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Atn7399 commented about Mann 9 Theatres on Sep 29, 2010 at 1:05 am

Hi I’m Ann… I also used to work at Mann9 back in the days.. I remember I’m one of the girls who works at the concession stand and I’m the one who always get the Top Seller of the Week Award who always sells the highest amount of popcorn, super big deals- buy a Large popcorn you’ll get a free drink with free refills..which I think one of the best deals back then. Niel the manager and the rest of the team Mann 9 are all nice people!! I had so much fun working with great team of people! Btw, can anyone tell me how can I reconnect with them? I remember Grace, Carmen, Robert, Mayann, Cris, Mark, etc.. Anyone wants to drop me a message feel free to email me . I would love to see how’s everyone are doing.. Thanks!! :–)