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acs commented about ABC Edinburgh on Jun 25, 2005 at 5:35 pm

So great city centre cinemas are closed down, and I mean the Odeon Clerk Street also, in order to have crappy and soul-less multiplexes which no one likes spending time in when the film is not being shown, and during this time are only perfunctorily utilitarian though also depressing or migraine giving. These cinemas used to make people happy. They were unpretentious and well thought out, and if they had a small bar, it would be a nice place to relax at. Aside from that, cinemas, as these did no doubt, should make the viewer want to treturn to the building. People just get sore heads nowadays with the crappy multiplexes. It is just that some people don’t want people to enjoy themselves. It is nothing else.

acs commented about Rialto Theatre on Jun 24, 2005 at 6:50 pm

Where does the arts money in this country go? Nowhere? Recently, I am nearly ashamed to say, but more aptly sick to say, that my simple being wishes to stay away from the arts mostly these days and there are few to be found. And the culture of culture, the culture of art has largely gone. Whose decision was it in the government to let such a great idea turn into a casino? I am now firm in my opinion that whatever the Tories are like, no governing body could ever be worse than the current Labour party. The arts were living and breathing under the conservatives, whatever the constant moans and genuine demands for increased funding, and the arts in the UK was always looking up under a conservative government. Its just straight down to less than nowhere with Blair and Labour. And they don’t display any sign that they would ever be able to give a damn, not that they wouldn’t it’s just that they are completely unable to. I don’t know why. But lets not keep them