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Capitol commented about New York Times Asks "Digital Projection of Films Is Coming. Now, Who Pays?" on Mar 18, 2005 at 9:42 pm

I think you have yet to see a pristine print of a film, and have aggrevation towards cinema folk about film handeling because of the influx of megaplex theatres staffed by teenage employees who think working in a theatre is a “cool” summer job. I grew up ( litterally) in a family operated movie theatre in a small hick town in Quebec, and have seen the progression of film from the early 80’s till now. The minute megaplexes were brought about, quality and film viewing expieriences went downhill. The whole philosphy to them is to run the film as much as possible to accomodate everyone. At the theatre i grew up in, ever since i can remember it’s been a 7pm and 9pm showing of films. Everytime you run a film through it looses a generation. As for digital projection. I’m sure it’ll be all over the place soon. But in my eyes that takes away the good ole thought of the faint whistling of the projectionist overhead that cast a sinister yet inviting shadow in the projection window behind the movie goers. Theres nothing better than watching an old calasehanded man peer through the window as he draws the curtains and flicks a slew of lights off as the movie begins with a slight pop and scratch. I understand quality is what people want. But when you go get your hair cut, would you trust a machine pop over your head as someones saying lemme adjust the peramiters and skew for the cut you want? I bet not. I’m only 23 and to some people thats a young whipersnapper, but in my eyes movie theaters and the idea of a weekend matinee or an early night date at the cinema is long gone due to the influx of technology and megasuperdupersizeplexes. The only upgrades i do agree with are sound and screen.. but other than that gimme the grainy film.. thats what makes it a film. I have a dvd player at home.. i dont want to watch someone project one for me.