Movie Theaters Operating as a Bar

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Granada Walthamstow Granada Walthamstow London, United Kingdom Open 3
Hollywood Palms Cinema Hollywood Palms Cinema Naperville, IL, United States Open 7
Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Portland, OR, United States Open 4
Lone Peak Cinema Lone Peak Cinema Big Sky, MT, United States Open 2
Majestic Grille Majestic Grille Memphis, TN, United States Open 1
Mission Theater Mission Theater Portland, OR, United States Open 1
Norva Theatre Norva Theatre Norfolk, VA, United States Open 1
Oriental Theater Oriental Theater Denver, CO, United States Open 1
Palace Cinema Palace Cinema Langold, United Kingdom Open 1
Palace Theater Palace Theater Stafford Springs, CT, United States Open 1
Park Theater Park Theater Glens Falls, NY, United States Open 2
Pavilion Cinema Pavilion Cinema Girvan, United Kingdom Open 1
Picture House Picture House Stafford, United Kingdom Open 1
Radio City Radio City Valencia, Spain Open 1
Raleigh Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Grill Raleigh Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ... Raleigh, NC, United States Open 11
Raleighwood Cinema Grill Raleighwood Cinema Grill Raleigh, NC, United States Open 2
Regal Cinema Regal Cinema Melton Mowbray, United Kingdom Open 1
Rex Theatre Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, PA, United States Open 1
Rialto Cinema Bar & Grill Rialto Cinema Bar & Grill San Antonio, TX, United States Open 9
Roxy Bar & Screen Roxy Bar & Screen London, United Kingdom Open 1
Schaubuhne Lindenfels Schaubuhne Lindenfels Leipzig, Germany Open 1
Screenland Armour Screenland Armour North Kansas City, MO, United States Open 2
Spotlight Theatres Front Street Spotlight Theatres Front Street Hartford, CT, United States Open 4
St. Johns Theater & Pub St. Johns Theater & Pub Portland, OR, United States Open 1
Stage Two Cinema Pub Stage Two Cinema Pub Amesbury, MA, United States Open 1
Starlight Theatre Starlight Theatre Terlingua, TX, United States Open 1
Starlight Theatre & Cafe Starlight Theatre & Cafe Nantucket, MA, United States Open 1
Stella Cinema Stella Cinema Dublin, Ireland Open 2
Strand Theatre Strand Theatre Watertown, NY, United States Open 1
Strela Cinema Strela Cinema Moscow, Russian Federation Open 1