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bastard_robo commented about Cypress Twin Cinema on Mar 20, 2014 at 12:13 am

I actually worked here for 6 years. It was my first job. I started in 2000, and lasted until 2006+ when I had to part ways. At that time it was a first run theater, average price during the day was $4 and evening was $8.50. The place had it’s issues granted. During my full run, the theater was always in need of a redressing. Unfortunately, due to disputes between the owner of the business and the owners of the property, no changes ever came. That said, we had a strong customer base and dabbled in doing one off showings like old monster movies and the such. About a year after I left is when the owner sold off the business and the property owners shuttered the place. A few people in the city counsel I believe tried to keep it going, but the option of converting the space was far more financially suitable to the owners.