertainment at the Wheaton Grand? I do not see it as even a remote possibility. If you do, please let us know how (and why) you see that happening. Otherwise, I do not understand what you hope to achieve. The Wheaton Grand Theater Board has made its decision to follow a one theater plan. The Wheaton Grand Board terminated its contract with your firm. Where do you see yourself in the future of the Wheaton Grand?

As far as the rest of this goes, I understand the plaster has been certified. There are no more issues (and may never have been any, I have yet to see any evidence that there were issues) regarding that. In regard to the rest of the public safety issues, I asked before if the Wheaton Grand had ever been fined in any way? Had they gone through the routine fire inspections? Did they pass?

Did you bother to answer me?

I have asked you before in regard to your complaints about the parking. The largest theater now has a fire regulation capacity of 722. That’s for one theater. What is the difference as far as downtown parking between 722 and 800? And in your plan, there are three theater/stage areas, so potentially all of them could be running simultaneously. I would assume that would be the point to having three separate stage areas…that you could maximize the time by scheduling multiple events. If that were so, then wouldn’t the three stages have the equivalent number of patrons minus whatever the wall space would take up? So isn’t this just a matter of splitting hairs?

You are also aware, I assume, that the parking lot behind the theater goes under construction in November of this year?

The Wheaton Grand Theater Board has regular public forums. I have attended one. You were apparently blocked from the open meeting due to your legal status with the theater. As far as that goes, I have said before that I don’t blame them for that decision. You have, at the least, been contentious toward many of the volunteers and staff of the theater. I think I would have done the same thing had I been in their shoes.

No, lawsuits are not in general immoral. However, I personally see no reason for you filing this particular lawsuit. Its not the lawsuit itself that’s immoral. Its you receiving $100,000 for no apparently good reason that is immoral. As far as I can tell, your contract was rightfully terminated, and they had every reason to do so within 14 days of notice with or without cause. So that would mean to me that even on the remotest whim they could have terminated the contract. Is that incorrect? Did you have a different perception? Is there a different phrase in the original contract? Please feel free to correct that particular “fact” if I am incorrect. I do not want to again be vaguely accused of spreading “lies”.

I am not blinded nor deluded. I see the Wheaton Grand every day. I know what “shape” its in, and it is certainly not crumbling. It is not “sad” as you keep saying. Why do you keep saying that? How long has it been since you’ve seen it? You do seem to be out of touch with the happenings on Hale Street. You know they do have movies there on occasion? You know the volunteers are perfectly happy? You know that the jazz night gets more people every session? They are scheduling fundraiser after fundraiser, and have a complete committee set up just to pursue fundraising? How far out of the loop are you?

WE are not fighting, Mr. Warshauer, you are. If you will notice, I am not fighting with a single other person on this board, nor have they been fighting with me. WE are busy moving forward. I don’t think anyone is even bothering with you anymore, which is the wise course, and what I had meant to do originally myself. But I keep trying. I think that someone as persistent as you must really beleive in what they are doing…or have some other hidden motive. So I keep trying to find out exactly what it is that makes you persist, and yet I just don’t understand. You don’t want to explain anything to any of us because you don’t have to prove yourself, and we have menial minds, and yet we’re just supposed to accept you as our savior with no information at all? Do you not see what I am saying? If you want me to understand you, you will have to explain your point of view to me. If you can not deign to explain, then there is nothing at all I can do, and no reason to entertain dialog with you any further. If you want to “discuss”, then I suggest you start answering questions, not blustering about and hurling insults and insinuations.

