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birthdaygirl commented about Columbia Place Cinemas 8 on Jun 15, 2010 at 7:34 pm

The worst! No air Conditioning! Very poor picture quality- The images are what you see on bootleg movies.
I paid $9 to to see Get him to the Greek.
The 9:30 movie had not started by 10pPM and we had to leave.
The attendant who said he was the manager started a verbal fight after I told him I would try to have the theater closed because he would not give us a refund. The attendant threw money on the floor as I walked away then and the almost had a fist fight with my boyfriend.

The theater itself smelled horrible and the carpet needs cleaning. The whole place was truly awful.(We were moved to two separate theaters as the movie place kept changing). Did not visit the bathroom. NEVER GO TO THIS THEATER— IT reeks and they basically stole $15 from me.

We are both really upset. This ruined the date with my boyfriend. It is my birthday and the movie was something I was really looking forward to seeing.