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Avenue_J commented about Midwood Theatre on Jan 5, 2015 at 6:07 pm

I remember when there was a Halloween costume party on a Saturday morning around Halloween and the contestants paraded around the theater and the kids in the audience picked the winner based on how loud the applause was. I also remember fondly the manager Mr. Burns who my family knew well and who used to give us passes so we did not have to spend 25 cents for the kiddie ticket. I also remember fondly the matron whose job it was to make sure all of the kids were herded into the children’s section in the front on the right side. Even if the children’s section was full to capacity she was an expert at the job of hunting kids down in the rest of the theater which was usually empty and she would come around and shine the flashlight in your eyes and haul you to the children’s section.

And I initially lived on Coney Island AVenue and Avenue J as well (1013 Avenue J)

What a great theater!