The Neighbor

rroberts on August 29, 2005 at 5:53 am

Mike Novelli has always been more polite. I am the blunt partner. Together, and with our employees and associates, we make up Grande Venues, Inc. Thank you for noticing. You folks are clearly blinded/deluded and will not look at the CURRENT state of the Wheaton Grand Theatre. Lawsuits are not immoral; they solve problems when people refuse to sit down to talk. For the record: For months we attempted to settle. GTC attornies Scott Pointner (on the board) and Tim Newitt, (husband of WGT board member Judy Newitt) attempted every legal tactic short of settling the real issues. Yes, it is sad. Also: I don’t care if Shepardson’s history goes back to the 1970s. Call the Mayors of various cities. Check the balance sheets of those theatres that curse his name after he runs up the bills. Yes the theatres got done but at what COST? He didn’t have to pay the bills 10-15 years later! Call other architects and contractors he has worked with. His checkered past is more documented than anything I have done. I will not diminish the good work he has done either but none of us are saints! These are not the key issues. Theatre restoration brings out the worst and best in every community. Look at the emotions spent over the poor Dupage Theatre and they have been at it longer that we have in Wheaton! Do you want that legacy here in Wheaton? It can happen if we all keep fighting. We need the city to step in and demonstrate leadership. Although the theatre is in the hands of an inept board, the theatre belongs “to a not for profit corporation set up for the public good.” A public entity should convene a public forum so all issues can be aired from the current status of the building to public safety (fire prevention and suppression)to parking (where to put 800 people?) to street scaping, to the state of the alley behind the theatre, to programming… (What really will go on in their single theatre compared to our three theatre venue). I care about today and the state of the crumbling Wheaton Grand now. Let’s try and focus more on the building and its future and less on your derisive comments and cheap character assassinations. I am willing to move forward, are you?

TheNeighbor on August 28, 2005 at 4:48 am

Mr. Warshauer:

I have never demonstrated on this list that I have any problems with men. I think I have been perfectly polite to all men on this list. I insinuated and stated that I believed you to have a problem with women simply because you were considerate to me until I posted that I was a woman. In reality, it would have been better if you were a chauvinist. There would have been a psychological reason for your rudeness that I could easily excuse in a man of your years. If this is not the case, I am indeed sorry for making that assumption. Truthfully, your posts since then should have demonstrated that you are equally rude to all persons regardless of gender, so I do apologize for that accusation.

I have not expected pleasant (let alone polite) treatment from you. In fact, I was pleasantly suprised that Mr. Novelli can respond with such dignified and intelligent responses.

No, I have no issues with men. If you knew me outside of this forum, you would know what a good joke that truly is.

Truthfully, if you knew me outside of this forum, you would also know how amusing it is that you think I am incapable of research. Proof again that my anonymity is secure.

There are many people who are “fired” from one job or another, for thousands of different reasons. The point is that the word “lawsuit” does not come up with his name, whereas with your name there are multiple examples in Cook County alone. And that there seems to be a crowd…an “anti-fan” club, if you will, following your progress across the country. I can only imagine what you have done to inflame the anger of these people to such an extent? I do not see anyone following Mr. Shepardson in the same fashion. They are vehemently set against you, Mr. Warshauer, and instead of facing that there might be something you have done wrong, you point your fingers and make accusations about some sort of plot. Do you not see how insane that sounds? There are people walking the streets of Chicago with tin foil hats who sound more sane.

There is no way that you could ever be my landlord. Sorry. That is just so impossible on so many levels. Even if the Red Sea parted, California fell off the map, and you became reinstated in any capacity at the Wheaton Grand, you would not be my landlord. Nope. Just plain impossible.

I have said over and over again, from the very beginning, that I am not involved with Wheaton Grand in any way. Do you simply not read my posts, or are you trying to say that you don’t believe that very simple statement? I don’t know how else to say it. I am not a volunteer, I am not on the Wheaton Grand Board. I know many of the volunteers now well enough to say “hi” if I pass them on the street, and a couple of their relatives. That’s it. I attended the Board meeting as a matter of interest, and met many of the Board members. Many of the people in the bands that have played at the theater have come into my business, and I have spoken with many of the business owners on Hale Street as well as business people on Main Street and in other places downtown Whaton. We do all talk, you know. That is all. I am in no way affiliated with the Wheaton Grand theater. I think everyone else reading these posts knew that already.

How about all the simple questions that have been asked of you? Will you answer any of them?

You have a lawsuit pending with the Wheaton Grand. I’m not impressed. It means one of two things. Either you will make money immorally by winning, or you will rightfully loose and be forced, once and for all, to go away. I don’t see either option with you coming in and taking over. How do you see that as possible? If you had quietly stayed in the shadows and not lashed out at everyone in vovled in the theater, I can see how there might have been a reconciliation. But given that everyone knows about this site and the other one as well now, I see no hope of that. Do you think you will force them to accept you back? If so, do you think you’ll have control over anything more that the management of the talent? You behave as if you will come out of this owning the entire theater. Is this simple narcissism, or is there some sort of clause in your lawsuit demanding reinstatement and/or possession?

