Movie Theaters Operating as a Film Festivals

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Name ↑ Location Status Screens
Appalachian Theatre Appalachian Theatre Boone, NC, United States Closed 1
Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater at the ICA Barbara Lee Family Foundation Th... Boston, MA, United States Open 1
Remis Auditorium at the Museum of Fine Arts Remis Auditorium at the Museum o... Boston, MA, United States Open 1
Symphony Hall Symphony Hall Boston, MA, United States Open 1
Theatre 1 & Space 57 Theatre 1 & Space 57 Boston, MA, United States Open 2
Picturehouse at the National Science and Media Museum Picturehouse at the National Sci... Bradford, United Kingdom Open 3
Cinemateca Patria Cinemateca Patria Brasov, Romania Open 1
Kino Lumiere Kino Lumiere Bratislava, Slovakia Open 2
Kino Mladost Kino Mladost Bratislava, Slovakia Open 1
Palace Centro Cinemas Palace Centro Cinemas Brisbane, Australia Open 10
Arnolfini Arts Centre Arnolfini Arts Centre Bristol, United Kingdom Open 1
Cinema City Velky Spalicek Cinema City Velky Spalicek Brno, Czech Republic Open 7
Coney Island USA Coney Island USA Brooklyn, NY, United States Open 1
Syndicated Theater Syndicated Theater Brooklyn, NY, United States Open 1
Cinema Liberty Cinema Liberty Bruges, Belgium Open 1
Hickory Ridge Cinemas Hickory Ridge Cinemas Brunswick Hills, OH, United States Open 8
Flagey Cinematheque Flagey Cinematheque Brussels, Belgium Open 1
Buchanan Theatre Buchanan Theatre Buchanan, VA, United States Open 1
Urania National Filmhouse Urania National Filmhouse Budapest, Hungary Open 3
Hoyts Abasto Hoyts Abasto Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 12
Village Cines Recoleta Village Cines Recoleta Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 10
Cine Cosmos Cine Cosmos Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 2
Cine 25 de Mayo Cine 25 de Mayo Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Abbeygate Picturehouse Abbeygate Picturehouse Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom Open 2
Harvard Film Archive Harvard Film Archive Cambridge, MA, United States Open 1
Palace Electric Cinemas Palace Electric Cinemas Canberra, Australia Open 8
Palais des Festivals et des  Congres Palais des Festivals et des Con... Cannes, France Open 1
Cinema Olympia Cinema Olympia Cannes, France Open 6
Labia Cinema Labia Cinema Cape Town, South Africa Open 4
Cines Paseo Cines Paseo Caracas, Venezuela Open 3