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bhorton commented about Loew's Valencia Theatre on Feb 3, 2005 at 8:34 am

it sure has been great reading about the valencia the 60’s my dad worked there and he’d take me to work with him on saturdays. my dad was the stagehand there until it closed in 1977. he was in charge of all seat maintence,marquee changing and changing the hundreds of light bulbs all over the building. he also had to raise and lower the huge curtain before and after each screening.when we were kids he’d let us run all over the backstage area,there were tunnels under the stage that ran all the way to the lobby. also under the stage were rooms that had'nt been opened since the 40’s,my brother jim and i would go exploring in these tunnels and rooms all day. then my dad would feed us and then we’d watch the movie depending on the rating. i actually remember the huge carp(fish) in the lobby pond and skateboarding in that lobby. i always compare movie thaters to that great theater, theaters today don’t come close to the granduer of the has stayed a huge part of our lives,today my dad is the pyrotechnician at beauty& the beast on broadway and i’m a stagehand at the brooklyn academy of music. thanks for the trip down memory lane.