One more time: I have no involvement with the Wheaton Grand Theater. I am not an employee, a volunteer or a Board member. I do not write rent checks to any person involved with Wheaton Grand Theater or to any person on the Wheaton Grand Board, or even to the Wheaton Grand Theater non-profit organization itself. I have absolutely no affiliation in any way, shape or form with the Wheaton Grand except on a now friendly basis.

Sorry to disappoint your conspiracy theory.

The Neighbor

Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short on August 28, 2005 at 4:29 am

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are correct about Shepardson having dubious events in his past. Everyone knows that Shepardson has been involved in high-profile successful restorations such as Playhouse Square in Cleveland (four aprox. 2,000 seat movie palaces), and the Sioux City Orpheum in Sioux City, Iowa. A quick look around the internet reveals this.

Everybody knows that you have been involved in controversy. Nobody seems to know what projects you have completed: there is nothing on the internet about you successes, and you refuse to reveal any references (as if it were some sort of sensitive information). Your own web site looks little better than an undergraduate HTML project, and you have pictures of theatres (like the New Regal in Chicago) that you have no connection to.

Let’s put these two theoretical guys with dubious events in their past next to one another. The one on the left has a long list of successful projects going back to the 70’s. No research is required, as his accomplishments are known to the public. The one on the right apparently has no successful projects, and won’t talk about what he’s done. It’s not a tough choice…especially when you take into account that the the guy on the right seems to be offending the community in question at a rapid pace.

rroberts on August 27, 2005 at 7:10 pm

Neighbor: You must have issues with men. Too bad. Get over it. To respond: We are very much involved at the Grand as we have a pending lawsuit against the theatre. If we win we might be your landlord. Do not expect any pleasant treatment from us with your attitude. The reason you find nothing on Ray is that he covers his tracks; the word “fired” should alert you. He is no gentleman. Why has he not made any comment here? He has been at this for many years EARLIER than the internet. You might actually have to do REAL research in libraries and look at real newspapers and magazines to find his transgressions and errors. By the way: Are you involved with the Wheaton Grand? In what capacity? This is a simple question that I have asked you several times but you give no answer. Odd.

TheNeighbor on August 27, 2005 at 6:08 pm

Mr. Warshauer:

Thank you for your half-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic apology. I will certainly take that into consideration when dealing with you in the future.

If you are going to accuse me of lying, I would certainly think you could at least tell me what I am lying about. As far as fact-checking goes, it is very difficult to check my facts when you consistenly ignore questions so that I could check the facts. Of course, when someone with an obviously male name asks the same questions I have repeatedly asked, they are answered immediately and thanked for asking. No, you’re not a chauvinist, are you.

Also, as far as pitting Mr. Shepardson against you, I have to say that Mr. Shepardson is obviously more of a gentleman. He has yet to stoop to your level of name calling and finger pointing. He knows this website, and for all I know may read it religiously. He has yet to respond to your snide comments, and for that I give him credit.

I would suggest that you “google” or “yahoo” search to get the answers to your own question. When I “google” search on your name, I find nothing but web pages filled with anger at you, links to newspaper articles making accusations and other message boards where people from all over the country are filled with hostility toward you. When I did a similar search on Mr. Shepardson, I found one entry that indicated he was fired. One. There were no accusations of theft, no lawsuits, no animosity. I think that says something about his character. Its interesting that it is you who have been accused of those same things that you are accusing him; and yet no one else seems to be accusing Mr. Shepardson of anything.

We will happily be discussing plans for the future of the Wheaton Grand theater. We discuss them frequently. I discuss that very same subject with many people who walk in and out of my place of business. But there is no point in discussing it with you. You are not involved.

