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ArkLodgeCinemas commented about Ark Lodge Cinemas on Feb 15, 2013 at 9:13 pm


We have made it happen! The Columbia City Cinema is gone, but we are very proud to say that The Ark Lodge Cinemas is here to stay! We have received full occupancy and have satisfied the City of Seattle, DPD and most importantly the SFD and can say we have turned the historic former Masonic Lodge building into a safe and secure venue for its Columbia City Citizens and neighbors to come watch first run films in digital projection and sound! We want to humbly thank everyone involved in getting the theater reopened and especially thank the Citizens of Columbia City for never giving up the dream of having their neighborhood theater back! Sincerely- Robert B. McRae, Elia C. McRae, and David A. McRae, proud new owners of the Ark Lodge Cinemas.