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BarryAH commented about Cobble Hill Cinemas on Feb 14, 2012 at 6:22 pm

I will always remember it as the Lido, @Iamma9… was your mom the matron up to the 60s or just early 50s? as a kid going to Sat. matinee we would drive the poor matron nuts(Sorry if it was your mom). my mom and grandmother knew Louie Cohen, in the days(mid late 40s-early 50s)with much less traffic in the street my irish setter would roam the street even being crossed by a cop at times. he would make a stop outside the Lido and relieve himself on the tri-angle ad in the street showing coming attractions, Louie would asked my grannie to tell my mom please dont let your dog piss on my sign as its turning colors. my grandmother would always sit in the back row of the Lido and talk to the screen, we seen many double features in the 50s/60s for 25 cents and Sat.