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annex10 commented about Majestic Theatre on Sep 21, 2008 at 8:41 pm

I have seen the picture of the interior of the building that has been posted, and I can’t even to begin to imagine how beautiful it must have been. I wish that I could have seen it back in its glory and believe me when I say how much I love hearing people talk about their memories of the building and what it meant to them. I don’t want to sound like I am trying to lessen the importance of what the building was, or how much people loved it. I guess I was just trying to point out the fact that it was slated to be torn down until Trinity bought it (that’s what I have been told anyway). There is also a picture of the interior in really bad shape and I was told that’s what it looked like when we got it. I apologize if that was wrong, but I will still try to get a copy of the picture on here.And of course the best thing would be for it to still be the building that it was, but if it can’t, isn’t it better it still be a working theater than a parking lot or large hotel? There is more of the original building than I think you realize. The dressing rooms are still intact, the original stage floor is still down. The proscenium arch can still be seen in the Chace theater, the balcony rail is still there as is the original grid and many of the ceiling designs. As you said, the lobby with the rotunda is still there. I realize that these small things probably seem like nothing, but they do serve as a small reminder of what it once was. As for my comment about people there being proud of a building with so much history, I know for a fact that there are, myself included. You may find it lame but as I can respect your love for the building, please understand mine as different as it is. I love going to work in that building, and I am proud of that history. The people that made the building what it is are no longer working here and the current artistic director has been making strides to restore the lobbies a little bit. You should also know that we are a non-profit so it’s not like there is a ton of money to make large strides. I know that you will never like Trinity Rep, and I can’t blame you for that but I did want you to know that we are not all ‘barbarians.’ Thanks for the chat.

annex10 commented about Majestic Theatre on Sep 21, 2008 at 11:54 am

I have been reading these posts and I would like to point out a couple of things. If Trinity didn’t buy this building, it would be a parking lot right now. Trinity has been able to keep this building running as a theater, which is what it was meant to be. I will try to find the picture, but the interior of the building was in shambles when Trinity bought the place, they were not the ones that destroyed it. They could either spend a lot of money to restore it into a space they couldn’t use or they could make it into something that they could use and keep the building standing and a place where people still come to enjoy shows. Yes, they redid the interior and made it into two spaces, but there is a lot of the original there around the building. And as for the person that says they promote themselves as a great cultural institution, that is because they are. You should all check out their amazing educational programs that have been around for over 40 years allowing students to enjoy live theater. I understand that the building is very different now, but calling Trinity Repertory Company ‘barbarians’ for trying to keep the arts, and not to mention a beautiful building in Providence is unjustified. People that work there are hard working, dedicated people that work so hard for their art and love the fact that they are in a building full of so much history. They are proud that they are able to continue the tradition.