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BRYCOR commented about Golden Gate Theatre on Feb 20, 2005 at 10:00 pm

How excited I am to see how many wonderful people share the same memories and dreams I have from that magical palace called the Golden Gate theater, I was born in Brooklyn New York in 1958 my parents moved out to California in 1964 my sister Yvette, and I were raised in East Los Angeles we lived at 749 South Sadler, it was a property that had 3 small homes and a garage/appartment in back owned by my grand parents. When I was a kid the fist movie my parents took me to see at the Golden Gate was Gold finger and every 007 movie after that. I moved back to New York in 1982 but the most memorable movie that I saw in that magical palace was the re-released THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, even though I saw many movies there, the reason this movie was so perfect was because of the theater’s interior, plush red velvet curtains and seats, and it’s Roman like columns if I remember correctly.

My name is Bryant Cordova I went to Schurr High School from 1974-1977 I now reside in Florida, am 45yrs old now but in reading all the above testimonies, and even though I was not raised in LA until the mid-60’s I somehow feel close to all of you even though you all don’t know me but we share almost the same memories. Here is a funny memory that I personally have of the Golden Gate, my Grandfather always took me all over New York by subway, and I remember when we moved to ELA one day my grandfather and I walk from Sadler to the Golden Gate and I saw the corner of the plaza across the street and it reminded me of the subway entrance in Brooklyn and I yelled out saying LETS GO ON THE SUBWAY TO DOWNTOWN!! and that was the day I learned that LA had no subways, (well at least not then) well needless to say I cried, but East LA and it’s great people embraced my family and I, we made many friends there I remember growing up with Johnny Krantz Jr. Joe Cruse, Ronny Martinez, Dean Cooper, Danny Sardinia, and many others up the street.

Yes I still think about the old magical movie palace called the GOLDEN GATE, how I wish the old theater could come back. I believe the generation of today can take all their modern technology of today and pour it into a movie house like the GOLDEN GATE and with it’s big screen, and they would experience an AWESOME move night just like we all did the first time we walked through it’s doors.