The Neighbor

bruceanthony on August 27, 2005 at 12:09 pm

Oh my I am dizzy reading the posts to both the Wheaton and Du Page theatre posts. I have seen many theatre restorations around the world and the theatre that restores the origianl auditorium for me works best. I always suggest adding auditoriums rather than chopping the origianl theatre when possible. The more versatile the theatre is the better. I wish everyone well and remember everyone wants the Wheaton restored but people take different paths to achieve the same goals. What works in one town might work a little different in another town.brucec

dougbruton on August 27, 2005 at 7:48 am

OK Paul…thanks, but I am not a woman, I assume you might be referring to The Neighbor…Goodby, Good Luck, and may the Good Lord Take a Likin to You…

rroberts on August 27, 2005 at 6:36 am

Dear ElBrute: I remember great entertainment on the screen, but I think that this site (and others) provide plenty of “modern entertainment.” I enjoy reading all the fiction, innuendo and outright lies. The internet, in some circles, might be better than a Raymond Chandler, Jimmy Stewart, or Gary Cooper movie! For the Neighbor: I have not been rude to you because you are a woman. I am direct and blunt with you because you lie, distort the truth and won;t check your facts. If this has offended you I am genuinely sorry. Please, accept my apology. Now back to business: Why doesn’t anyone from Wheaton REALLY check out Ray Shepardson who has been on the run for years destroying theatres and leaving huge bills in his wake? Mike Novelli and I are happy to debate him any day, anywhere regarding our plan for the Wheaton Grand Theatre. Can we all focus on the plans for the building and not on the personalities so much, please?

dougbruton on August 25, 2005 at 7:56 pm

Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Hoppy and Gene…where are you when we need you?? It is apparent Mr. Warshauer is not old enough to remember what the movies were for…to provide wholesome entertainment!

TheNeighbor on August 25, 2005 at 7:44 pm

Mr. Novelli:

In a roundabout way, I suppose this brings me to my point.

I find it interesting that your company has a plan for the Wheaton Grand Theater and keeps attempting to be involved in the daily operation. To the best of my knowledge, the current board has no interest at all in retaining your services, and even if the lawsuit were decided in your favor, you would still not be reinstated as management for the Wheaton Grand. So how do you expect to carry out these plans? I find the discussion of the one theater/three theater concept to be intellectually stimulating, but in essence pointless. After all, you have no control and I see little potential change in that direction. So in the long run, whatever the Board decides will be the direction that the Wheaton Grand is taken.

I also find it interesting that even though you heartily promote the diversity three stages will bring, you as heartily would agree to rip other businesses out in order to make room for it. Does not the same theory apply to the overall downtown area? This is where my main interest lies, in the variety of shops maintained in the downtown shopping district. To destroy several other shops as well as the Mason Lodge in order to create your dream is simply not worth the sacrifice to me. Shoppers need a reason to come downtown, and those spots are some of the best values in Wheaton. There are people unable to afford larger stores, people who do not need larger stores, people just beginning and people who have been in those stores for 18 years. The idea that you would ruthlessly yank them out to further your own cause and pocketbook is heartless, and would be a death blow to the shopping district on Hale Street.

And let me add at this point that regardless of Mr. Warshauer’s past indiscretions or lack of them, whether he has stolen money or otherwise “ripped people off” is actually irrelevant to me. He has been nothing but rude to me since discovering that I am a woman. He has been consistently rude to other people on this board. He does not apologize for even those mistakes which all humans make, never admitting a single flaw in his own character, but greedily jumping on everyone else’s. You seem to be the exception in Grande Venues, not the rule. You have, to this point, shown a very considerate, intelligent and polite face to the board. I do believe that you actually believe Mr. Warshauer to be an honest and capable businessman. However, I will not support Grande Venues as long as he is a party to it. I may or may not eventually come to accept a “one theater” concept, but I will never accept, promote or agree to there being a Grande Venues participation in the theater. It is true that my opinion may not count on that score. Maybe it does. I will also say that if it ever came to pass that Mr. Warshauer did some how become involved with the Wheaton Grand Theater ever again, I would seriously consider relocating my business to some other suburban town simply to get away from him. I do not deserve the treatment he has dealt me, and there are many others on this message board who did not deserve the treatment he doled out either. Never has there been any apology on his part towards those of us that he insulted, accused or otherwise disparaged.

If I were to see some sort of an apology, I might change my mind, but I seriously doubt it. His credibility has been severely damaged by his own behavior on this board, apart from any other accusations that may or may not have been made elsewhere. He really didn’t need anyone to help him destroy his reputation. He’s done it all himself.

The Neighbor